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    Well what brand is it?
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    [WANTED] LH Wheel Studs Wanted

    Both, I think.. I bought front disc and rear drum.. left of coarse. his name is mobileparts,,, Craig is his name
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    [WANTED] LH Wheel Studs Wanted

    So does mobileparts on this website,,,, great guy to deal with
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    Anyone run the repro shroud #2785614

    No way,,, I think it is a scam place… ordered one from them,, they charged my card immediately , I got a receipt but no shipping info.trying contacting them thru both numbers,for 5 days, voicemail box full.they didn’t get in touch with me, I called card co. And got my money back…great price but...
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    Anyone run the repro shroud #2785614

    I need one, where did you buy it from? If I may ask…. Tia
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    B-Body HP manifold on 440 Dart?

    Very nice looking setup,,, clean and mean… what year of dart and what engine / manifold combo ?
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    1/2 inch pick up tube

    Well,, there are no stupid questions remember….my engine builder had mentioned when I dropped my engine off that he was probably go with a 1/2 oil pickup.. I had already gotten the 893 pan. But I received a call from him stating which pickup to if he machined it before assembly I guess...
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    Post Your Vintage Drag Racing Pics!!

    Ok guys?? Who posted this picture? Of my parents old house..
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    1/2 inch pick up tube

    Hey guys,, I purchased a reproduction 893 engine oil pan from VANS awhile back..getting to final stages of engine build, but I was wanting to put a 1/2 inch diameter pickup tube .. does anyone know if any company makes one for the 893 pan ?? Tia
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    [WANTED] 2863243, lower radiator hose

    In need of a 2863243, lower radiator hose for 1969 m code. Or great equivalent repop. I found the top at mancini, but no bottom. Thanks in advance
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    [FOR SALE] Goodyear Speedway Wide Tread F70-14 white wall

    Darn ,,,,, I need a set exactly like these,,,, only E70 x14 wsw
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    Am i a lucky man ?

    I would say that looking at things, you are Very lucky !!!! Be thankful
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    14 was Tires for my 69 dart,

    I thought so,,,, but wasn’t sure
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    14 was Tires for my 69 dart,

    Hey guys, thanks in advance.. I would like some info on finding some stock e70 x 14 wsw polyester tires. For my 69 dart,,, and did any m codes come with d70 x 14’s ??
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    [SOLD] 69 Dart hardtop door weatherstripping.

    ahhhhh jeeese,,, disregard that last question,,, too late for me‍…. Firm on price?
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    [Found!] 1969 gts left door latch

    Thanks for all the reply’s, I found some here locally
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    [Found!] 1969 gts left door latch

    I am not sure of the long rod length,, I think that one goes to inside door handle. But don’t know the exact length.. the other (right) one is at the body shop
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    [Found!] 1969 gts left door latch

    For drivers side( left)
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    [Found!] 1969 gts left door latch

    Ok,,, I need the latch, clips, rods .. Original dodge part.. what you asking for it??? Thanks in advance
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    [Found!] 1969 gts left door latch

    Great… do you know if a 1969 baracuda is the same?
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    [Found!] 1969 gts left door latch

    Hey fellow MOPAR junkies, here is a story heard WAY too many times… my body man misplaced my left door latch and rods. Can’t find it.. anybody have a spare or one interested in selling ? Let me know… thanks in advance… you guys are the best
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    Stop in for a cup of coffee

    Yes,,, I can’t take going without it .. usually 3 or 3 cups…Iowa here as well
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    Scenes Along Route 66

    We only going as far as Tulsa this year,, going west later… so of the roads on the east, starting at Chicago,..they are pretty hilly, curvy, and in rough shape… I can’t imagine taking a family of 5 in a station wagon,, maybe pulling a small pop up camper…. Across the country… I would have had...
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    Route 66

    Hey just a couple days into my Route 66 trip, very interesting and fun trip… here’s just a few pictures … Don gave me a good deal on some wheels in St. Louis…thanks fellow MOPAR man… motorheads in Springfield Illinois was awesome!!!!
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    [SOLD] 68 - 69 A or B Body interior bucket seat foam

    Are you firm on price?? I will be in Chicago area next week..