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    Looking for a MOPAR

    check out
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    Fins! Fins! Fins! 1956 Dodge 2 dr

    Here is a nice 1956 Dodge Royal Lancer 2 door hardtop. Flamboyant 50s colors with the first year fins. This car is an original survivor (one older repaint). It is solid and complete. It has some patina but could be whatever you want it to be. V8 315ci with 2 speed pushbutton trans .Awesome resto...
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    wanted 62 dart emblems

    Yeah 62 Dodge is a B Body and the hood letters are nearly extinct
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    Average age of Mopar Maniacs.

    I turned 65 last month. Seems like I got here really fast. First car was a 55 buick, then I got a 59 Chevy impala Convert, traded that in on a 65 Falcom Sprint convert but couldnt handle the payment and ins so traded it in on a 59 Plymouth Fury. I was in the Air Force and driving to my new...
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    Hello from Atlanta

    Thats a Monday! I'll try to be there
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    Anything happening in Daytona this weekend?.

    other than the 500 and the turkey rod run nothing car related ever happens in daytona
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    Wanted, 62 post Belvedere/Savoy

    There is a '62 plymouth belvedere 2 door post for sale near Knoxville TN $2800 Look for it on Knoxville craigslist ad # 2750182298
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    Veterans On the Board

    USAF June 1966 to April 1970. Offered an early out by Nixon and hit the road! Spent all 4 years working in the same room. Ended up as the supervisor SSGT 437th CEMS RACC at Charleston AFB, SC. Had a great time drunk or drag racing every weekend. Big Big group of car guys, really strong in 68 &...
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    Chrysler brings back the Dodge Dart

    Chrysler products have been my favorite American cars since 1959. I always thought Fiats were pieces of sxxt and I still do. I bought a new DODGE truck a year ago and that was the last I'll buy until Chrysler is in American hands again. Looks like the blue oval is going to be the go=to brand.
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    Burned out at 24? I am LMAO. You haven't even been at it long enough to get warmed up, let alone burnt! Here's a tip for all you young folks out there - you wanna be happy for the rest of your life? Start your own business - forget the damn benefits, paid vacation, coffee breaks, buddies to...
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    Another Old Pic

    This is the way it was done back in the day.
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    An old A Body pic from a long time ago

    Or it could have been 1969. At any rate it was before the Hemi A Bodies were factored out of SS/B.
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    An old A Body pic from a long time ago

    Yes i was there and I took the pic. It was a Super Stock Meet at Blaney Dragstrip in Columbia South Carolina. I was 21. Dick Landy was my hero but he wasn't there. I'll post a few more but I only took pics of the Mopars. Go figure!
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    An old A Body pic from a long time ago

    It was, in fact, 1968
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    1968 HEMI Dodge Dart

    1968 Dodge Dart, 2 door hardtop, Viper Red with Black Interior. MP 472 ci crate motor, MP crossram 2 Holley 850s, 727 reverse pattern manual shift, floor shift, 8.75 rear 3.55SG. Aluminum radiator with 2 elec fans, hooker headers, Full 3" exhaust, Flowmasters with rear exit, Quick Time electric...
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    1968 Dodge Hemi Dart

    This is not a factory LO23 Hemi Dart. This started out as a rust free 273ci powered "270" series 2 door hardtop. It was disassembled and rebuilt to it's current state in 2009, finishing in early 2010. It is painted Viper Red with a new Legendary black bucket interior. It has a Hemi SuperStock...
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    Howd you start likeing mopar?

    I came home from the hospital in a brand new '47 Plymouth. Don't remember the car at all but I do have the license tag that it wore that day hanging on my wall! My first car was a Buick, 2nd car a Chevy, 3rd car Pontiac, 4th car Ford, then - my 5th car was a '59 Plymouth Fury and it's been down...
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    1968 Dart parts int & ext

    [B]Here is a few parts left over. All came from a '68 Dart. 2 Headlight bezels - have a few dents here and there, no rips or tears. 2 Taillight bezels minor scratches and pimples but not bent. 2 Outside door handles need replating, 2 inside door latches need replating, 2 arm rest bases one has...
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    Nashville TN 9/25-26/10 Mopar Show

    Contact numbers for the Nashville show John 615-860-2509 Wayne 615-812-5274 Jack 615-890-4998 Stan 615-794-4204
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    Finally have a working gas gauge!

    Same trouble here. Where do I get in line for a Demon IVR?
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    Nashville TN 9/25-26/10 Mopar Show

    Music City Mopar Club car & truck show at the Wilson County fairgrounds, Lebanon TN , 21st annual show.
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    Southwest Mopar Mini Nationals 9/4-5/10

    Dallas Mopar Club presents Southwest Mopar Mini Nationals, Garland Texas September 4 & 5, 2010. 214-769-0318 or
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    WOW 12 pages of DODGE DARTS

    Just got my Sept 2010 issue of Hemmings Classic Car magazine. Inside is a 12 page spread on the Dodge Dart from the very first to the last with some mention of other A bodies. Great pics, great copy.
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    Opinions WANTED (Tunnel ram)

    These days it seems that there are 100's of ways to get an old engine to run smooth, fast, and efficiently. Wasn't like that in the old days. Nonetheless a pair of 4bbls sitting on a tunnell ram or cross ram or even in line is still about the most bad *** looking set up in the world. We survived...
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    Fun In The Sun - All Mopar Show - TN-7/17

    Saturday July 17, 2010 "FUN IN THE SUN" All Mopar Car Show, Chilhowee Park Fairgrounds, Knoxville TN presented by East tennesse Mopar Club. Info 865-691-6002 or 865-828-4060 or 865-690-5313 Regristration starts at 9am till Noon, Awards 5:00 pm. Host Hotel: Best Western Strawberry Plains Pike...
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    Air Bags In A '68 Dart

    These air bags can also be used as flotation devices
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    Not all darts were A Bodies

    1962 Dodge Dart
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    New Old Guy

    I've been a Mopar guy since my Uncle Max took me for a ride in his new '57 Chrysler 300 , big 392 Hemi with 2x4s that went waaaaaaahhhhhh. I was ten. Lots of cars have been in my garage since then and not all of them Mopars but if it's got a motor and wheels I probably like it. I can even...
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    Am I Done Yet?

    Probably not and probably never will be ..... but ...... I'm driving it and it is awesome. Gotta change the bent tranny pan and gotta fix the gas gauge but otherwise ....... i'll just have to try and keep my foot out of it.