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  1. vin69

    Cars and Coffee

    A couple of pics from the Cars and Coffee at Donut Star in Chino Hills last Sunday morning. At least there was a couple of A Bodies in attendance.
  2. vin69

    Post your wheel and tire combos.

    Thanks! I did have reservations, but Coker didn't have the sizes I wanted and I really couldn't afford them anyway. DB did do me a solid and notified me that the Diamond Back SS (Milestar versions) I ordered in June wouldn't be available until Nov., and offered to send me the Diamond Back III...
  3. vin69

    Post your wheel and tire combos.

    1969 Dart GT Convertible Front Wheel Vintiques 15x6 3.75 BS 215/65-R15 (Diamond Back Redline BFG) Lowered 1" Rear Wheel Vintiques 15x7 4.25 BS 235/60-R15 (Diamond Back Redline BFG)
  4. vin69

    Hot August Nights Reno

    I went to the Virginia City Kick-Off event over the weekend with friends.