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    904 Manual valve body

    says full manual in the top description and in the lower it says full manual NO.
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    904 Manual valve body

    AandA transmission in camby ind. makes them
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    [FOR SALE] A-body dash complete

    it was a bought new aftermarket
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    [FOR SALE] A-body dash complete

    I would think so , but I'm not a a-body guy, I listed for a friend, you'll have to do some research, he took it out of his driver car, so everything works.
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    [FOR SALE] A-body dash complete

    Complete non rallye dash from 70 duster, excellent condition with recent new wiring harness, all gauges work, only needs radio. Put a pad on it an install. Have large box to ship if needed. $800
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    [WANTED] Mopar crossram Linkage

    A and A transmission, crossram connection , Mancini racing,
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    After four years, my underhood resto is finally complete.

    I worked on those when they were new, looks awesome !!! Great Job !
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    [FOR SALE] Radio delete plate

    Nice factory radio delete plate part no2884773. $100
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    [FOR SALE] Dart dash bezels

    Used Radio delete / heater bezel And NOS. Glove box bezel 67-69? Part no2864520 on delete bezel 2771286 on glove boxbezel $300 for both
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    Installing a Suregrip

    it's also a good idea to check the back lash before you take it apart and set it the same as the gears were run in at.
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    [SOLD] A-body torsion bars

    Very clean set of torsion bars 890-891. $75
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    What size front runners are the hemi shoot out ss cars using.

    you'll most likely have to trim the front edge of the fender for the tire to turn
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    Some pics from NMCA @US131 today

    Feel your pain also, I race NMCA once an awhile (not this year cause of hip replacement) in N/ss, although they are a nice venue , the races get too long mostly when combined with NMRA like last weekend then when you add some weather problems I think your class get the short end of the stick...
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    Some pics from NMCA @US131 today

    the N/ss car ran 9.73 the next run, the super stock car runs 9s also
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    Some pics from NMCA @US131 today

    the picture with the two 68 cudas is a friend of mine , I built both motors , the green N/ss car is a 470 , the gray super stock car is a 440 six pak.
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    [WANTED] Floor shifter bushing

    Transmission Parts, Reverse Lock-Out Linkage :Mega Parts USA scroll down
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    [SOLD] Solid roller cam for big block mopar

    Hi, do you have the cam card? also how much for shipping to wi 54426? thanks
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    [WANTED] 68 barracuda fiberglass hood with super stock scoop

    Glass Tek in Ill sells them, we bought one for a friends 68 cuda race car, bolt on , nice quality.
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    Master Cylinder Bellows

    if you remove that the hole piston will spring out. leave it.
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    What is this (727 extension housing)?

    that is a weight for harmonic's , it's held on with two bolts.
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    fuel line reducer

    that is not a set screw , it's a 1/8pipe plug , that is where a fuel pressure gauge would screw into.
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    AFB accel pump

    won't fit, Chicago Carburetor these guy's have them , I've bought before for the small bore one's on the hemi carbs
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    Hi po manifold hardware question

    make sure you don't have the big block sleeve nuts they are 3/8 size, small block is 5/16.
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    Column shift/big block linkage question

    on my b-body with column shift an headers I had to modifiy the cross shaft to raise it above the header , wasn't real hard, works great.
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    Need advice. Remove K frame?

    go for it, will make a much nicer job and you're half way there already
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    Screws in side wall for slicks

    no need to screw, use a little high tack where the tire bead hits the rim, works on a 9.50 car so _______
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    273 Commando Engine Clone

    pistons/ comp ratio is different as well as camshaft that's where most of the power comes from.
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    max wedge ex manifolds fitment Q

    Really, Really doubt it. they are big and the dr side swings out quite a bit.
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    Slow crank

    extra grounds are your friend, I've put lots of short ground cables from starter case to frame rail next to starter , fixed several hard starting problems.