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    [SOLD] 68 cuda fastback shell for only $500.00

    Ive got a gutted fastback for sale that means no motor and trans, no interior. was originally a v8 auto and ac car but i dont no what size engine it was. There is some interior trim peaces but thats it. The glass is there except for one wing window. Theres no front sheet metal but i included a...
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    Hit the mother lode.....for $500

    I need front lower valance for 67-68 barracuda and what a score !!!!!
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    Parting 2 68 Notchbacks, 1 is Formula S

    Hi was wondering if you got front lower valance and trunk hinges for fast back. if so how much for all and would you ship to california thanks Russ.
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    68 cuda fastback shell

    Hello everyone i got a 68 barracuda fastback shell fore sale. What you get with it is doors, glass and some trim, a 67 decklid. I also got 67 grills and header panel to go with it as well. Everything else is gone there is rot in both quarters but the rest of it is solid. Would make a great drag...
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    68 right dart fender

    sold it. thanks f.a.b.o for the ad.
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    8 3/4 Thrust Block

    If you are worried about proper bearing endplay then use green bearings. It elimantes adjusting the bearings all together. But just so that you know there good for strait line driving and not road racing.
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    Couple cool pics of my Demon

    Oh yeah bad ***. Nice metal work!
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    68 dart 2dr hard top

    I have pics. I know there not that great but it's the best i can do for now.
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    68 dart 2dr hard top

    Ok here we go i got a gutted shell of a 68 dart. It use to be a gt /6 auto with p/s and p/db. The disc brakes are still in the car. there is rust issues and trim missing but still looks to be a soild body. bill of sale only i check with dmv and found out the car had ben junk slipp so it will...
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    70-73 dusterndemondecklids

    Hello everyone ive got two duster decklids. Both are in decent shape with no visable rust holes. The green one i think is 73 on up with no cut out's The bronz one i think is a 71 off a demon with cut out's. Im asking 50.oo for the green and 100.00 for the other but im open to offers aswell. Pm...
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    68 right dart fender

    I'v got a 68 right side fender up for grabs. It has no rot and some small dent's. Im asking 150.00 and i would like for local pickup but i will shipp if needed. Does not come with moulding or marker light. Pm me if interested. Thanks Russ.
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    68 dart fender

    I'v got a really nice 68 dart right fender up for grabs. It's rott free with some small dents. I'm Asking 150.00 with no mouldings or marker light. I prefer local pickup if you can but i will shipp if needed. Pm me if interested. Thanks Russ. '
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    67 barracuda decklid

    Ok everyone i have a 67 fastback decklid for sale. It has a little rust on the back side bottom lip and some small dents. But looks to be a real nice lid with original paint. Asking 100.00 for it but im open to any reasonable offer. More pics available if needed pm me if interested thanks Russ.
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    Will dana 60 fit in early a body?

    Go with the 8 3/4 it will handle anything you throw at it with the right parts. Plus it's a hole lot lighter than the dana.
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    1972 Duster, 340/4, black on black (the endgame)

    That is a cool story. Im working on a 72 myself and i hoping your story and mine ends well.
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    Rally Dash frame needed for 1970 Dart Swinger 340

    I have one out of a 71 duster i think they are same. Pm me if you still need ok.
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    WANTED 67 or 68 barracuda hood

    I have a 68 i'll sell cheap in sacramento area if you still want.
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    69 Dart left fender near or in CA

    I have two to choose from in sacramento area. Pm me if you still need ok.
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    A body parts in/near Mohave County, AZ?

    I have one pm me let me Know if you still need it ok.
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    A body parts in/near Mohave County, AZ?

    I have one if you still need it. Pm me let know ok.
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    SRT8 Dart - Finished!

    That car is bad ***! I'm going to build a 68 similar to yours but as a super stocker clone. I think it is awsome when a guy can do it all himself and that is how i intend to build mine!