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  1. Fishing68

    [FOR SALE] 340 intake manifolds

    Is the 1967 340 intake still available?
  2. Fishing68

    [FOR SALE] 340 intake manifolds

    Not sure if this is the same Flat rate box physixx was referring to but went to check shipping to buy this and -Just saw this online: Is USPS getting rid of flat rate boxes? "Effective January 22, 2023 (and subject to approval by the Postal Regulatory Commission), Priority Mail ® Regional Rate...
  3. Fishing68

    [FOR SALE] SB 727 TQ trans

    What does "TQ" stand for?
  4. Fishing68

    [SOLD] 340 Bushed Connecting Rods

    what are the details on these?
  5. Fishing68

    [SOLD] Parting several A bodies. Project cars also.

    have ay 68 barracuda trunk trim, or front grill / headlight trims?
  6. Fishing68

    [SOLD] New Positive Battery Cable for 1967-1968 A-Body Small Block

    Not sure how to revise the ad so adding as a reply note. (Think I may need to have a gold membership to edit my ads?...) Cable reduced to 80. and will mail anywhere in mainland USA for additional 10. USPS flat rate envelope.
  7. Fishing68

    [SOLD] New Positive Battery Cable for 1967-1968 A-Body Small Block

    Bought this from Layson's but never used. New in original unopened package. Prefer Seattle Eastside pick-up $100 cash. Will ship in USPS flat rate pouch for another $10 to mainland US address. Payment accepted via check or money order if shipping.
  8. Fishing68

    [SOLD] 69' Barracuda seat inserts - $75 - shipped

    I'd like to buy those if still available. Sending PM.
  9. Fishing68

    [FOR SALE] A body clean out

    What are the part numbers on those?
  10. Fishing68

    [SOLD] SBP 14 x 5.5 stock wheels

    Think they may still be available. I am going to pass on these. Just going in a different direction.
  11. Fishing68

    [SOLD] SBP 14 x 5.5 stock wheels

    Where in Washington are you located?
  12. Fishing68

    [SOLD] Lower control arms

    Are they the (sway bar) tabbed lower control arms? If so I would pay for shipping to 98029
  13. Fishing68

    Can Bend gas tank seam over?

    What process do people use to bend those corners up? Just whack it with a hammer or?
  14. Fishing68


    Just the one or any chance you have a pair?
  15. Fishing68

    [FOR SALE] 69 barracuda guage cluster

    Where are you located?
  16. Fishing68

    [SOLD] A-body 67-76 Lower Control Arms w/Tabs. +Firm Feel

    i am interested in just the control arms if they are the pre 70's although i see your preference is to sell all the parts as a lot
  17. Fishing68


    is that for B-Body?
  18. Fishing68

    [WANTED] Lower trunk lid trim

    The edges in a couple of spots got a bit chewed up and could use straightening etc. The damage did not show in the pic of the trim on the car but did in the photos I rec’d in PM. Probably worth the effort if you are experienced with working out kinks in aluminum trim