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  1. sean

    Show "YOUR, REAL" 383/440 '67-'69 Barracudas...NO CLONES please

    Hi haven't posted anything in a while. Here's a few pics of my '67 Notch I just got the historical info in the mail yesterday. Car was red with a white top and red and white interior! Now I'm going to try and get a fender tag.This car was in need of rescue when I found it12 years ago ,look at my...
  2. sean

    Source for Stock? Brakes

    Thanks again!
  3. sean

    Source for Stock? Brakes

    Shoes measure 1 3/4". I took some more images and notice that the wheel studs are rubbing on bracket that pivots on a horizontal plane. I don't know much but it doesn't look like it should be doing that! Also took some of the self-adjust star wheel and the afore mentioned bracket.
  4. sean

    Source for Stock? Brakes

    Thanks for the info! I got the vehicle started last weekend with guidance and a LOT of help from a friend, I was going to just bleed brakes decided to do a through job of it (piece of mind). self-adjust pics below
  5. sean

    Source for Stock? Brakes

    I thought it might be later model parts but to be honest I wasn't sure and figured someone would recognize what was done. Thanks!
  6. sean

    Source for Stock? Brakes

    I have a 1967 Barracuda 383 FS, converted to 4.5" BP 10"x2" rear drums and 4.5" BP slotted front rotors (I did not do the conversion). Now, we all know the stock discs are solid rotors and had the small BP, what I'm dealing with here is; I want to replace my rear wheel cylinders and front wheel...
  7. sean

    [FOR SALE] NEW BB/RB purple cam shaft

    Reduced, $175.00 + shipping. Or trade for 1967 Barracuda, RED arm rest pads in very good condition.
  8. sean

    [FOR SALE] NEW BB/RB purple cam shaft

    For sale New in Box Mopar PN#4120237 Hydraulic Cam AND Lifters & half a bottle of cam lube. 509 lift 292 duration 76 overlap 108 centerline Says on box manual transmission 1 bolt. Includes instructions. I got it but I have a Torqueflight wasn't sure if it would work and went with a...
  9. sean

    parting 67 fastback barracuda 383 727 8 3/4

    Bucket seat slider knobs? Seat belts and hard ware? Door Lock Knobs? Let me know and Thanks!
  10. sean

    What Works? Pump and filter location???

    Looking for advice on where to place a Holly Blue Pump and a Fram filter. '67 Barracuda BB, Stock Tank, Mini Tubs, Relocated Springs, Battery in trunk, Full exhaust. Had the pair on the passenger frame rail, the exhaust shop removed them for clearance. Wondering what others have done; Pics...
  11. sean

    Hi Woody, I'm interested in the RED arm rest pads. Was wondering if you'd sell just the pads...

    Hi Woody, I'm interested in the RED arm rest pads. Was wondering if you'd sell just the pads? Let me know. Thanks! Sean
  12. sean

    1967-69 Barracuda Registry

    Thanks Rocky JS! If you're ever come over to Boise, I'm not hard to find!
  13. sean

    1967-69 Barracuda Registry

    purchased Feb. 2004 in Rigby ID it didn't sell on ebay but thats where I found it. 383 Formula S VIN- BH23H72275584 coupe/notchback engine in it now is a '68 383 1967 automatic consul 8 3/4 4:10 original Dk Red with Red int. Black vinyl top don't know if it had a stripe or not condition...
  14. sean

    68-69 Barracuda windshield gasket question

    If your gaskets are for a '67 and require the lock strip moulding, I'll buy one of them off you. Help off set the cost of getting the one you need?
  15. sean

    walk thru install of sway bar bushings HELP?

    There's photos in my gallery.
  16. sean

    walk thru install of sway bar bushings HELP?

    Hi, I did mine on my 67 Barracuda. If you have the triangular brackets that the bushings go in to; you'll need to cut them open, install the bushings, put them on the sway bar. It's important to keep track of left and right sides as well as the orientation of the sway bar its self. This sounds...
  17. sean

    Anybody have an old Cushman scooter?

    Check out I do Lambrettas (got 3) and a vespa P200. You should be able to find one there. I know a guy here in Boise who has one in pieces; I'll ask what he wants for it and get you some pics if you'd like.
  18. sean

    Heavy Metal Dj's

    Oh you wanna go Back? Cro-Mags, King Diamond, Merciful Fate, Corrosion of Conformity, Anthrax, Exodus, Venom, Septic Death.
  19. sean

    Heavy Metal Dj's

    Just got a CD by a band called Pallbearer they're awesome! check out Fu Manchu, Nebula, Black Nasa, Volbeat, Zoroaster, Monster Magnet, Goat Snake, Sleep, Alabama Thunder Pussy, Spirit Caravan, Atomic ***** Wax, Unida, Orange Goblin, Solarized; Meteor City is a great label to check out... I'll...
  20. sean

    firewall junction block connector

    I'm so close on the wiring! I need an unbroken right side connector for the firewall junction block. the one that connects to: D E C F B G A H If some has a spare please let me know and thanks in advance!
  21. Random


    some of the rear.
  22. sean

    67 Cuda Picture

    I have a '67 Notch Formulas S 383. Im sure other members have as well. Mine was originally Red with a black vinyl roof and a red interior, (I don't know if it had a stripe) consul auto, "performance indicator" gauge. Look for torque boxes under the car and dual cut out rear valance. There's some...
  23. sean

    newbie from idaho needs help!

    Hi Fellow Idahoan!
  24. sean

    steering column harness connector

    I'm in need of a steering column harness connector like the one pictured only not broken! Mines trashed as you can see. If someone knows where to get one or has one they can part with let me know. Thanks
  25. sean

    Strangest thing found in your A body???

    I bought a parts car ('67 notch) and dug thru it, found OLD birth control pill dispenser and bobbie pins EVERYWHERE! in the trunk, Brand new still in box torque converter, four barrel iron manifold. Hot Mess Hot Rod?
  26. sean

    liquid steel

    Flintstones, meet the Flintstones...
  27. sean

    I need a good artist

    Check out my web site [URL=""]. I've been Tattooing for 18 years been featured in gearhead magazine and skin and ink magazine. Prior to Tattooing I worked for a merchandising company in Cali. doing tour shirts and posters etc. for many bands and films. If you like...
  28. sean

    New Member in IA

    Im working on a '67 Notch as well. If you need anything holler. I dont know a lot but what I do I'll share.
  29. sean

    '67 Barracuda Horn Locations

    Jim, You can stop by and look at mine. PM me. I'd like to help someone as much as people have helped me on here.
  30. sean


    Thanks for talking me down Guys, I just need to vent a bit. Im going to his Mom's services this week. I'll wait a while and talk to him in a few weeks about the car. Again, good advise. Thanks