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  1. fishy68

    A727 Torqueflite questions (for gurus only lol)

    The spline angle on the output shaft that's different for different years engages into the front planetary, not the rear. The rear planetary is driven by the ring gear and where that ring gear slips on the output shaft, I believe, is the same on all years
  2. fishy68

    [WANTED] WTB: Good slant 6 near Raleigh NC

    I have a buddy that lives near Raleigh NC that needs a 225 slant 6 that's in good running condition for his 69 Dart. Please reply with the mileage (if known), and your asking price
  3. fishy68

    Info needed

    No one have an idea?
  4. fishy68

    Info needed

    A mutual acquaintance of mine that lives about 20 miles SW of Raleigh NC either needs a good running slant 6 for his 69 Dart or a recommendation of someone in that area that's competent and reliable to rebuild his. Does anyone here have any suggestions for me to give to him? Thanks, Tracy
  5. fishy68

    340 cam specs?

    I think some of that was also due to their round port heads, wasn't it? They didn't make as much low end torque as the D-ports. JMT
  6. fishy68

    Lost reverse, need help finding it. 727

    Doesn't look like either to me. Maybe it's just my monitor but it looks like small gravel here. Either way about it the trans needs to come out and gone through and everything, and I mean everything, needs flushed good to get that crap out or you'll have the same problem again in no time
  7. fishy68

    [Found!] 8 3/4 sure grip left hand bolts

    That's a surprise to me. Never saw them listed. Do you know the part number?
  8. fishy68

    [Found!] 8 3/4 sure grip left hand bolts

    I think your talking about ring gear bolts. He needs the bolts that hold the sure grip together
  9. fishy68

    742 8-3/4 Sure Grip Rear

    I know. Was just sayin because I noticed you didn't say anything about rotating them to get them in
  10. fishy68

    340 cam specs?

    Ain't that the truth!
  11. fishy68

    742 8-3/4 Sure Grip Rear

    If the inner splines are not aligned you can beat it with a BFH till your blue in the face and they'll never go in
  12. fishy68

    742 8-3/4 Sure Grip Rear

    yes the stock sure grip has 2 sets of splines that the axle splines engage into. These splines have to be aligned to get the axle to slide in. Since you drove it their almost undoubtedly not aligned anymore and you'll need to take the 3rd member out and take the sure grip apart and align them...
  13. fishy68

    [WANTED] complete custom 8 3/4 rear and driveshaft?

    For driveshaft's I use Action Machine Action Machine Inc - Custom Driveshafts & CNC Machine Shop in Indiana. Great work and prices and real fast service. I just had a 3" aluminum driveshaft with 1350 yoke and u-joints built and shipped to me. Good for 800 hp. $443 shipped to my door. What are...
  14. fishy68

    [SOLD] Small block Chevy crankshaft turning nut

    I'll take it if you still have it Ken. Pm me if you do. Thanks, Tracy
  15. fishy68

    727 Rebuild Blues

    I doubt that'd work because each piston is designed with a groove that's either for the narrow seal or the wide seal
  16. fishy68

    Miller tools???

    I think I still have it. Will look Monday and let you know for sure. BTW: what's it for. I never did find out what all these are for
  17. fishy68

    Ohio or Molnar crankshaft?

    No exp with Ohio but I used a 4" Molnar in my 408. Clearances were dead on and nice quality. My machinist is a Mopar guy and uses them a lot and likes them and he's pretty picky. I don't race my car on the track much but I run the crap out of it on the street and have about 15,000 hard miles on...
  18. fishy68

    Crt transmission lever locked up

    Justin, try backing out the neutral switch and see if it allows the shift lever to move. If the Neutral safety switch failed it can lock the shift lever. If that doesn't do it you'll have to drop the pan to see what broke or came apart. Tracy
  19. fishy68

    [WANTED] 8 3/4 Clutch Type Sure Grip

    Dr. Diff sells brand new units for $395 Mopar 8 3/4" (8.75) Clutch Type Sure-Grip ("Powr-lok") Hard to find an original for that price
  20. fishy68

    Engine Centerline - Dimension

    No. The only set of headers I've owned that have been completely maint free. For the cost they should be lol
  21. fishy68

    Engine Centerline - Dimension

    Man you must have gotten a heck of a deal. I don't have the luxury of a rack so it did help having a slip tube and to be honest I was concerned at first that it might leak there but I've had them on for almost 8 yrs. and no leaks anywhere
  22. fishy68

    Rocker arms for 408 build

    Mopar Magnum aluminum
  23. fishy68

    Engine Centerline - Dimension

    $500 more??? My TTI's were $700 and Doug's were $600 at the time. Has TTI gone up that much? BTW: My TTI's fit perfect. I love the slip tube on #7. Sure made getting the drivers side header in easier. Until you try them don't assume their gonna fit just like others. I've learned that with...
  24. fishy68

    Uncle Tony says Gen III hemi has inherent lifter lubrication problems. Agree?

    As cheap as they are they'd have to be
  25. fishy68

    Uncle Tony says Gen III hemi has inherent lifter lubrication problems. Agree?

    I have zero experience with the G3 hemi so all I have to go on is what I've read here about the problem they have but good lubrication is key to making even junk live long
  26. fishy68

    Uncle Tony says Gen III hemi has inherent lifter lubrication problems. Agree?

    Excessive heat is one cause. Junk metal is another
  27. fishy68

    Nick's Garage/UTG 318 Episode

    Agreed. The amount of trash in the filter and pan was unreal. I realize they were on a time deadline but come on. All this video did was show what a hack he is. Even when I was 17 and just starting out I knew things had to be clean and how could you possibly think 1/8" lash with a hyd cam would...
  28. fishy68

    904 Dipstick tip broke off in trans. Anyone know what would cause this?

    It's common for the dipstick to get "tight" the last inch of insertion. Probably due to the twist they put in them or possibly hanging up on the groove they put in the dipstick for the O-ring. I had one that hung up so bad most of the time you had to twist it when inserting it or you couldn't...
  29. fishy68

    Rocker arms for 408 build

    Idaho, I have EQ magnum heads on my 408 and am using the HS rockers but the adjustable ones. Geometry was very close. I wouldn't say perfect but close. Just thought I'd let you know my experience with them