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  1. 68383GTS

    [FOR SALE] Small block overdrive bellhousing

    Small block overdrive transmission bellhousing. In very nice shape. $275.00 plus shipping from East Peoria Illinois
  2. 68383GTS

    65 Dart questions

    And a canopy vinyl top
  3. 68383GTS

    65 Dart questions

    It has the three rectangle chrome pieces on the lower fender and door on each side
  4. 68383GTS

    65 Dart questions

    Going to look at an original 1965 Dart 2 door hardtop.It is a slant 6 automatic car. It has factory bucket seats and a floor shifter. So does this make it a GT or bucket seats were just optional?
  5. 68383GTS

    [FOR SALE] 1984 D150

  6. 68383GTS

    [FOR SALE] 1984 D150

    $5000 or Mopar trade
  7. 68383GTS

    [FOR TRADE] Clean 84 Dodge D100, Illinois

    I cleared out my mailbox
  8. 68383GTS

    [FOR TRADE] Clean 84 Dodge D100, Illinois

    Possible trade for a project car and cash
  9. 68383GTS

    ? For those who have recently bought or sold a vehicle

    I sold a 70 Road Runner for a lot of money. The Bank told me there are only two safe ways ..Cash and a check it with marker. Or bank to bank wire transfer. I used the bank wire and the money was transferred right in my account. Do NOT accept a money order or certified check those can both be...
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    [FOR SALE] 1984 D150

    Also new calipers and brake pads.
  11. 68383GTS

    [FOR SALE] 1984 D150

    1984 Dodge D150. Clean KY truck. Slant 6 4 speed.Slant 6 has been replaced with a reman engine mileage unknown.Engine uses no oil. 4 speed works good but the pressure or throw out bearing makes some noise at low speeds. New shocks,tires,throttle cable,carpet,carburetor,and electronic distributor...
  12. 68383GTS

    So any good cam and lifters out there?

    I know how to install and break in a cam. Just worried about the many manufacturer lifter issues.
  13. 68383GTS

    So any good cam and lifters out there?

    I would like to replace my 484 purple cam in my 383 this fall. With all the lifter issues out there the last few years I don’t know if it’s a good idea. Has anyone had any luck with a new cam and set of lifters lately? Maybe I should look for a NOS set from the 90’s….lol
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    [FOR TRADE] Clean 84 Dodge D100, Illinois

    Possible trade for an A body or other Mopar. Possibly trade for the right station wagon. I also wouldn’t mind a Ford Falcon or Fairlane. The truck came from KY in 2021. 1984 D100 Prospector.Very solid clean truck over all. Slant 6 4 speed over drive. 135,000 miles and has a reman engine. Unknown...
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    Anybody has a Rockauto,Jeg's,or Summit savings code?

    Does anyone have any savings code? I plan on buying a few things soon.
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    [WANTED] 68~69 bucket seats A or B body

    Looking for a set of A or B body bucket seats. A or B body will work. The closer to Illinois the better.
  17. 68383GTS

    Very Custom Dodge pickup

    Wow nice...
  18. 68383GTS

    Mother Mopar's Red-Headed Stepchild 360

    AMC engines cost even more to rebuild than Mopar engines. High Performance parts also are costly. If you rebuild a AMC 360-390 you better do the oiling modification.
  19. 68383GTS

    [SOLD] New Pitman and Idler Arm 68-72

    New MAS # PA7074 Pitman Arm and a Moog K7042 Idler Arm. $80.00 Shipped in the lower 48. Will be removed from the original packaging and put in a USPS bulk box.
  20. 68383GTS

    1967-1976 Idler and Pitman Arm new...

    Moog #K7042 Ider arm and a MAS #PA7074 Pitman arm both new.Cost $90.00. $70.00 Shipped anywhere in the lower 48. But will be taken out of the original boxes for shipping
  21. 68383GTS

    Middle of the Year - where are YOU at ??

    84 D100 slant 6 4 speed. I had planned on dropping in a fresh 318. Still need a flywheel,motor mount brackets. Now gas is $5.09.. I think the slant 6 can stay a while. I still have drop shackles to do. And want to lower the front way down. Maybe a 8 3/4 rear end.
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    Ignition Issues - ‘74 Dart Sport

    Bad bulkhead connector.
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    Pulled out of barn last week

    Might trade you a Dodge for it...
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    [SOLD] Nearly New Edelbrock 600

    I have a Edelbrock 1406 600 carburetor with the electric choak and Mopar throttle brack. I bought it new had put it on a 318. After about 30 miles the engine lost oil pressure. I pulled the carb and put it in a box.So this is a nearly new carb. Carb sells for $415.15 at Summit Racing. The Mopar...