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    New dyno numbers and more to come.

    Just took the 500 storker 440 off the dyno made a few pulls and saw that we needed a new dominator had to use a shop one to get the numbers we got. Made 746hp at 6400. this is a indy 440-1 headed motor. My engine guy had to do alot of work to the heads to get them to flow because they were done...
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    Hemi heads & sbf bottom 2300hp dyno vid

    I know it is not all mopar but I thought some people would enjoy it. It is a 417 inch small block ford it made 2300hp and still has alot of tuning left to go. Most of the parts were made in the shop so it is a custom motor you will not find another like it.
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    My mopars have a new home (pics)

    Just found this site and I have already posted in the welcome area. Thought i would post my new garage. I am excited since it is the first garage I have had to my self any suggestions would be great also