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    My Apologies

    Lately I have not been able to get back with some people about questions on here and I am sorry about that. I have quite a bit on my plate right now. I have been out of the country for the past 10 days or so on a business trip while my pregnant wife due in a couple of weeks is having...
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    Kid up the street makes #2 ESPN top ten

    Small town kid makes the top ten. His shot is #2. He made this shot in overtime to get in the title game and they went on to win the state championship the next day. He's 7' with the :afro: Go Bobcats! Just thought I would share.Jalen Moore ESPN SportsCenter Top 10 (March 1, 2013) - YouTube
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    Mopars at the Strip 2013

    I am still trying to go if I ever get caught up on work. Here is a little video that I shot last year of Mary Pozzi in the E-Max Challenger on the small Autocross course. 302 Found
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    Another early a header question

    I have tried three different sets of manifolds in my 65 barracuda. 340 manifolds and a couple different sets of A body and E body manifolds, everything hits the steering. You are limited to the choked 273 drivers manifold or Doug's or TTI headers. I went with Doug's.
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    Plane crash lands minutes from my house caught on video

    I am amazed how calm these people are. Everyone walks away without a scratch. Utah Plane Crash Captured on Cell Phone by Passenger -ORIGINAL FOOTAGE- - YouTube
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    Chevy Guys

    LOL some of you guys need to lighten up. It's like it's not Politically Correct to bash Chevy guys anymore. :banghead: What is the world coming to? You guys must have cabin fever.
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    Moroso Electric Water Pump Drive

    I will take it. PM sent
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    Question on Tubbing my dart

    Mini tubs with 325/50-15's and a stock back seat. :D
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    Chevy Guys

    I have a good one. I have been training a Chevy guy the last couple of weeks at work. He tells me that he doesn't have to use a torque wrench on his motors. He installs his heads with an impact and only adjusts his air pressure in stages of course. LOL I just smiled and said wow.
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    Jonesing for a Motorcycle Ride

    You and me both Joe. I am so sick of getting my snow blower out.
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    7-7-29 to 1-17-13 GOODBYE MOM

    Sorry for your loss. I was actually working in the garage yesterday thinking about the passing my grandfather last year and it made me tear up. I have a section of his tools in my garage that I use time to time. Needless to say I called my dad to shoot the bull for an hour shortly afterwards.
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    Graveyard Carz

    Jeremy!!!!!!!!:cheers::cheers::cheers: What's up bud?
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    Have you ever just asked if its for sale??

    I do it quite a bit. I have actually found a couple of good deals doing that.
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    kickboxing.....does anyone do it?

    My entire family has boxed and wrestled from the time we could walk. LOL My nephew has kick boxed his entire life and is now an amateur MMA Fighter. He has really heavy hands and his record is currently 5-2. All by knockout or submission. Most of his fights are really short. He is Gary...
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    Anybody besides me think these guys suck?

    It's just like what we do. Throw a ton of money at a car bound for the scrap yard and end up losing money on the deal. I kind of liked the show. LOL
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    **Twin Turbo 67 Dart Project**

    That is a thing of beauty Louis. BTW I hate you, because we have 6' snow drifts here from my snow blower. LOL
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    Pet Peaves in Mechanic's Lingo

    The term "pecker head" doesn't go over well in a meeting full of people Austrian Engineers and managers from my work. LOL I was referring to an electric motor terminal box, but us yanks call them pecker heads.
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    Mopars at the Strip 2013

    Tony I am considering it, but only if you and Craig can guarantee some warm weather this year.
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    what do cops look for?

    Don't get me wrong and I would feel different if I lived in a crime ridden area, but nothing happens here and I mean nothing. Some of them are cool and actually helpful. I am actually good friends with the chief of police and he lives two houses down from me. Our kids play together all of the...
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    what do cops look for?

    I'm starting to share your feelings on most of these small town wanna be's. I live in a small farming town of 10,000. Seems like every time I stop at 7-11 for a cup of coffee before work I have a different shaved head local yokal sizing me up standing next to the coffee and donut display...
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    Red hot header pipe

    We have a petrol company here that sells 89 octane without ethanol and they also sell race gas right at the pump.
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    Red hot header pipe

    I run stabil in my other motors during the winter, but for some reason I never put any in the bike. Every time that I put away we would have a sunny day and I would take it out. Then one day it snowed. Thanks Joe. I figured you would chime in. There is an idle control valve on this bike...
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    Sunday TnT Vegas

    Tony it looks like your daughter tree'd you again. LOL Looks like too much fun. Rub it in won't ya, some of us have to work on Sunday. I'm hoping to see you again at the MATS.
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    SCCA Prepared C FABO Build

    I don't have a part number. I bought them lightly used from another member here. Like you I'm glad they come apart and should make install and removing them easier. They are only 1 5/8" primaries with 2 1/2" collector. I was looking for a set of TTIs, but these will do for now.
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    Red hot header pipe

    We have a few places around here that sell ethanol free gas and I usually try to buy there, but I think on my last tank of the year I got gas with corn in it. :banghead: I usually buy the ethanol free stuff for my mower, wheeler and snow blower, because I hate cleaning carbs every year.
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    Red hot header pipe

    Well I went out this evening and started it up again and everything is normal. I could smell it running rich while cold, just like normal and the idle rpm dropped within 30 seconds and no red hot header pipe. This motor is liquid cooled with a fan and I have let it idle for 10-20 minutes at a...
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    Red hot header pipe

    I will check out the link, but there is about 18" of snow on the ground right now and ice all over the roads. Trust me, I would love to go for a ride. Lol
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    Red hot header pipe

    Not mopar related, but you guys know what you are doing. I have started my bike every couple of weeks over the winter to avoid a dead battery and to keep the fuel from gunking up the injector and pump. I have been busy and haven't done it for about a month. This morning I started it, fired...