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  1. 4mopwr

    My 422 smallblock build

    I've had luck heating the head with a torch and mig welding the repair then reapply the heat and slowly back off the heat. You can use welding blankets to hold some heat in.
  2. 4mopwr

    My New Toy 1968 Barracuda Fastback Formula S

    Nice clean car you got there! Great find! Did you find it in Michigan?
  3. 4mopwr

    Norwalk World of Mopar.

    Cool we'll stop when we see you. Moparty is a great time. I've never been to this Norwalk event.
  4. 4mopwr

    Norwalk World of Mopar.

    Any members participating? Anyone have hotel recommendations?
  5. 4mopwr

    [FOR SALE] 8 3/4 a body rear end

    Sent pm. Still have?
  6. 4mopwr

    Not so much a clone Hemi Dart

    68 HEMI GTS I've been following along! Awesome build. what was the length difference on the water pump (billet vs stock alum)? Are you using the 35 gpm pump? Thanks, John
  7. 4mopwr

    Trans shield

    Agree with 71Demon on using 3/8 12 points, tight fit. I neverh used a blanket
  8. 4mopwr

    1969 Dart Swinger 340 4 Speed

    Stranglehold, your car looks amazing!!! You and the SHOP did an AWESOME job!
  9. 4mopwr

    Door glass, front edge track

    65 dartman, Thanks, I'll check with them. I hope you were replying to the 1st pic.
  10. 4mopwr

    Door glass, front edge track

    2nd pic is wrong one, don't know if I can remove.
  11. 4mopwr

    Door glass, front edge track

    Looking to see if this channel slide is available (from who?) and what's it called? Mounts to the door glass and slides in the channel. Thanks. John
  12. 4mopwr

    528 Wedge on assembly bench. Season is approaching

    Nice car and cool motor build!!! I had thoughts of building similar engine at one time then went off track and built a G2 Hemi! :BangHead:
  13. 4mopwr

    1968 Barracuda - Let it begin (the last build!)

    Any updates on this cuda?
  14. 4mopwr

    G3 Hemi 69 Barracuda Fastback Father Son Project

    Following! All the detail is awesome! I've never used lizard skin ( ceramic or sound deadner) does it stay flexible? or can you sand and paint at a later date?
  15. 4mopwr

    1969 'cuda 383 4-speed

    Your car turned out Awesome! Now time to enjoy it!
  16. 4mopwr

    Is there such a thing as a 5000 stall converter that is streetable ?

    What cruise or show do you frequently attend ? Detroit area? I come through there in the summer and stop at any I see.
  17. 4mopwr

    Making racing plans

    I think im in the boat on the left where u R&RING (rum & relaxing)? Good for you!! Enjoy! Planning our spring trip now.
  18. 4mopwr

    1968 Dodge Dart

    Good job!! Always cool to see your own ride in a mag! Adds to the wall art in the shop.
  19. 4mopwr

    A sneak preview of Chapter 30 (With new updated photo)

    Thanks much! Nice work.
  20. 4mopwr

    A sneak preview of Chapter 30 (With new updated photo)

    cruiser, you said "The color that I used was "Tungsten", What brand did you end up going with? John. Following.
  21. 4mopwr

    1969 'cuda 383 4-speed

    Congrats on your build! I watch the show and met most of them SEMA in Vegas at the "Hellaphant" unveiling. This was a good one to go the extra mile and preserve. Love the bb abodies! Hope to be able to see it in the future.
  22. 4mopwr

    Shellehamer front suspension kit

    Looks good! Does he build his own steering arm? Looks like he uses the stock upper shock mount?
  23. 4mopwr

    67/68/69 cuda dilemma

    Nice job! Looks good. John
  24. 4mopwr

    Making progress on my Demon

    Will do! Thanks.
  25. 4mopwr

    Making progress on my Demon

    SuperStock426, I just read your entire post. Enjoyed watching your build. I'm on the same path as you (show/cruise) drag car. John.
  26. 4mopwr

    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    Building a chromoly wish bone.
  27. 4mopwr

    Radiator dimensions abody vs bbody

    Thanks all, based on replies a bbody radiator will fit if the measurements don't exceed 21 15/16 ( height of b radiator?)
  28. 4mopwr

    Radiator dimensions abody vs bbody

    The measurement sent to me from a builder states 21 15/16" top of tank. I seen another builder state 21 1/4, sounds like splitting hairs but if you can't close the hood.....not a good day! Lol.
  29. 4mopwr

    Radiator dimensions abody vs bbody

    Will a bbody raidatior fit in an abody(height wise) specifically a68 barracuda? What are the measurements of the two radiators? From the bottom of the lower tank to the top of the upper tank. Thanks, John.