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  1. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] 2-1/2" Flowmaster muffler copies

    $65.00 plus shipping charges
  2. gliderider06

    [SOLD] Sun oil gauge

    Vintage Sun oil pressure gauge and cup. Asking $50.00 shipped to a US postal address
  3. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] $15.00 sale

    Strut rods one trans dipstick 904 yoke and stabalizer has been sold
  4. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] $15.00 sale

    Everything in the pictures is $15.00 each except for the strut rods, and fender struts since they are a pair. The trans dipstick tubes the center does not have the stick but the others do. The trans yokes are 904. Fan spacers has the sizes on then. Pullies the same. The steering stabilizer was...
  5. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Edelbrock 1902 Quadrajet carb

    Edelbrock 1902, 750 cfm Quadrajet carb. Looks new inside and out. Some screws has some surface rust from sitting, but will not effect it any. Bought for my Ramcharger but I can't get the choke mechanism to work for me. (Operated opposite of Mopar) Asking $300.00 shipped to a US postal address
  6. gliderider06

    Has anyone used Royal shipping limited

    Sounds like a scam to me. I bought something from Facebook and the company used some bogus shipper that kept requesting money from me. $200.00 insurance fee, then $300 for a covid clean fee...for a $200 steering wheel. Steer clear and purchase from elsewhere. File a PayPal claim and get your...
  7. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] 2-1/2" Flowmaster muffler copies

    2-1/2" flowmaster clones. New never used. Came in an exhaust kit I got. I don't like the sound of them and went with magnaflows instead. The dimensions are on the boxes Asking $70.00 plus shipping charges
  8. gliderider06

    [SOLD] Holley 650 spreadbore

    Holley 650 vacuum secondary, electric choke carb. It is very clean on the inside. I replaced the power valves, accelerator pump and some gaskets on it. Should be ready to bolt on and go. I was going to use it for my Ramcharger. Just changed my mind about changing carbs on it. Asking $160.00...
  9. gliderider06

    TV shows that you've BINGE watched

    Well my list varies. Phillies baseball Quantum Leap 1883 Yellowstone Battle 360 MASH Roadkill Sopranos Last Man Standing There's more, but all I can think about right now.
  10. gliderider06

    [SOLD] Engine fan

    I sent you a PM
  11. gliderider06

    [WANTED] Fan

    I have a fan for sale in the for sale ads. Not sure if it's the correct one for you.
  12. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Pulleys, pulleys, pulleys

    Yes, they are all small block pullies.
  13. gliderider06

    [Found!] 904 torqueflite slip yoke

    I have 2 for sale, in the sale ads.
  14. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Fan spacers

    Still available
  15. gliderider06

    [SOLD] Red seatbelts

    $40.00 shipped
  16. gliderider06

    [SOLD] Engine fan

    $50.00 plus shipping