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    i need an overall opinion on a msd 6a

    If ya run the 6a make sure you run the correct msd coil. Not all coils are created equal. You can add on a rev limiter to the box.
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    A833 Rebuild

    Here's a few suggestions. The cluster gear must sit at the bottom of the case in order to install the main shaft. You will need to install the needle roller bearings, shims and spacer first along with the two end bronze thrust washers. The order goes: washer-row of roller...
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    200 inch pounds???

    How many inches are in a foot? 12 right? So 1 foot pound of torque is 12 inch pounds. That's 12 pounds of weight at 1 inch away from the bolt or 1 pound at 12 inches away from the bolt (pivot point). 10 foot pounds is 120 inch pounds. Torque is rotation force. If you put a wrench or ratchet...
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    Carter AVS on a 340 drains of fuel

    My money says it's the main wells leaking. Look under the carb at the soft plugs (aluminum) below the main jets. The plugs become porous, especially after a rebuild that included a soaking.
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    440 build questions and any suggestions.

    Hi Tim. First a couple of things. Any street car can be driven at the track making everything street/strip. This means you don't have to build a race or near race, or even a performance engine to enjoy both worlds. A 440, even in stock form, in a scamp will keep your hands full, and your...
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    Stage V casting number

    Hello all. I'm looking for the correct casting number for the Mopar stage V cast iron head sold under part number P4529993. This is the head cut for 2.14/1.81 valves. I've read it is the same as the P4529992 head, the 2.08/1.74. I need conformation from an owner or builder prior to...
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    Help w/340 carb selection

    I have a 69 Roadrunner 383. Carb is a carter avs #4615s. It has smaller primaries than the 440 avs.
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    383 into 70 Dart Swinger

    You'll find all your answers at Check out the tech section.
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    Help w/340 carb selection

    The main wells may be leaking on that factory avs. If you look at the bottom of the carb just outside of the primary bores you will see two soft plugs about an 1/8-3/16 in diameter. These plugs work loose. You can drill them out and install either 1/16 pipie plugs or set screws with locktight...
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    Huffer for my 400?

    The Supercharger Store has a few units that bolt onto the front of the engine. They work very well and allow you to use the stoke hood
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    EGR or not

    Well first things first. The absence of an air pump has nothing to do with an EGR valve. The air pump pumps fresh oxygen into the upstream exhaust to help burn unburnt fuel when the engine is cold. It pumps air into the catalytic converter after warm-up to add oxygen to the catalyst effect. It...
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    Sometimes you hate them...

    Sounds like a carb problem. But if you suspect the timing chain has jumped, you can check it without removing the timing cover. 1st. Ignition timing will be way off. Ignition timing runs off the cam. 2nd. If ignition timing is off, pull the valve cover for #1 cylinder. Put the dampner on...
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    got ripped by Indy Cylinder Head

    I too have had several bad experiences with Indy personel. Last year at Vegas and several times over the phone. I do no plan on doing buisiness with them anytime in the near future. And Ya, the heavy set guy was rude!
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    Hello all

    Hello. I'm glad to be a part of this forum. I'm an Automotive Instructor in the southwest U.S.. I currently have a 1968 Barracuda, a 1969 PLymouth Road Runner, 1978 Power Wagon, 1979 440 motorhome, and a rottweiler. I'm a bigblock guy minus the hemi factor. Three of my Mopars have bigblocks...
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    Crankcase pressure

    Hello. I'm new to this forum. Hope I can help. The venting of crankcase pressure under WOT through the breather is normal. Blowing oil out the breather is not normal. Check your oil level. Confirm it's not overfilled. If it's an aftermarket pan with a larger sump you may want to try...