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    Out of curiosity what are the cost differences

    I will say this. Having had a car forever that ran 9’s, I have zero interest in doing it again. Way more cage than is required for 10 Flat and slower, licensing requirements, double layer jacket( at least, depending where you are) membership requirements( if I remember right) Pass physical( I am...
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    I had my car done by a retired GM electrical engineer who does wiring installs now as his side business. He really likes the Rebel kit he used on mine.Uses them for all his installs. He put fuel, water and fan on relays, replaced every inch of wire in the car and charged me 1500. I thought it...
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    Used Rebel Wire on mine. Super happy with it.
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    Solid lifers now? hole in them ? where

    I run those Howard’s edm solid lifters on my healthy stroker small block. very happy with them, extra insurance to help prevent wiping lobes.
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    Small Block Chrysler Racer Brown camshafts

    That sucker will have some chop. Better have some squeeze and vert
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    Front "China wall" sealing issue on SBM

    That is exactly how I do mine with right stuff. Works great, no leaks
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    Engle HEV 3945AS Camshaft

    Howard’s does all the Hughes stuff now
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    CONTEST : Guess the HP and WIN!

    Shouldn’t matter much what tires the car has on it. Make sure operator has it strapped down tight, and you have lots of air in the tires
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    CONTEST : Guess the HP and WIN!

    Busiest shopping day of the year, why wouldn’t businesses be open…lol
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    I finally got the duster in the shop

    don’t hold off. I waited WAY longer to get my hip done than I should have, and am paying for it. my hip and back became fused together from so much scar tissue, so when they were in there they had to cut nerves. The doctor had hoped they would regenerate, but they haven’t, so loss of core...
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    CONTEST : Guess the HP and WIN!

    I will guess 477 hp at the tire.
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    CONTEST : Guess the HP and WIN!

    Just curious, why do you say…conservative 36 degrees of timing? That is actually more timing than most small block like, or at least as much anyway.
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    Black Friday sales. Who’s buying what.

    Take and bake pizza chain. good stuff, real good
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    Stock 340 dyno tests?

    I raced my 69 340 Dart GTS in 1972. It had 3.55 gear, cheapy headers and was otherwise bone stock. Went 14.23@99 mph at US131 My first ever outing
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    And just like that the 2023 race season is over

    77 today down in Rockingham for the Mopar event. That would be fun to attend !
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    Wiseco Pistons

    Good stuff
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    And just like that the 2023 race season is over

    Yea, it was 68 up here yesterday. Just beautiful. Now reality sets in
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    bb mopar head machine shop?

    A great choice would be the guy who responded to your post, PRH, great work and most definitely knows what he is doing.
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    Anybody ever tried this little gizmo?

    Only thing you can ask for is that they sent you something in the first place that worked
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    Front "China wall" sealing issue on SBM

    All I do is slice the gap with a sharp blade Knife, then it’s easy to pop it off. Key is slicing the bead first, just work the knife/ razor blade all the way across the front to break the seal, then it’s easy. Never had an issue, always pile on right stuff.
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    Front "China wall" sealing issue on SBM

    that is exactly what I do. Thick strip of right stuff, works great.
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    Engle HEV 3945AS Camshaft

    I believe Engle for a long time made all the cams for Hughes. So, yes all the cams they had were Engle that said Hughes on the box Now Howard’s makes all of them. The cam is the OP looks like it would be 239/245@50, probably installed at 103-104. It’s a solid flat tappet cam. No idea what the...
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    What do you guys think about these heads

    Ah, got ya. Yea, the ones my brother has aren’t the moved center, just the smaller factory replacement style heads
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    What do you guys think about these heads

    The B1BA heads my brother bought( at Monster Mopar@Norwalk were ported by Hemphill, according to the seller. my brother bought the complete heads, an intake, and rocker gear for 1200 bucks. This has probably been 5 years ago now.
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    What do you guys think about these heads

    Big block stuff, yea.
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    318 how much stall

    For a combo like that I would probably call PTC and get a 9.5 inch vert
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    My son Justin's first pass on alcohol and delay box. In the AMX

    Almost 115 in the 1/8, that is making really good power
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    Another Mopar racer gone

    Sucks. Keith wasn’t that old.
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    My son Justin's first pass on alcohol and delay box. In the AMX

    Wow, that is hauling the mail. Pretty stout for a factory replacement headed bullet
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    Brian’s stepped up again.

    Sensational job. Car is flying. Love to know can specs, but I know that a secret. Guessing a big roller on a wide LSA to numb the car on the bottom, and make it more stockish sounding( which is a class rule I think