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  1. chewy

    71 A230 into 65 Dart z bar/linkage

    My suggestion would be to call brewers, they should have the parts you need. They are the experts The inner fender bracket you have there looks way different than the early a bracket/ball stud. The length of the torqueshaft (zbar on other brands) would be different on our narrower A-bodies...
  2. chewy

    VIN Rivets

    My 65 Dart GT has no rivets. Manufactured Dec 4th '64. Maybe later in the 65 model year they were added?
  3. chewy

    [Found!] Edelbrock D4B

    Pm sent
  4. chewy


    Before the rebuild, the synthetic caused seepage in many places. So conventional oil was in it. After the rebuild its been Mobil1 and STP oil treatment to add zinc for over a decade.
  5. chewy

    Hagerty insurance

    There was no laughing. Hagerty sent him East instead of west to where I was. The car wouldnt move. That half a block is over 1/4 mile. Blocks here can be 1/4 or 1/2 mile.
  6. chewy

    Hagerty insurance

    Ive been with them over 20 years. I'm switching to grundy, just because of the lack of real support for emergency roadside (at least where i live). I've used it twice in the last 5 years. The first time I was a half a block from home and the cheap Towing companies they do business with...
  7. chewy

    1965 dart gt spring question

    You'll also want to count the number of springs on each side and any half springs that may be on there (if any) .
  8. chewy

    anyone else here ever deal with the 4.7?

    The 4.7 I'm my 2010 Ram 1500 has over 196000 on it now. Still runs great. Changed the valve stem seals a while back. Other than that it's been trouble free (knock on wood). I hate the 545rfe the Trans though.
  9. chewy

    Clutch & pressure Plate for 64 Dart
  10. chewy

    Clutch & pressure Plate for 64 Dart

    Yes, so far I've been very happy with the AMS 05004. Only have a few hundred miles on it. It doesn't have the shudder that the one I took off had when starting to move. It Reminds me of the one I had on it back in 2003.
  11. chewy

    Clutch & pressure Plate for 64 Dart

    I replaced the POS cheap Chinese B&B Luk brand clutch that I had put in my car on warranty from Pep Boys a couple years ago, just before they quit dealing parts. First disc came apart at the springs. This one had non centered pressure plate fingers, kept bouncing the throwout bearing off the...
  12. chewy

    Low cost bucket seat covers, untill i can afford to do it right.

    For quite a few years I had an old black leather jacket draped over the seat-back on the driver's side to cover up the worn out side of it. A hulkmania shirt would have done similar.
  13. chewy

    Still Retain Any Kindergarten Memories?

    My mom actually had training spoons that if I ate with the left hand the food pointed away from my mouth. Forced right handed and also ambidextrous now.
  14. chewy

    NoCo alignment shop for our cars

    Geib's Alignment in Hygiene, CO, was where I went to when I lived in Longmont. Came very recommended by a good friend as knowing how todo a bodies right
  15. chewy

    Low cost bucket seat covers, untill i can afford to do it right.

    New skins from legendary, seat pads, carpet backs, carpet, canvas, muslin and then to have the seats restored has a fairly hefty price tag for the household budget. Will be awhile to have the cash on hand todo it. Try to find lowback bucket covers that look decent is a challenge as well. I...
  16. chewy

    Lower control arm bush 1961Plymouth Valiant!year%3D1962%7C%7Cmake%3DPLYMOUTH%7C%7Cmodel%3DVALIANT They have upper and lower
  17. chewy

    Post Early A-body wheel/tire combos here

    P225-60 on 14x6 SBP Cragars on my 65.
  18. chewy

    1965 Dodge Dart stock differential advice

    Wildcat in Oregon. They were pricy from quotes given to me years ago compared to othere near where i lived back then. In person that may be different. Ron's Wrecking in WA. They were a lot of GM but had some other makes' cars and parts avaliable. Never dealt with them peraonally. I am...
  19. chewy

    1965 Dodge Dart stock differential advice

    No simple drop-in differential changes for 7-1/4. Need before and after measurements, a housing spreader, arbor for more measurements and possibly different shims. Bearing and seals may need changed, also require additional tooling todo.
  20. chewy

    1965 Dodge Dart stock differential advice

    Those that have done this with SBP and didn't want to convert just have the axles drilled to 5x4 opposite the4-1/2 circle.
  21. chewy

    1965 Dodge Dart stock differential advice

    I went through this same conundrum with my dart as well. Having a almost all original, begs the question, what do I do with it when the spiders in the 7-1/4 break... had originally thought a 7-1/4 suregrip carrier was my answer. Till it came to finding/affording one. Then finding parts to...
  22. chewy

    Dual point fun...

    Thank You. I forgot about this site. I picked up a dual point vacuum advance from them once.
  23. chewy

    The heat riser clang...

    Now that I took another look at the TSM in the book tryimg to see what the bimetal spring is. Thermostat spring is there, if you mean the little 'anti-rattle' spring that is missing now. Wasn't missing a couple months ago, but nowhere to be seen now.
  24. chewy

    The heat riser clang...

    It's there. Works for a minute or two then it's just loose. Without crossover being opened the heat riser does nothing.
  25. chewy

    The heat riser clang...

    My original Carter carb hasn't had choke butterflies, nor anything hooked to the hear riser since 1975 or before. The first intake gasket I changed had a solid gasket on one side of the crossover, which I've continued to block off with any intake gasket change. The heat riser defaults to...
  26. chewy

    Overdrive in Early A

    Google search the site. Their bots are always accessing the site constantly...
  27. chewy

    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    That does bring back memories. Almost how the bowe looked when I was done with it. John, from John's auto upholstery in Longmont, CO did the fitting , stretching and shrinking to install the top, and made a well liner for it custom. My car was from a salt state, not a total rust bucket, but...
  28. chewy

    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    Back in the 2000s When I did the top on my 65, I had to weld new sheet metal on the main bow and weld the second bow back together, it was broken on one side. Had an upholsrery shop install the new top.
  29. chewy

    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    A couple new layers of wax. First wax in the bottom side of the hood since I took the insulation out. That old paint shines up well.. My Neighbor let me use his cooled shop.
  30. chewy

    Dual point fun...

    That's a smart way to have an alternative to low quality modern ones. If I can't ever find one that works, will tuck this into the bag of tricks, 'Just in case' for the future. Fyi, I do have a tube of goop that I've used once or twice to keep the soles on my shoes...