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    Gear Drive

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    Gear Drive

    $175 obo
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    Narrowed Dana 60

    Bump need gone, open to reasonable offers! need money to finish 9 inch
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    Roller Rockers

    Looking for a set of 1.5 or 1.6 roller rockers. PM Thanks, sean
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    Narrowed Dana 60

    As far as i know it has a spool. It came out of a 4 link car. Rear hasnt been ran in many years and weve went to a 9 inch
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    Narrowed Dana 60

    Ive got a Dana 60 rear that came out of our Dart. From outside to outside of the drums it measures 49 inches. The center section was chromed at one time we found out once the paint was stripped off. Its suppose to have 6.17 gears. Rear is in Elizabethtown, Ky $1200 OBO..
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    AJ and Jeggie Teammates in 2013

    My two favorite drivers...great news!
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    Gear Drive

    74Dart Im not positive to be honest...cant remember
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    Racer Brown cam

    Been searching but havent cam up with much. Has anyone rean the Racer Brown STX 19m in their sb?? I picked one up and cant decide if I want to run it or not. Any insight would be great
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    Gear Drive

    I believe that it is probably a Milidon but not certain. Came in a 340 we bought. It looks to be fine and complete. $200
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    to paint or not to paint '68 Dart

    what size cam? good running car for sure!
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    to paint or not to paint '68 Dart

    Im digging the rough look personally. whats your combo and what does it run?
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    Sandy pic's NJ

    holy ****...mother nature can be unreal sometimes. hope everyone took the warnings and left before this happened
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    SB, BB Parts...need gone

    valve covers sold
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    296 .557 sb cam

    Like title states, im looking for a sb 296 .557 cam only. PM me thanks
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    SB, BB Parts...need gone

    bump...make offers!
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    New M/Ts on the rear

    looks good
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    68 Valiant

    Nice work. Simple and Beautiful car man!
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    SB, BB Parts...need gone

    Its a Torker Intake. Thanks for catching that
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    Help with sb combo

    well im planning on running a thicker gasket to bring it down to 11 ish
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    Help with sb combo

    My dad had this motor in a dart he bought 20 yrs ago and yes he ran it. Motor was suppose to have went 7.40-50s. I believe the heads are just home ported no big expensive job.
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    sbp centerlines

    Looking for a set of 15x3 inch sbp centerline front wheels.
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    Dart Fenders, Doors and Deck lid

    1967-69 Fiberglass Fenders and headlight buckets. Im not sure on the manufacturer on these but they are nice. Fenders have never been used or mounted. Will take $450 shipped. Set of doors that fit 67-76 Darts. Doors are in decent shape but will need a lil work. They have all glass intact...
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    SB, BB Parts...need gone

    SB Racer Brown cam - # STX-19M. Bought from a guy, personally never used it. $100 72' 340 stock intake $50 Eddy Torker SB intake $75 Factory SB valve covers $40 BB oil pans that have been fabbed up $75 each Add shipping to all prices, need stuff gone. Offers welcome Im located in Etown, Ky
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    Help with sb combo

    Pistons I have no clue, had them for a long time. Local pump gas is 93. Heads have been ported and polished a lil and has big valves
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    Dart doors and deck lid

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    SB, BB Parts

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    Help with sb combo

    tubtar i completely undersand that bigger isnt always better, im not here asking if a huge roller will work with my stock stuff just asking for what people have found to work best. im not going to over cam but nor do i want to undercam either
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    Help with sb combo

    Well thats my main goal,to have something that i runs on pump gas and i dont have to pop the hood on at the track.