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  1. Mike69cuda

    Please help!! 1971 340 duster having major ignition wiring headaches.

    What kind of ignition system does it have? Points? Chrysler electronic ignition? Some thing else?
  2. Mike69cuda


    My opinion, for what it is worth. If you are using anything other than the factory style M&H harness, you will be wiring the car yourself, mostly from scratch. Not a terrible job if you are an electrical guy, or know your way around auto electrical systems. If you don’t it will likely be very...
  3. Mike69cuda

    Edlebrock 9266 manifold gasket won't fit stock LA 340 intake

    You have a square bore gasket and a spead bore manifold
  4. Mike69cuda

    70 Dart ?????

    Bolting it in will be the least of your problems. Better be a good electrical guy, or know one.
  5. Mike69cuda

    The end is near for Hot Rod Magazine

    I got a subscription to Mopar Action in my wife’s name about a year ago. I didn’t pay for it & my wife didn’t either (we think). Odd that it would be in my wife’s name. I wonder if it is a marketing thing, send it for free for a year, then get a subscription? It is ok, but mostly the same old...
  6. Mike69cuda

    Hotchkis or Hellwig Front Sway Bar?

    I have thought about getting a stock bar, but shipping is so high for a used one, it doesn’t seem to make sense. Do you know a source? Since my control arms are not tabbed, are there brackets that are known to fit that I could install to use a stock bar if I found one local?
  7. Mike69cuda

    "Chrome" spray paint

    I have heard that heat curing the chrome paint solves the long cure time and the finger printing issue when you touch it. Has anyone tried it?
  8. Mike69cuda

    Hotchkis or Hellwig Front Sway Bar?

    Front tires are 195 R60 15. Rear are 235 R60 15
  9. Mike69cuda

    Hotchkis or Hellwig Front Sway Bar?

    I have been researching sway bars for my 69 Cuda. It does not have one now or mounting tabs. The two sway bars in the title seem to be the best choices so far. The Hellwig 5906 is about $100 more than Hotchkis and is 1 1/8 diameter Solid. The Hotchkis equivalent is 1 1/2 hollow and looks to...
  10. Mike69cuda

    Fixing stripped ECU screw for proper ground???!!!!

    I have used weatherstrip adhesive to glue a nut with a captured lock washer to a coat hanger and fished it into place before. Just pull the coat hanger off when done
  11. Mike69cuda

    fit aftermarket shifter into stock console?

    The previous owner of mine mounted a quick silver in the console. Swapped the indicator to the other side
  12. Mike69cuda

    Asking for Prayers for my Son.

  13. Mike69cuda

    Fan Shroud Restoration

    I used the SEM paint on boat seats. Held up great for years out in the weather.
  14. Mike69cuda

    Fan Shroud Restoration

    The SEM vinyl paint works great on similar interior plastic parts. Not sure about under hood temps.
  15. Mike69cuda

    Retrosound Radio. YUCK 2/10

    Wow, that one is much nicer & cheaper than the one I bought off Amazon
  16. Mike69cuda

    Retrosound Radio. YUCK 2/10

    You don’t need to alter your dash for a Bluetooth one like above. Mount it out of sight, turn up the volume all the way & control it with your phone. Hook up power & ground and hook it to your speakers.
  17. Mike69cuda

    Retrosound Radio. YUCK 2/10

    Look up Bluetooth amplifier on Amazon. Work great and are dirt cheap.
  18. Mike69cuda

    Factory sensor voltage to value charts?

    The old (60s, 70s) Mopar senders are about 10-70 ohms. 10 at full scale, 70 at zero. This is for oil gas, temperature.
  19. Mike69cuda

    Water heaters

    You can buy water purity test meters on amazon that can tell you about total dissolved solids in your water. $7-40. Look for TDS meter.
  20. Mike69cuda

    Jimacuda passed away Sept 30th

    So sorry to hear.
  21. Mike69cuda

    Keeprite NG furnace code "fail to ignite"

    The flame sensor doesn’t do anything until the gas is lit I think.
  22. Mike69cuda

    Keeprite NG furnace code "fail to ignite"

    If the igniter is glowing, it is likely working. There is a flame sensor that is usually on the opposite side from the igniter. it is just a little metal rod with a wire attached to it. Pull it out and clean it with a piece or sandpaper or steel wool. That fixes it a lot of the time. How the...
  23. Mike69cuda

    turn signals

    I put LEDs in my taillights (where I wanted the extra brightness) and left the front turn signals with standard bulbs. My turn signals still worked. The turn signal LED bulbs can’t be installed the wrong way If they have metal sockets That are the ground leg.
  24. Mike69cuda

    Del is experimentally "throwing in the towel" re: NO smart phone EVER

    On Apple phones you can text, video call, and make and receive phone calls for free without cell service. Just have to be hooked up to Wi-Fi and turn on the Wi-Fi phone service. I assume there is something similar on Android.
  25. Mike69cuda

    Del is experimentally "throwing in the towel" re: NO smart phone EVER

    My iPad is the cellular version, so it acts like a phone. I have to pay for another line, just like another cell phone. It is signed into my same apple account, so it can take phone calls like a phone. The bad news is that it costs money every month, but a phone is just too small for me to use...
  26. Mike69cuda

    Del is experimentally "throwing in the towel" re: NO smart phone EVER

    I just wish there was a “leave it alone” choice for software upgrades. upgrade what you want in the background, but leave the user interface alone. I don’t need any new features, it already does a lot of stuff I don’t care about…..
  27. Mike69cuda

    Del is experimentally "throwing in the towel" re: NO smart phone EVER

    I don’t have Facebook or any social media or my public email on my smartphone. I don’t want it bugging me all the time. I basically use my smart phone for a phone, text, weather, & GPS. I have a cellular iPad that I have email & social media stuff on. I can take the iPad on the road when I...