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    [WANTED] Need a Duster Steering Wheel

    [FOR SALE] - 1972 Plymouth steering wheel $50
  2. gtgto

    66 Dart lost keyes

    You said you have blanks......NOS and repop......Do your trunk keys work? I bought some blanks a while back and the door/ignition keys work fine but the trunk keys take a lot to get them to open the trunk. If the trunk blanks you have are correct how much do you sell them for each? I would take...
  3. gtgto

    Demon 340 off the Chicagoland roads!

    Love the color......That car is beyond beautiful.
  4. gtgto

    What a great conversation I had yesterday

    Brought my car to a show yesterday and although I would not consider my car a show car, but it is cool and appealing to many. I always do a head count on A bodies and there weren't many. There was a 72 Demon 340 at the show and on the show entry paper showing the car number and owners name it...
  5. gtgto

    Can small block oil pump be replaced without pulling the engine?

    Shouldn't be a problem to do while in the car. I did a new pump and rear main seal while on my back in my garage and i'm old......Of course it would be much easier out of the car.
  6. gtgto

    Mopars at the Valley Oct 8th

    I was planning on going but my son has a hockey showcase in Foxborough Mass so I'm out....Is there a rain date if it gets cancelled? Praying for rain.
  7. gtgto

    Was at the lawyer's office this morning,ineritance

    Sorry for your loss for sure. Thats pretty awesome that you were thought of as the one who should get the Cuda. Please post PICS when you have them. -
  8. gtgto


    Great in the snow for sure. We have 3 WRX's in my family and one of them had a short block replaced under warranty for excessive oil consumption and it turned out to be valve seals and nothing to do with the short block. The other 2 cars are coming up on 100,000 miles. Except for brakes and oil...
  9. gtgto

    [WANTED] Looking for 150 MPH Speedometer for 70 340 Duster

    Complete and working.
  10. gtgto

    Lost all oil and oil pressure while driving (Need help diagnosing)

    A long time ago I was getting on a highway in my 340 4 speed road runner and getting up to speed which didn't take much, I see smoke all over the place so I pull over and check under my car and oil is leaking badly. Car was running fine......Had the car towed and the shop where it ended up...
  11. gtgto

    Unpopular opinion. I'm so frustrated I hate car shows/cruises.

    I went to a big show over the weekend with about 825 cars in it. I brought my car and entered it. I parked and pretty much did not stay near my car all day long. I was there way to long. I could see a lot of people checking out my car from a distance and although its special to me its a 70 340 4...
  12. gtgto

    Transmission ID help please

    Do the last 6 digits of 0R185780 match your VIN? Windsor Ontario is where 340 Darts were built in 1970, I think.
  13. gtgto

    Reverse linkage issues?

    I think the reverse rod is connected backwards. I think the fastening nut should be on top and the linkage rod on the bottom if memory serves me correctly. Found a pic.....Wow.....I'm an idiot......I see my pic has the reverse rod exactly how yours is in the picture you posted.
  14. gtgto

    anyone know where to get patch panels?

    Thank You....I'll check it out.
  15. gtgto

    anyone know where to get patch panels?

    70 Duster. Both drivers side and passenger side need work in front of and behind the rear wheels. Drivers side is the worst of the two.
  16. gtgto

    anyone know where to get patch panels?

    I only see quarter skins. Do they sell patch panels also? Thx for the info.
  17. gtgto

    anyone know where to get patch panels?

    So was it Autobody Specialties that had what you needed?
  18. gtgto

    Converting from mechanical to hydraulic cam and lifters on 273 Dart

    Same setup I'm currently running in my 340. Used a measuring tool from a friend and ordered what I needed from Smith Brothers. Very fast turn around time and everything worked out great. The pushrods I had made were 7.375 Overall length and 7.25 inches Effective Length from tip to bottom of cup.
  19. gtgto

    C'mon man

    Although the video series is for E Body column this video series on column removal and restore helped me a lot when I did work on my column recently. Its a 4 part series and here's the link to part 1
  20. gtgto

    C'mon man

    Like I said earlier. I didn't comment while at the show. Just thoguht to myself how bad it looked. So buying a car "that way" is an excuse to not make it somewhat right? Even if the guy bought the car the day before it doesn't take long to remove the handle from the column. Looked wrong from...
  21. gtgto

    Chryslers at Carlisle 2023 who is going

    Changed hotels to something hopefully much nicer than where we have stayed the last six years. I have never had my car there and hope to someday. I'll be bringing my 2020 WRX with loud *** exhaust to annoy people. At night we cruise to the many hotels or eateries to check out all the cars...
  22. gtgto

    340 cam

    I second contacting Ken. Good guy and does great work.
  23. gtgto

    Trying to Identify Rally Cluster

    1971 Is the last year for A-Body Rallye Dash. From my experience Rallye Dash was standard in 70-71 340 Dusters and also 70 340 Swingers.
  24. gtgto

    C'mon man

    No....I would never say anything negative to a car owner at a show...Everyone is entitled to do what they want to there car....I thought to myself that I would never do 1/2 the job. Maybe he had a good reason if there is such a thing....To me I would've left the auto on the column. Nothing...
  25. gtgto

    Lost Items from 1970 Duster 340 FM3 Pink

    I didn't think the partial VIN was in the trunk drivers side gutter. I'm not sure what model years but I know my 70 has the partial VIN under the package tray. Should be able to make it out from the trunk.
  26. gtgto

    Lost Items from 1970 Duster 340 FM3 Pink

    Have you been able to speak to any of the previous owners from the last 20+ years? Does the Dash VIN match the radiator support and package tray numbers? What you're missing hurts resale and most likely helped you in purchase price some I would think.
  27. gtgto

    C'mon man

    Do you have the column gear selector still in place?
  28. gtgto

    C'mon man

    No comb needed.....My car is extremely far from perfect but I still go to cruise ins and shows and I drive it as it was intended to be driven. All I intended by this post is to say if you have enough time to install a floor shifter you should make the time to remove the original handle. Its not...
  29. gtgto

    C'mon man

    I understand not finding the correct column for a floor shift column and i'm sure its not cheap but to take the arm off wont cost anything except time and it would make the interior look so much better. To each his own.
  30. gtgto

    C'mon man

    I'm not like that...I keep comments to myself unless I know the owner will appreciate what I have to say.