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    One wire alternator conversion- best method to run the thick power wire

    Had my one wire 170amp alternator installed today at a local hotrod shop. I wanted to give them a small job before sending them any big tasks. They ran the power wire from alternator down the valve cover behind rear of motor then up the firewall. I was thinking a shorter wire could had...
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    Mopar Cast Valve Cover with ME Wagner adjustable PCV

    Current setup has a small PCV on the valve cover passenger side rear. Front passenger side has a plug grommet. Driver side rear has a grommet with push in filter and front is the oil filler cap. The ME Wagner is larger inside diameter than the current grommet PCV location. I tried a 1.25"...
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    New to me Barracuda with Mopar Crate 390hp low oil pressure

    Prior owner installed a 390hp Mopar crate 360. According to him he change to a bigger roller cam and roller rockers. I assume this was done years ago when the engine was installed. I can see orange or bronze looking rocker arms from the oil fill cap. She sounds like a big cam. He spent money...
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    1968 Taillight Lens Replacement with NOS OEM or Reproduction

    Whats the better solution? NOS OEM thats now 50 years old or New reproduction. That may be better materials. I've found NOW OEM for 300$ and reproduction for 310$
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    Good mopar engine shop within 8hr drive of north GA

    Recently rejoined the Mopar family. My first car in 1993 was a 73 Charger SE 400. Now I've got a 68 Barracuda with a mopar crate 360 390hp version. The prior owner was somewhat unaware of what he had. I've got the receipt for the engine; so I know its the 390hp version. From what he said I...
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    Drives when in Neutral. B&M shifter

    Recently purchased Barracuda with 727 from TCI. The prior owner never installed a lockdown cable. I've installed a kickdown cable and changed the fluids. 1st, 2nd and D work good. It will also move in Neutral. To further complicate the issue, the car has a B&M gate style shifter. If I lift...
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    68 Barracuda Front parking lamp replacement

    Whats the replacement method? I see two small nuts on the back side that hold the assembly in. Or are the parking lamps like the side marker lamps and just need for the bulb holder to be pulled out. I did want to start applying my monkey grip hands on something that does not pull apart. (10...
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    Front band adjustment along with long tube headers

    My 68 came with long tube TTI headers on the 360. Prior owner never installed a kickdown lever or cable. So I am finishing up Lokar kickdown cable install and a fluid change. I don't see any room to get to the nut to loose the adjustment and for sure no room to use a torque wrench. My only...