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  1. dodgedude37

    Disc Brake Conversion Failing

    If the bleeders are on bottom the calipers are on the wrong side. How can you expect to get all the air out with bleeders on the bottom? As far as OP there has to be something wrong with the back brakes, maybe disassemble & inspect & reinstall with proper lubrication where required. Really...
  2. dodgedude37

    The HECK you guys miss this one? "Hellcrate" swapped 62 Lancer

    This takes me back, my first mopar was a 61 valiant 4 Dr 3 speed on the floor, with 225 slant. Second gear scratch all day long. Paid my brother in laws brother $100.
  3. dodgedude37

    Voltage regulator

    I've got three spares, I think I'll pass. Interesting side note, there's a system out there that replaces the voltage reg in the PCM of the new challengers. They use a very similar regulator except adjustable.
  4. dodgedude37

    Voltage regulator

    I always thought 70s & later voltage regulators were fairly bullet proof. Then I opened the hood to my 70 duster to start working on it after 20 years. After that time of freezing cold & 100+ degree summers my regulator was not bullet proof.
  5. dodgedude37

    [WANTED] Twin hood scoop tempate

    There is a lip around the opening, that's all I know
  6. dodgedude37

    [WANTED] Twin hood scoop tempate

    Yes, that's what I have, I am impressed for what it's worth. Dave
  7. dodgedude37

    [WANTED] Twin hood scoop tempate

    I keep trying to upload photos of my scoops info but it's not working Search kapalini parts & follow the web site to mopar ,& there's the scoops both twin & snorkle
  8. dodgedude37

    [WANTED] Twin hood scoop tempate

    I saw this method elsewhere, I think it was actually your idea. But the holes in my underside are not that big or in the same location as the hood pictured in that thread. I do appreciate the attempt though. Another member has graciously offered to send me his since he no longer needs it. But...
  9. dodgedude37

    [WANTED] Twin hood scoop tempate

    Looking to buy or find a source for a template for mounting twin hood scoops on a 70,71,72 duster,dart.
  10. dodgedude37

    1965 273 4-bbl intake. What is this connector for?

    Mine is multi function, brake boost & heater/AC control. Originally it was just heater/AC control till I added power brakes.
  11. dodgedude37

    72 Duster hood scoops

    I am looking for a source of a template for these add ons. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. dodgedude37

    [SOLD] Demon/dart hood scoop template

    Shipping costs to 95354?
  13. dodgedude37

    [SOLD] Dual Hood Scoops

    I some instructions on how to PM on this forum.
  14. dodgedude37

    [SOLD] Dual Hood Scoops

    Interested how do you want to be payed?
  15. dodgedude37

    [FOR SALE] Duster Parts

    Do you have the hardware that attaches the rear bumper brackets to the car?
  16. dodgedude37

    70 duster rear bumper hardware

    Two decades ago I took the bumper off & can't seem to locate the bracket bolts. I am thinking 1/2-13 flange bolts & nuts, I don't know how long I need. OEM would have captured flat washers. Where would I find replacements for these?
  17. dodgedude37

    What safe protectant to use on dash pads.... If it's black, the title says once a year, but I have seen it last 3 times that. Caution were gloves it is a die. There is still a spot on my driveway 3years later, ooops.
  18. dodgedude37

    Gas Tank Questions

    The pad between tank & body is same as roofing felt, only thicker so use two layers.
  19. dodgedude37

    Need Help Identifying these please

    Just checked my rear-ended 70 duster, one was missing, one was there, both are needed, especially with stainless hardware. Great thread , I know I've seen these over the years, but did not realize I needed them. After the incident I was to traumatized to notice little things like these.
  20. dodgedude37

    Whats the best way to get this fitting off

    Measured my motor it's 3/4 in pipe. I would chase threads with pipe tap, but just enough to clean threads, you go to far & you might have sealing issues.
  21. dodgedude37

    Anyone make reusable valve cover gaskets?

    An idea I was told about some time ago, & applied it to oil pan gasket with no leaks, never removed pan. Here's the deal , take a cork gasket & spread axel grease on both surfaces. The heat from the motor will cause the grease to saturate the cork & keep it pliable & not stick to mating...
  22. dodgedude37

    Whats the best way to get this fitting off

    Hopefully a Pittsburgh.
  23. dodgedude37

    Whats the best way to get this fitting off

    Congrats, whatever succeeds.
  24. dodgedude37

    disc spindle gasket

    Best gasket replacement on the market, not cheap. Unlike silicone, & like all loctite products does not set up till air is removed. Which means I can open this tube & I will be able to use every bit of it till it's gone.
  25. dodgedude37

    Whats the best way to get this fitting off

    This is a pipe extractor type that I have never had fail, it grabs long defore it expands. I have been using this type for over 30 yrs.
  26. dodgedude37

    Cat Piss.

    Here's a fact I heard awhile back for you cat lovers. If you die alone in your house with a dog , the dog will be dying before he/she will start eating you. With a cat it will be within a day. I always catch the cats & take them somewhere beyond a body of water, my house is between a river & creek.
  27. dodgedude37

    Guide to Poverty Cap Applications

    So we are only talking about the small caps, not the full caps. I had a friend that called them taxi cab hub caps.
  28. dodgedude37

    340 or 360?

    I voted 340, but only stock, which none of you guys are going to leave it. I say stock because if it wasn't for smog laws, the 360 probably would never been designed. I mean why replace a perfect 340 unless you have to.