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  1. Projectile Dart

    14 inch or 15 inch on Plymouth Duster

    Looks wise you won't be able to tell the difference. You'll never be able to tell if these are 14 or 15"... only that they look good. If you only drive the car every weekend or every other weekend then don't worry about it and get what is available to you. You'll probably rot the tires off rims...
  2. Projectile Dart

    School me on bellhousings

    I have a 68 dart with a stock 360 currently When build it up I don't expect myself to ever go past let's say 450-500hp at the crank so not a crazy high hp motor. Just depends on what parts and budget I have available for the build at the time. But more realistically I think I would be closer to...
  3. Projectile Dart

    School me on bellhousings

    Mopar 360 small block to A833 4 speed Cast iron vs Aluminum 1) Weight difference? 2) Strength difference? (if any) 3) General price difference? 4) What power levels make more sense to go with shatterproof bellhousing? Just for kicks, how much do these weigh just for comparison P.S. I have an...
  4. Projectile Dart

    4"to 41/2 what backing plates

    As stated by @Professor Fate, sounds like you just re-drilled A body axles so you would need to stick with your A body brakes and just re-drill the drums to match. If you had bought aftermarket axles then about 99% of them require brakes that would have been originally found on original BBP cars...
  5. Projectile Dart

    temporary garage

    My brother and I bought one from Costco to cover my dad's '70 cuda that was sitting outside. The first winter it blew about 6 houses away in the wind and got completely destroyed. We bought another identical one and tied a cinder block under each post to raise it a little along with 1 sandbag...
  6. Projectile Dart

    Weight loss.

    Simply amazing. Keep up the good work, and keep on posting all of it
  7. Projectile Dart

    Voltage Regulator- Who makes a good one post Covid?

    I see both older used units and NOS voltage regulators posted here from time to time. They might cost a little more than current autoparts store stuff but sometimes the peace of mind might be worth it
  8. Projectile Dart

    Green energy

    This is a policy I can support
  9. Projectile Dart

    Supercharged slant six

    don't be afraid to post a whole album on this car
  10. Projectile Dart

    Nasty drone slant 6 Pypes Street Pro

    Are you positive that you have a good seal in the exhaust front to back? I've heard drones from both cheap exhaust systems... and from high quality exhaust systems but that have warped flanges where 2 pipes connect and cause the undesired noise
  11. Projectile Dart

    Comparing manual trans options - variables other than gear ratios?

    Gear ratios and desired engine power output is usually the biggest things. If you just had a /6 then a t5 might be a really good option because it's really lightweight and has good gears for modern cruising along with good part availability. If you wanted any real mopar v8 you might overpower a...
  12. Projectile Dart

    Help identifying Thermoquad

    Thank you to everyone for helping me identify this carburetor! This is why I love FABO
  13. Projectile Dart

    [WANTED] 7 1/4 2.93 gears Los Angeles area

    Wow what a shame. I had a good condition 7.25 listed for months on the local listings. I got frustrated when the same guy flaked 3 times on coming to trade parts for it so I scrapped it a few weeks ago
  14. Projectile Dart

    Help identifying Thermoquad

    Looking at your suggestions and reading the chart on the website, it seems like the big difference between the 9035/9055 would be the primary bore size? If this is true and I am measuring at the right point, it would appear like I have 1 3/8" primaries meaning I would have a 9055. Which would...
  15. Projectile Dart

    Help identifying Thermoquad

    Thank you guys, I was convinced it was a 3 but I couldn't find any info on that. It being a 9 makes much more sense!
  16. Projectile Dart

    Help identifying Thermoquad

    Additional info, primary throttle blades read 2-315. Secondary blades read 2-312
  17. Projectile Dart

    Help identifying Thermoquad

    I know very little about thermoquads but I have always loved the idea of them. I recently got a thermoquad in a "parts lot" and I need help identifying its size and any other info that might be useful. I tried looking at the number behind the throttle linkage (pictured) and half the of the...
  18. Projectile Dart

    Who Is In the Market for Early ABodies These Days?

    One of the few cars I might consider selling my 68 darts for would be an early A station wagon with a slant 6 and a 4 speed. Now that I have a family and use car seats, I feel like the cool factor is off the charts for how functional it can be. I especially like the really early Valiants. Also...
  19. Projectile Dart

    sbp to bbp

    I think you're going to need to measure them well. I have a set of Dr.Diff axles that came with 2 sets of holes, both are 5x4.5 but one is for press in press in studs and the other set is screw in studs For what it's worth, the 5x4.5 axles I've seen (both stock and aftermarket) have a thicker...
  20. Projectile Dart

    sbp to bbp

    Yes. The axle flanges have different offsets so you will need new brakes that were meant for BBP
  21. Projectile Dart

    How does cid make power?

    I meant ALL things being equal, for lack of better wording, 3x the Cid + 3x the heads + 3x the cam.... 3x the airflow... etc
  22. Projectile Dart

    How does cid make power?

    I think you just answered your own question here unless I am missing something. In theory, based on your math, if a 100 cid engine is capable of 550hp, then all things being equal, an engine that is 3x the size is capable of 3x the hp. 300 cid engine is capable of 1,650hp. I want to see the...
  23. Projectile Dart

    Disc brake conversion

    Dr diff uses the tapered adaptors to run later lbp spindles on small upper control arms if you really don't want to use that then I believe wilwood makes a disk brake kit that attaches to sbp 9 inch drum spindles
  24. Projectile Dart

    Did they make 5x4” axles for 8 3/4 rear ends?

    I am sorry to laugh but LOL People struggle to give them away P.S. Small bolt axles use different drum brakes vs Large bolt axles. If he "swapped" you to a LBP set up and wants to re-drill them, then you will need to get LBP brakes and re-drill those as well. Sounds like taking one step forward...
  25. Projectile Dart

    A-518 and 46RH fiind

    you're right, I didn't notice that...
  26. Projectile Dart

    A-518 and 46RH fiind

    If I remember correctly they are mostly identical (at least close enough to swap parts) and 1 name indicated lock up converter, and the other was non-lockup. I don't remember which one is which but my guess would be the ##rh trans would be lock up because that is the more common trans I see...
  27. Projectile Dart

    How do you straighten a k-frame off the car? Is it worth it?

    Follow up, I have my pre-1973 k frame (biscuit style, not spool) set up on equal 4x4s and I'm noticing 1 leg sitting about 1/4inch away from the rest I am personally not worried about it and my plan is to fully gusset and seam weld this k frame. I am certain that these cars have enough...
  28. Projectile Dart

    How do you straighten a k-frame off the car? Is it worth it?

    If you managed to bend a K member, I wonder what happened to the car. My best bet would be to strap it back into the car it came out of and then put the whole car on a frame machine to straighten it out. But like was mentioned above, if you have to go to those lengths, then it might be a goner...