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    Noob in NorCal

    Maybe try getting a hold of Doug Dutra over on the board. I believe he's in the bay area and is one of the best slant six guys in the world. Might have something for you and there will be no worries about trust.
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    Hog ring plier recommendation

    I've done a few seats and I've never had the need for anything fancy or expensive. I have a cheapo pair that are probably for chainlink fences that have done me just fine. Getting the hog ring in place and squeezing the pliers is the easy part. Getting the seat cover stretched and held in place...
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    Confusion with steering column lower bearing

    I'll try and get it completely apart to look tonight. Are you talking about pin 19-46-44 in that diagram or is it in a different area? I don't think that pin or even a provision for it exists on my column but I'll have to take another look.
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    Confusion with steering column lower bearing

    I noticed the factory lower bearing was toast on my 68 Barracuda floor shift column so I bought one of the bearings from 72blunblu's how to article. The column basically has the main...
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    Convince me to put a TKX in my Dart

    Looks like its normal. Machined to help the speedo cable clear the ear.
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    Convince me to put a TKX in my Dart

    Thanks the picture wasn't loading for me when I was looking over the thread yesterday. Not bad at all. I did the second cross cut already so I'll see how it fits after. I need to call SST today. Noticed one of the ears has some strange machining marks on it.
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    Convince me to put a TKX in my Dart

    Hey Arthur did you just wind up having to do the 2 cross cuts on the center hump or did you have to do the third that is up closer to the firewall?
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    Poll on are you running Stock or Modified engines

    Thanks for the reply. Both cars look like a ton of fun! Meticulous detail to those engine bays as well. I asked because I've got a slightly warm 340 ready to drop in but have been thinking about possibly going with a 408 Blueprint engine if the 340 isn't fast enough for me. The wife bought a...
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    Poll on are you running Stock or Modified engines

    Curious, what's the difference in power and fun factor from the driver's seat between the stock 340 and the 408?
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    Borgeson steering box - does the column need to be cut?

    I did a test fit and it fits but I'm wondering if it fits because I accidentally collapsed the column shaft or if it fits because power steering columns are supposed to fit with no trimming?
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    Interior Paint

    Well shoot. The only rattle can spray paint I've ever used that was decently scratch resistant was Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy but I believe that is going to be too glossy on it's own to work for the dash.
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    Borgeson steering box - does the column need to be cut?

    I bought this kit from Jegs a while back and just did a test fit. This is a 68 Barracuda with a power steering floor shift column. The column installs into the coupler without the shaft needing to be cut but I always thought they needed to be...
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    Interior Paint

    I'd have to see how it would look on a test panel but I'd probably try a matte clear and then clean it with various cleaning products to see if it holds up better.
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    1973 Space Duster 340 4-speed Console mounting bracket help

    When I removed the console from my 68, something that looked like that piece on the bottom right just "fell out" as I was pulling the console out. Have no idea where it went or what it did but the console installed just fine later on and didn't seem to need it.
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    Blue A body Duster Dart Demon interior

    You're going to wind up having to shell out money for the seat upholstery. Odds of finding the correct blue in good enough shape to use is slim to none. Will probably have to shell out for the door panels as well. Don't be afraid to paint/dye the A pillar and quarter window trim, sunvisors...
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    Anyone ever experience this

    You want a slight drag on the drum brakes. The rear drums shouldn't just pull right off with no force but you shouldn't feel like the shoes are gripping the hell out of the drums when pulling them off either. You should be able to feel that the drum and shoes are making contact when pulling the...
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    Why are there so many Dodge Scamps?

    I've got Chevy stripes on my Plymouth Nova
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    Ignition Switch Changeout

    The ignition switch is very easy to troubleshoot at the connector with a cheapo Harbor Freight voltmeter. If you don't know how to do it, ask and we can walk you through it. It's a 5 minute job that will save you from spending the time and money on swapping the switch, only to find out it's...
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    Don't be this guy in your hot rod!!

    Kinda looks like this guy
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    Convince me to put a TKX in my Dart

    Thanks man looks like the prices went even further up than I was expecting. I'll look into sourcing the parts myself as well so this is a great start.
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    Convince me to put a TKX in my Dart

    Awesome I believe SST's is $500 with the 1350 joints so even with inflation I should be well below that.
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    Convince me to put a TKX in my Dart

    Awesome thanks! Do you remember roughly what the price was for theirs?
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    Convince me to put a TKX in my Dart

    I went ahead and ordered the kit today. Everything is included except the drive shaft. Came out to about $6130. This is a 68 Barracuda small block auto car so it needed the whole kit.
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    Convince me to put a TKX in my Dart

    Awesome thanks. Had no idea. I'll ask about it when I give them a call. Would be nice to not have to worry about moving the brackets but I guess it all depends on if there's added costs to it that outweigh the time it takes to do the extra fabrication.
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    Spray Gun

    I'd get a gun set up that has at minimum 1.3, 1.7 and 2.0 nozzles. Trying to go cheap on the initial purchase might bite you in the *** later if you wind up having to spring for nozzles when you could have gotten an equally adequate gun with all the stuff included for much less. Ask me how I know.
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    Convince me to put a TKX in my Dart

    Hey I don't blame you for not shelling out the money and it's not like anyone is going to see underneath it anyway so it doesnt really matter if it's factory as long as it holds the console in place. I've got a pretty nice auto console and have been pondering over a TKX swap for a while now...
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    Convince me to put a TKX in my Dart

    Excellent work. Did you have to relocate the floor brackets for the console install?
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    1968 Barracuda Bucket Seat Molded Foam

    I used these seat foams and I'm not too happy with them now that they're on. I think I'm going to pull the covers off and do a little custom foam work. The covers will most likely look something like this after using PUI foam. See how it's like there isn't enough foam on the outer edges? I...
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    Christmas came early

    Nice! Converting from Auto or 4 speed?
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    [SOLD] 1968 Plymouth barracuda

    Congrats! Looks like you got yourself a very nice and very fast car!