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    1979 360 2bbl truck motor

    Hi what is a fair price it is a 1979 360 2bbl carb to pan turns over out of a 1979 d150 pickup thank you
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    How to remove por15 from your skin

    Wd-40 will remove por15 and black jack roof cement anything you get on your skin try wd-40 my own personal experience
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    [FOR SALE] 8.25 rearend 3.23 suregrip hub to hub

    For sale mopar a body 8.25 rearend complete hub to hub 3.23 suregrip this came out of my 74 dart sport 360 the hubs have been cut and painted it has new brake cylinders new spring kit shoes are used but in very good condition new lube and pumpkin gasket I was going to stay with this but after I...
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    [WANTED] White Apillar trim

    Wanted white Apillar trim for a 74 dart sport also inside door panels
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    Seat belt retractor

    Hi I have a 74 dart sport and I got to bring it out for the first time after buying it and redoing body and drivetrain the seat belt retractors you really have to play with to get them to come out and if you don't keep pulling them out they stop and then you have to mess with them all over again...
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    Bypassing dual ballast resistor

    Hi after bypassing the dual ballast resistor do you leave the wires unconnected from the resistor or plug them back into the ballast resistor thank you Tom N.
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    [WANTED] Speedo cable and APillar trim

    Looking for a speedometer cable and white apillar trim for 1974 Dodge Dart 360 sport 4 speed manual TIA
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    Clunk clunk in new 8.75

    Hello I bought this a body 1970 8.75 3.55 suregrip complete rearend it was rebuilt by a fella who did this all day long but has now passed I had a shop install it in my 74 dart 360 sport I bought the DR.Diff green bearing axles to switch the sbp to bbp he put the 80 90 oil in with 1 4oz...
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    1974 dodge dart 360 sport white interior or what do you have of any parts for this year make and model I would be interested in all parts TIA
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    From 74 dart v8 spool mount k member to a 7o dusterv8 k member

    I found a 1970 duster v8 k member to replace my bent spool mount k member in my 74 dart sport I know the motor mounts will be the puck style will this fit w/o modifications thank you
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    I am looking at insurance for my Dart I looked into Hagerty what other insurance companies are there for our older cars what have you all found to be the best TIA
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    [WANTED] Torsion bar seal's

    Looking for new torsion bar seal's
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    Pitman arm

    Does anyone know who I can buy a NOS part number 3402729 pitman arm for 1974 dodge dart sport 360 thanks
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    Hi I hope @Jim Lusk sees my pictures I am rebuilding my LCAS In the 1 picture I have the level so you can see the unevenness and in the other other I have the level down towards the bumper plate I am wondering if the 1 side is bigger in diameter or is this thing bad thanks Tom
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    Front bench seat

    I have a 74 dart sport 360 with front bucket seats is it possible to put a bench seat in and if so do I need to modify anything tia
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    Best 1.03 torsion bars

    74 Dart sport 360 who is running them and what brand what do you like and what do you not like I have looked at sways away and pst thank you in advance
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    Pinion snubber

    Will a 8.25 opinion snubbed work on a 8.75 or are they different thanks
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    Correct 8.75 gear oil

    What is the best gear oil and friction modifier for a 1969 8.75 suregrip thank you
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    Swapping from 8.25 to 8.75

    Hi everyone I have a 1974 Dart sport 360 with the original 8.25 suregrip and I am going to swap it with a rebuilt 8.75 suregrip that came from a 67 8 9 or 70 he could not remember dart with sbp I bought the new green axles from Dr. Diff what will I have to do to accomplish this job are the...
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    Hard to put into 1st gear

    74 dart sport 360 a833 4 speed new McLeod clutch kit new crankshaft bushing new throw out bearing new z bar new flywheel adjusted the rods with the L shaped tool from brewers when I go to put it into 1st it usually hits reverse or 3rd and it feels like it is binding also new rod rebuild kit when...
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    Adjustable Strut Rods

    I have a 74 dart sport 360 factory 14 in. Rallye wheels I am rebuilding my front suspension I bought the bac delrin bushings and pins for the lca I am going to put in adjustable strut rods what are the best and why thanks in advance Tom
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    Best and most accurate Oil pressure gauge on the market

    Tell me what you are running I want a accurate gauge I am looking at the Dakota Digital slx-03-1-k digital with oil sender electric what are your thoughts thanks for all advice
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    [FOR SALE] Oil pressure gauge

    Looking for a accurate oil pressure gauge I would like to find a speed hut gauge what do you have tia
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    [WANTED] Oil pressure gauge

    Looking for a accurate mechanical oil pressure gauge I would like to find a speed hut gauge or what do you have tia
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    Low oil pressure on new engine solved

    I had posted back a few months of 5lbs oil pressure on a new engine at idle and 20lbs at cold engine start up I bought a otc oil pressure test kit turns out my oil pressure at cold start is 55lbs then when motor is warmed up 20lbs at idle very happy my question is what is a good us made oil...
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    Milodon oil pan fit

    Hello everyone does anybody have a milodon 697-30940 8qt 360 small block mopar oil pan I have a 74 dodge dart sport 360 I was wondering how it fits are there any clearance issue or is there any modifications needed for the pan to fit k member ect. Thank you in advance
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    Looking for a set of white a pillar trim for a 1974 dodge dart sport
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    Wanted lower control arm

    Wanted lower control arm with sway bar tab passenger side for a 74 dodge dart sport
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    Lca rubber bumpers

    I have a 74 dart sport how do I remove the rubber bumper I see absolutely no way of getting at the bolt thanks Tom