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  1. firesweep

    [Found!] Bucket Seat Tracks and Windshield Molding Front and Back Dodge Dart

    Trying to get my Dart finished but need some parts. For some reason the prices on these for reproduction went through the roof! Trim needs to be pretty nice but I don't mind having to sand seat tracks. On a budget. I'm in Oregon. If you have anything please let me know via PM vs...
  2. firesweep

    [Found!] 1970-1973 Dart Scamp Trunk Bumper Brackets See pictures

    Not sure what the part is actually called. I am looking for the rear tail panel, trunk braces that help secure the rear bumper to the back of the car. I am changing over my 74' Dart and have a 72' Bumper and tail section but it appears I am missing these pieces. See photos in this ad to see...
  3. firesweep

    [SOLD] 1963 Plymouth Fury Big Block Station Wagon Project 361 Commando

    Posting for my brother who is letting go of a few of his Mopar projects. This listing is for a pretty rare, but rusty 63 Plymouth Fury Commando Station Wagon. I think they only made a little over 2000 of these with a big block. 361 wagons with push button auto. All numbers matching. Engine is...
  4. firesweep

    [SOLD] 1957 Dodge Coronet 2dr Project and 1957 Dodge D-100 Short Box Pickup Project

    Listing for my brother. He's realized that he's never going to get to all the projects he's accumulated and has decided to sell some of his Mopars. Right now, he has two 1957 Dodges for sale. One short box pickup and one rare 57 dodge 2dr post project. The car has 325 poly. which does NOT run...
  5. firesweep

    [Found!] 1970-1973 Dodge Dart Swinger Scamp Trunk Rear Tail Panel Braces

    Looking for the rear tail panel braces that hold the bumper on the back of the car. For reference, I attached photos of what I am looking for. I'm at 97038 for shipping. If anyone has these, please let me know with pics, price incl. shipping. I really appreciate! Thanks, Dan
  6. firesweep

    [SOLD] Set of four Vintage 14" Small bolt Aluminum Slot Mag Wheels 14x10 and 14x7

    Super hard to find small bolt pattern slot mags! Out of the four you get a pair of super rare 14x10 wheels and two 14x7 front runners. Backspacing is 3.25 in front and 3.5 for the 10's. Bolt pattern is 5 on 4. Not sure the brand, inside of the wheels need some cleaning. Some curbing or...
  7. firesweep

    [SOLD] Mopar A Body 4 Speed Manual Pedals 1967-1976 $250

    Up for sale is a set of Mopar A-Body 4spd pedals. Need some soap and water, a little sanding and paint. Otherwise, they are in great shape! Not stuck or rusted out. Would be a great start to your stick shift conversion! I believe they work on 67-76 years. PM me with city and zip code and I will...
  8. firesweep

    [SOLD] AAR T/A Exhaust Stainless Tips, Mufflers and Hangers $600

    Up for sale is my aftermarket AAR or T/A Cuda and Challenger side exit exhaust. Tips are made by Accurate LTD an Oregon company and are polished stainless. Can't remember the muffler mfg. I purchased from Year One a while ago. Comes with muffler straps and hangers. Mufflers can use a little...
  9. firesweep

    [SOLD] Original Dodge Dart Steering Wheel Black $100

    Up for grabs is a black factory Dodge steering wheel. Pretty nice condition but one spot is broken in the back of the wheel where the nut attaches to the plastic. Can use a little soap and water but no cracks or splits. Located in Oregon USA but I'll ship anywhere in the USA if you want to...
  10. firesweep

    [SOLD] Mopar A Body Lower Control Arms and Sway Bar 1967 to 1972

    Up for grabs is a sway bar and lower control arms. Will work on any A-Body Mopar from 67-72. Was going to use on my Plymouth Duster but decided to go a different direction. Will need some cleaning but these would be great addition to add to your Mopar! I haven't boxed these up yet for...
  11. firesweep

    [SOLD] Polished Mopar Performance Finned Aluminum Valve Covers 318 340 360 Small Block

    Decided to go a different route on my Dart so I'm offering up my polished Mopar Performance aluminum valve covers. Very nice condition but can use some polishing and cleaning. Hard to find for small blocks. Located in Oregon USA. Price $250 Would be willing to ship too. US only...
  12. firesweep

    [Found!] 1970 Dodge Dart or 1971 1972 Plymouth Scamp taillamp housings

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a pair of taillight housings for my project. 1970 Dodge Dart but also the same on 1971 and 1972 Plymouth Scamps. I bought new lenses but have had zero luck finding the housings. I am in the located just outside of Portland Oregon.
  13. firesweep

    [Found!] 1970 Dodge Dart or 1971 1972 Plymouth Scamp tail lights and housings

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a good pair of taillights for my project. I know they sell new lenses but my car has no housings or lenses. Would also like to find the following: Pair of 1972 Duster Fenders too. Also need the kickdown linkage for SB 727. Good black bucket seats...
  14. firesweep

    [Found!] Looking for 1970-1972 Dart or Duster frontend parts

    Looking to get rid of the beak on my 1974 Dart and would love to change the front end. Need a hood, front fenders, grille support, grille, lower valance etc. Ideal would be someone in Oregon that has decent parts for sale. Please let me know what you have, condition of parts, photos if...
  15. firesweep

    Wanted 1970 Coronet Superbee parts

    I am on the lookout for a good grille for my 70 Super Bee. I also need a good windshield. If you're in oregon or southern Washington I am looking for a good 440 Big Block from 1970 or a good 383 must be able to accept a 4spd.
  16. firesweep

    [SOLD] A Body 8 3/4 Rear end complete NON Suregrip

    Thought it was sold but I think shipping was too much for buyer. Back on the market. It's a rare A-Body Mopar 8 3/4 rear end complete with axles, brakes, brake lines and third member. I don't think it's a Suregrip and has a 741 case. Rear end is very clean and looks great! Bought for my...