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    Emptying my inbox.

    How do I do it? Thanks.
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    Now I have seen everything!!!!!!

    An EV in California with a gas/diesel generator bolted to the rear of the charge the battery!!!
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    For Mattax

    Some time back in another thread on this forum, I mentioned that GM used MVA on production cars. You said I would to see 'that '. Now you can with the help of my son in law. On the FBBO forum, in the Fuel & Air category, there is a thread titled '440 still idles with the screws turned in'. Posts...
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    The priest & the choir boy...

    The priest had a choir, with the singers being boys & girls from the nearby high school. Practice was every Wed night & young Billy, the lead singer, would stand at the church door next to Fr. Riley to welcome the members. A young girl walked by with a short skirt; Fr. leaned over to Billy &...
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    Circuit diagram of Chrysler ECU

    Does anybody have one? I am particularly interested in the function of the 5 ohm ballast resistor. Only a cct diagram would reveal this. Thanks.
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    M-1 single plane intake on a 440 [ not a stroker ].

    Thought I would start a new thread rather than hijack the TM7 thread. Has anybody run the M1 single plane on a 440? I know there are probably 'magazine' tests but I am more interested in personal experiences. This is going on a street driven/performance 440. I know there might be better...
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    [WANTED] Holley 300-14 intake wanted

    Wanted for a 440. New or used. If used, must be unported & no cracks.
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    Trick Flow 240 big block heads

    Finally arrived. Quality looks excellent. Very surprised at the small hole for oil feed to the rockers. Looks like 1/8" or very close. TF small block heads the same? Has anybody enlarged the holes to closer to the factory size?
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    Hollow push rods

    Current 440 I am building is using Comp rockers which take a ball end p'rod. So 5/16" ball top & bottom, 3/8"tube. Much easier here to get hollow p'rods [ such as for a 454 Chev ], available in 0.050" increments. I cannot see any problem with this. Thoughts?
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    How bad is the USPS?

    I would rate them pretty darn good. Mate bought parts from a forum member in Ohio. Sent via USPS on April 2 arrived on his doorstep, Australia, April 9.
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    What is going on with Trick Flow??

    Apparently TF is owned by Summit. I have a pair of TF 440 heads ordered with Summit. The estimated shipping date keeps getting postponed. Latest date is now May 25. One would think that Summit should know what is happening with companies they own.... Is there anybody in the know or in the...
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    Reconditioned TQs from Summit

    Just wanted to post some feedback. Carb I ordered was a #6324, 850 CFM originally off a 73 440. The 6324 is what I got. Overall finish was nice & clean. I stripped the carb to check the innards. Float levels were off, but that could have happened in shipping. It had the wrong pri jets & rods...
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    A joke...

    A ventriloquist is doing a world tour. Part of his routine is some some Dumb Blond jokes. One of the countries he visits is Sweden, & they have a lot of blonds.... He is doing the DB jokes when all of a sudden a blond in the second row starts screaming abuse & saying blondes are not not dumb...
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    H beam rods, Scat, Eagle etc

    These brands seem to be slightly thinner on the big end than factory rods & other more expensive brands. This increases the side-by-side clearance on the crank journal. Has anyone used these rods in a BB & had oiling problems such as using oil, blowing smoke?
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    Ignition timing

    Building a 440 using TrickFlow heads, 78cc chambers, 240cc intake runners. Comp ratio will be 10.5:1, pump fuel. Solid roller cam. Street driven. Wondering about total timing. Has anybody built a similar combo?
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    Question about TQ secondary operation

    I am a TQ fan, have used them since the 70s. Have a couple of Comp Series 850s & lots of production models. TQs were used on Aussie Ford 302 & 351 engines in the late 70s, all are 9000 series. The question I have is about the sec discharge tubes, which are the same shape/size on the Ford carbs &...