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  1. mderoy340

    [WANTED] 727 gearvendor tailshaft adapter

    looking for a 727 GV tailshaft adapter. Thanks for help.
  2. mderoy340

    Transition slot restrictor baseline.

    Anyone installed restrictors? What's a good size to start with? Proform 750DP 4 corner.
  3. mderoy340

    Tight lash setting solid flat tappet cam

    I'm currently running a Comp Cam XS274S SFT at .012/.014 lash RHS iron heads and hughes Al rockers. I set lash cold and have .001 change cold to hot. Comp cams specs the lash setting at .016/.018 When I installed the RHS heads I knew a future cam change was going to be necessary to get the most...
  4. mderoy340

    SCE head gasket opinion

    Has anyone used this .060 compressed gasket? I'm putting Indy LAX heads on my 340 with above deck pistons and need to find thicker gaskets. SCE Pro Seal Composite Head Gaskets 569096
  5. mderoy340

    Wiseco 360 piston weight?

    Anyone know what this piston and pin weight? Thanks for any info. PTS527A3 Wiseco Flat Top 10.4:1, 4.030 Bore - SB Chrysler 360
  6. mderoy340

    402 MP crate motor pistons?

    Anyone know what pistons were used with the 402 Magnum crate motors? 402 Magnum Better make sure your taillights are working, because that's all your competition will see when you drop in a Mopar Performance 402 Magnum Crate Engine. This 4.00" stroker engine generates a whopping 435 horsepower...
  7. mderoy340

    tire experts sidewall bulge

    Have a slight sidewall bulge when inflated. No bulge when deflated. Is it safe to use. Thanks
  8. mderoy340

    Dual Snorkel cold air setup

    I was going to send pics to another member but figured I would just post my setup for anyone interested in a cold air scoop setup. Parts used: 3"x16" round cake pan (ordered off the web) 1/2" drop base Edelbrock 14" diameter 4"x14" Summit air filter...
  9. mderoy340

    fender racing with my brother

  10. mderoy340

    Eddy Air Gaps, Chevy/Ford/Mopar SBs

    Anyone know why Edelbrock mills the center divider down about 3/8" on Chevy/Ford Air Gaps? Mopar SB center is not cut down.
  11. mderoy340

    Summit 90/10 shock any good?

    Looking for a 90/10 shock for my 67 Dart any opinions from Summit users?
  12. mderoy340

    60' time and 4 hole 1" spacer

    I'm still fine tuning my combo and I'm going to install a 4 hole 1" spacer. Anybody seen a 60' improvement adding a spacer. I use an AFR gauge so I'll make a jet change if needed to keep my 12.8 WOT.
  13. mderoy340

    [FOR SALE] 26 spline lockup converter 904 11"

    Upgraded my torque converter and no longer need this. Worked great behind my 360 in a 904. Low miles and no issues. Dacco 563 26 spline, 11", non symmetrical, 5/16 bolt, neutral balance. Maybe someone in FL needs one for a driver. $50 does not include shipping (approx 30 lbs) or pay pal fees.
  14. mderoy340

    904 LU 26 spline input shaft diameter?

    I recently purchased an aftermarket torque converter and the input shaft does not slide in all the way. My spline outside diameter is .875" Anybody have one they can mic to confirm this is correct. My tranny is an 84 904 LU out of a Diplomat 32RH with 5 disc front clutch. Thanks for any help.
  15. mderoy340

    cam timing question

    I'm degreeing my cam and it is 4* retarded when installed straight up. I can only advance the cam 2* at the crank with the timing set I have. Anyone know approximately how many degrees timing changes by advancing one sprocket tooth at the cam? I do have an offset cam key set but if I can...
  16. mderoy340

    [SOLD] 360/300HP Mopar Magnum crate roller cam

    Low miles OEM 2003 360/300HP Mopar Magnum crate roller cam. In perfect shape and just removed. Cam is steel core and uses the OEM intermediate shaft. Has long snout and drilled cam journals for LA style head oiling. Pulls hard from idle to 5K and is a good street cam. Cam # stamped in the end...
  17. mderoy340

    904 front pump bushing?

    Got a new Turbo Action converter and it requires use of a babbit lined front bushing. Is it possible to see enough of the bearing lining of the existing front pump bushing with a flashlight? I rebuilt the tranny a few years ago and don't remember if the bushing is babbit or bronze lined...
  18. mderoy340

    magnum roller rockers Has anyone used this hughes kit on OEM magnum iron heads? Was the geometry good? Are the rockers a true 1.6 ratio?
  19. mderoy340

    milling Magnum heads

    Anyone know how many CCs a .010 cut is for closed chamber OEM Magnum heads?
  20. mderoy340

    magnum 360 300hp crate specs

    Thought I'd share some specs. on Magnum 360 motor. 93 block OEM crate motor 360/300hp The block is not drilled for head oiling. Cam [email protected] .433 lift Motor pulls to 4800 and is done. Upgrading cam and took the heads off today to measure everything. Heads True OEM rocker ratio is 1.66...
  21. mderoy340

    valve guide boss diameter OEM Magnum head?

    Is it .530?
  22. mderoy340

    [WANTED] Hyd Roller cam

    Looking for a hyd roller cam to upgrade a 360/300hp mopar crate engine.
  23. mderoy340

    [WANTED] 69 Dart pass side inner fender splash shield

    I need a passenger side inner fender splash shield for a 69 Dart, the shield aft of the front tire. I'm sure other Dart years will fit but I don't know what years interchange. Thanks.
  24. mderoy340

    My paint prep was worth it!

    I spent over a year doing body work and blocking my car to get it straight. It was a long process and I had to walk away a few times and work on mechanical stuff for awhile. I found a painter locally and he came to my house and looked it over and we agreed on price. Told him I wanted my car...
  25. mderoy340

    727 line pressure question

    I need to drop my tranny pan to fix the leak and decided to check the line pressure before removing the pan. Need opinions if I should reduce the pressure. 1-2 up shift seems to early. Adjusting throttle valve linkage doesn't change 1-2 shift much, it does extend 2-3 shift. These are the line...
  26. mderoy340

    TQ question

    I've been running my vacuum advance on full manifold vacuum and decided to swap over to ported vacuum port. When I took the ported block off cap it was wet with fuel. Hooked up the vacuum line and ran it for a little while and it had a small amount of fuel in the hose. Carb works great and...
  27. mderoy340

    Vacuum advance tuning to maximize cruise MPG?

    Looking to optimize the vacuum advance for max fuel mileage at highway cruise. I'm thinking I need to install a vacuum gauge and tune to max vacuum at cruise. Would like to hear from folks who have gone through this procedure. I'm not sure how far to safely push the advance up. My setup...
  28. mderoy340

    gear pattern opinions

    Any opinions on how this pattern looks. I might have to take better pics tomorrow.
  29. mderoy340

    Wheel spacer source?

    Anyone have a good source for 5 x 4.5 5/16" - 3/8" wheel spacer that fit good and are not cast aluminum china junk. Need a pair for 73+ OEM disc rotors. Thanks for any info.
  30. mderoy340

    [WANTED] straight driveshaft 45.6" C to C 7260 small u joint

    Need a known straight driveshaft 45.6" C to C 7260 small u joint, I'm in Melbourne FL. and will be going to the Mopars of Brevard Car show/swap meet this Saturday. Thanks for the add FABO.