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    Viper Barracuda

    '69's just have reflectors, no lights. :thumbup:
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    Wiring in a KILL SWITCH

    That's how mine is setup... drilled a hole in the dash and wired it to ground.
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    '69 Plymouth Barracuda - $14K

    1969 Plymouth Barracuda - ~42,000 miles - $14,000obo - open to possible trade for Jeep Wrangler Matching numbers 225 slant six and 904 trans. Engine 225 slant six .060" over 10.5:1 compression .435" lift cam 1.70/1.44 valves Holley 450cfm 4 barrel 6 into 1 header - 2.5" straight...
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    '69 Barracuda Notchback

    Fully restored '69 Plymouth Barracuda Custom blue metallic paint Black custom interior Custom gauges and dash 225 Slant Six fully rebuilt - 10.5:1 compression, .060" over, large valves, solid motor Has been sitting in storage for about 9 months now... no more time or money to devote to car...
  5. 1969 Plymouth Barracuda

    1969 Plymouth Barracuda

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    Kanter Auto?

    That's a lot cheaper then PST that's for sure... wish I could help you on their quality.. .sorry!
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    just so nun-ya think im anti 'merican

    If anyone has seen this thing in person, you can respect the work on it even MORE! It was at the Detroit Autorama a couple years ago and is just INCREDIBLE! :) The interior alone has countless TV's, the whole frame is chrome... I could go on! Found a few of my pics from Autorama.. sorry about...
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    Thanks Sparky !

    John - I'll see what I can do for ya! ;) Got anything from the lovely Midwest??
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    For all us single guys

    I'm just glad she finally dropped the loser... he had a concert here in Chicago tonight at the House of Blues - was GIVING away his tickets for an awesome price of $0.00 - but, you'd still have to pay $9.39 in taxes... :banghead: He sucks as a "rapper", sucked as a husband it...
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    Another Project My Wife Hates

    Sounds like the first two 'Bikes I had... both needed their fair share of work... just never enough time, money or patience... I like it man... I'd fix it up if your wife will let you! :thumblef: '82 Honda CB450-T Hawk '77 Kaw 650
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    Movin' Time!

    Well... I'm finally movin' away from home! In 12 days, I'll be calling Nashville home for quite some time. Headed back to college to a tech school for Audio Technology/Engineering. Would love to meet up with any Mopar guys in the area too! :headbang: I'm going to be without my '69 'Cuda for the...
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    New Chally Race Car Vid Clip

    I wanna know how they got their hands on one of those bodies... very cool! :thumblef:
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    FABO Stickers

    John! Many thanks to you!! :thumblef: I've ordered many window stickers from him before! "Six in a row makes it go (225)", and a few other slant six ones. He even made me on that says "225 Inside".... same design as Goody's "318 Inside" sticker that he used for his B.A.R.T images! Thanks...
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    Freebie Over !!!!!!!!!!!

    First one to break the surprise!!! Way to go!! :thumblef:
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    BIG Red Flag!! Have a little fun with your reponse, if you decide to respond. I was selling my motorcycle on Craigslist and had a couple of this which I had a little fun with (jacked the price SKY high, or told them they had to pick up the bike in person with cash, etc) and never heard back from...
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    Freebie Over !!!!!!!!!!!

    Got mine today!! Thanks a bunch John! Had to try to remember who the hell I knew in NY! :p
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    K-frame Conversion

    Do a search for AlterKation! ;)
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    John FASTBACK340

    Thanks John... maybe it'll come tomorrow! :thumblef:
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    Some pics of the family Mopes !

    Hey Ron - was that your Son's Dart in the 2 videos that Adam posted? ;)
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    SS/A Barracuda 4 Sale

    Hey OS... tell 'em how fast she'll run as she sits!! :p :thumblef: ;)
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    John FASTBACK340

    Never heard back from you if you got my address or not... guess I'll find out when I get home from being outta town on Sunday evening! If ya did send me one, should I get my "Return to Sender" stamp ready for it?! J/K! 8 inches... oh geeze!
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    Car dyslexia? What is this guy thinking?

    Anybody ever notice those Go-Wing's that look just a tad off... they're probably a Fjord wing! Had a friend that didn't even know she had the wrong wing on her Cuda... :banghead:
  23. L Cuda got hit

    $3-4K Mike?!? Ughhh... my body guy offer still stands for you. Let me know... I'm sure most of the cost is going to run in parts...
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    Anyone in Nashville, TN?

    I'm headed down there on Friday for the weekend to visit a college and look for an apartment. I'll probably have a little free time on Saturday evening if any Mopar guys wanted to meet up and hang out for a little while! :headbang: I'm probably moving down there in a few weeks and would love to...
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    If Not an A-bodie Than What Would it be?

    You don't see too many of those Wide Block 318's anymore... saw one this summer and thought it was totally cool! I've got a pic of it around here somewhere that I'll have to try and find... My dream car is the one I already have! :headbang: Minus a few more speed goodies... but she's getting...
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    Freebie Over !!!!!!!!!!!

    John - thanks again for doing this! You 'da man!! :thumblef: MOPAR ON!!
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    what should i expect to pay 8 3/4 chunk?

    I've got a 3.55 Ring and Pinion in my garage that came out of a 742 carrier if you're interested and can find a bare carrier. The biggest differences are the driveshaft u-joint sizes. The 741 uses the small one, and the 742 and 489 use the larger size. The 489 also uses a clutch type...
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    Did ya get my PM John? ;)
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    Hot Rod Music!

    It's funny you mention this, because I DJ car shows for my car club and the likes... I had the 50's-70's playlist and started getting complaints. Redid it to a more modern classic rock playlist and people LOVED it! I have Jesus Built My Hotrod, but haven't played it. Most of my shows are a...