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    1974 'space' duster (lots of pics) $1200 obo

    glass is all good btw. ill take $900 for it... i need the space in my garage...
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    1974 'space' duster (lots of pics) $1200 obo

    plain steel wheels from my old 75 valiant 4 door go with the car (he took some cragars off when i traded my valiant for it), everything in the cabin for climate control intact (yes, a/c ducts as far as i know), the condensor and compressor are gone, i think the lines underhood are intact too.
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    1974 'space' duster (lots of pics) $1200 obo

    make an offer, don't be scared to low ball, haggling is totally cool.
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    1974 'space' duster (lots of pics) $1200 obo

    i know, im a bit impatient, sure. just thought i might get some feedback (like yours :)), thats all...
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    1974 'space' duster (lots of pics) $1200 obo

    everybody is looking, nobody is interested? im flexible on the price, it does say "or best offer"...
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    1974 'space' duster (lots of pics) $1200 obo

    I can't keep flip flopping any longer. I have no means to do this car the way it should be (how I want it anyway...) The space is needed in my garage anyway, I can use it to make money. 1974 plymouth 'space' duster (back seat folds down). original 318/904 8 1/4 car, it now has a 360 the...
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    Disapearing Door Prototype 4 Sale

    its got nothing, and i wonder how safe it is, did anybody else see door strikers? what is it braced against? imagine a hit in a door like that...
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    Stolen Rig And Race Car!!

    I know a guy who has a Yellow single cab GTXtreme with a matching yellow trailer behind it with 4 ATVs on it. He and his 12 year old son stop off the interstate at a cracker barrel on their way back from a weekend trip to south GA to ride ATVs. right after they got inside a couple of south...
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    one more reason FABO is wicked.

    in another thread, somebody asked if his car was an A-body, and said they knew it was a dumb question... i am so glad the majority of the users here are mature adults. I quit frequenting a lot of different message boards because of immaturity and flaming responses calling people dumb and...
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    Im back in it. better, stronger, (hopefully) faster!

    i will, i have to finish wiring the charging system on a friend's 63 falcon wagon tomorrow, then i get to start stripping parts. lots of prep for paint, a little sheet metal work though, just floor pans, 1 trunk extension and the tail panel.
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    Im back in it. better, stronger, (hopefully) faster!

    I'm back in the game! I have finally got enough motivation in myself to do something with the ragged old car in my garage (I FINALLY HAVE A GARAGE!). I hope to build a solid 1974 duster with a 400 in a year or so, money permitting (tools and student loans, ugh...) i have the car, i have a...
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    What is the valve clearance on my car??

    have you been in it before? what im getting at is, does it have adjustable rockers? maybe its an aftermarket hydraulic cam with stock rockers, and no adjustment needed?
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    With $4 gas, what do you get for mileage??????

    never driven my duster more than a mile, so im not sure what it does... (360/4bbl/904) my rx-7 does between 18-21mpg city, on the interstate i have squeaked 30mpg on a trip to florida. but my daily, as ugly and hard to respect as it is, 38mpg city in my 93 civic 4 door automatic. i...
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    Few patriotic colored Mopar's for Memorial day.

    i met nick very shortly after he had done your barracuda, a few months or so i think, it was in 04 when i met him, you tell me how long it was. He was still talking about it then though. Mitch didnt live there anymore i don't think, maybe he did, can't really remember.
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    Quick video of my buddies Wife's Charger.

    that 318 is pretty bad ***, i havent gotten to take a ride in it yet, nick had a few already with bobby and didnt wanna take it down the road lastnight.
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    Question about space Dusters.

    my mistake, what a gentle way of saying im wrong, its a 74, not a 76, i was a bit distracted posting that. thanks :)
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    Question about space Dusters.

    that would be my duster :) it's not an original 360 car, it was a 318-2 originally, that motor is in nick's 4 door satellite. 1976 'space' duster, 360 w/B&M flexplate balance adapter, 318 torque converter, 904, 8 1/4.
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    Few patriotic colored Mopar's for Memorial day.

    cudaspaz, nick told me about these shots, but i didnt see them until now. who are you? (im Jeff, if nick ever mentions me, or you can ask him about me)
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    Parts Store Inexperience

    when i joined the board, i worked at advance autoparts :) i tried not to be any of these scenarios you fellas are describing. as for the parts search. i know advance' system is setup so you could just hit "65" in the search field and it would bring up anything with that PN, and almost...
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    Quick video of my buddies Wife's Charger.

    hmmm that looks familiar. i was over there lastnight and checked that beauty out, sounds sweet. his 'roadrunner' is pretty bad *** too, can't wait to check out those 5 forward gears...
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    General Lee on ebay

    hmm.. my mopar buddy's wife has a REAL general lee parade car, 383, with signatures. not a built by a cast member car. she paid a WHOPPING $2000 for it. Its in excellent shape and she drove it for a long time. When the engine started knocking a little, she parked it under a car cover in the...
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    new car!

    well.. what i didnt mention is, my buddy is getting a 77 pick up 3/4 ton HD... with 3 extra big blocks and 5 sets of heads, not to mention the stacks and stacks of parts he has, and his machinist friend loves mopar... so if i pulled out the big block duster, it would be a 452. bigger inches...
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    new car!

    for those who remember my old activities, i had a 1975 plymouth valiant custom (4 door) 318 car. since my last postings, i have graduated from technical school, and now i work on german cars in an independant shop. anyway, traded the valiant straight for a 74 'space' duster with a 360 4...
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    It's Starting to come back to me.

    NICE. solid ride, feeling the cragars too.
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    The Fast & The Curious

    2.5L Inline 6 turbo. and they just mounted one for the movie, the car they used actually had a ford V8 in it. the movie was corny and dumb, but the first ten minutes were great, the star of the movie had an early 70s malibu with a built motor and no interior, but still all rough as hell, raced...
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    Pics you need to see to believe

    highway patrol used coupes? thats awesome. im looking into getting a car like this from a yard a county over from where i live. $550 for it. no motor, no trans, peanut rear end, manual steering, almost totally rust free body, 4 speed pedals still intact. nice pics!
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    Bought me a new Mopar

    i had a sundance that the speedometer worked but not the trip/odometer. also 2.2, but not a turbo. it was soooo slow (when i pulled the head off, i see that it was because of insanely large deposits on the intake valves). and a manual may not have been offered in that particular car, but they...
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    5-speed swap

    well, i dont have one, but my buddy does. he has a dakota 5 speed in his 69 satellite. the only problem is, he had his flywheel/clutch zero balanced and now he finds out he'll have to get his motor internally balanced for it to work. but i think he has said f'ck it and is going with a 383 4...
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    What is it,no.2

    ok, i cheated.