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    [WANTED] Dart Sport upper door panel

    I need the upper door panel for a 74 Dart sport. My passenger side is toast even just the passenger side would do.
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    E58 400 plus HP Dart sport build

    So starting a little map of my build out. Basically I'm duplicating the Engine labs 360 build but with KB107 pistons. I'm curious what others are doing for flattop pistons. With J head I should be be at 10 to 1 about it just below it. Not decked yet but I figure that and head gasket...
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    [SOLD] Front passenger floor pan

    Dart Duster Valiant front passenger floor pan. Brand new not needed for my project. 75.00 plus shipping original box shipped in. Located in Oklahoma zip code 74006.
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    [SOLD] Dart Snorkel scoop

    This is a Dart or Duster snorkel scoop. 75.00 dollars US you pay for shipping. I'm located in Oklahoma zip code 74006
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    [SOLD] 67 to 1976 Dart Scamp outer wheel house

    The Dart wheel tubs I have from purchase will not work on Duster demon or dart sport. I will need to sell these and purchase the correct ones. Parts I have for sale are 770 1067 L and 770 1067 R. If you have the duster or demon outer wheel tub let me know. I'm stuck waiting and pissed off...
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    [WANTED] 1974 Dart/Duster factory steering wheel

    Looking for the factory wheel good condition for a 1974 Dart Sport. Duster or Dart scamp will probably work. Blue if you got it and I don't want a GT factory please. One picture gotta go 70s junk.
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    74 Dart 360 Sport

    I finally get to join in the fun and leave my Jeeping behind for a bit. Picked this up off the site for sale. Still waiting on shipping but super excited none the less!
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    [WANTED] 1997 Jeep 30rh 3 speed auto/ax5/ax15

    Looking to find a good working 30rh 3 speed automatic transmission or AX5/15. These will bolt up to the 2.5 liter Jeep engine. A Dodge Dakota 4x4 with ax 15 with the four cylinder in front is also an option if you got it. Located in Bartlesville Oklahoma.
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    Looking for A body to start a project

    HELP! Im looking for a basic not rusted beyond help A body. Im not very particular whether it had a v8 or not. Running or not is not a large concern, although complete would be helpful. Open to cars that have been started if all is there for the most part Things like doors fenders trim bumpers...