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    1974 'space' duster (lots of pics) $1200 obo

    I can't keep flip flopping any longer. I have no means to do this car the way it should be (how I want it anyway...) The space is needed in my garage anyway, I can use it to make money. 1974 plymouth 'space' duster (back seat folds down). original 318/904 8 1/4 car, it now has a 360 the...
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    one more reason FABO is wicked.

    in another thread, somebody asked if his car was an A-body, and said they knew it was a dumb question... i am so glad the majority of the users here are mature adults. I quit frequenting a lot of different message boards because of immaturity and flaming responses calling people dumb and...
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    Im back in it. better, stronger, (hopefully) faster!

    I'm back in the game! I have finally got enough motivation in myself to do something with the ragged old car in my garage (I FINALLY HAVE A GARAGE!). I hope to build a solid 1974 duster with a 400 in a year or so, money permitting (tools and student loans, ugh...) i have the car, i have a...
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    new car!

    for those who remember my old activities, i had a 1975 plymouth valiant custom (4 door) 318 car. since my last postings, i have graduated from technical school, and now i work on german cars in an independant shop. anyway, traded the valiant straight for a 74 'space' duster with a 360 4...
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    its not a mopar, but its a DEAL

    i am soon to be the owner of a 79 camaro. its not a mopar, but for $400 its in excellent shape. body work, seats, dash pad and a tranny is all it NEEDS, but not all its gonna get. i think ill get my grandma to build the motor for it since they are so easy to do ;) j/k. im going to buy a slightly...
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    2.45s 8 1/4 swap..

    i have an 8.25 rear end in my valiant, but i want, scratch that, NEED new gears. i understand that i have to get a whole new piece to swap higher gears because of the machining to put 2.45 gears in it. i would just buy a new chunk, but i cant swap just the center of my rear as it only has a...
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    leaking coolant.

    i found out where its going. BACK INTO MY CAR AGAIN!!! its leaking from the firewall, it didnt this over the summer. so i unhooked the heater core, and it was fine. then i hooked it back up, and it was fine. now its leaking in the same place, somewhere around the firewall where the heater core...
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    washed my car today, painted some things...

    ok, no, i dont have pics yet, my friend was asleep all day, then called me back ready to help me out, after i was gone. but anyway. i decided to wash my car today... and i found out that my car is actually blue... then i repainted my rims, they look much much cleaner. i painted my grille, i...
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    wiring a tach.

    so, the green wire goes to the ( - ) terminal on the coil? black is ground, white is for the light and red is to the ignition switch? is this correct? i found a tach in my room that i had from a long time ago. a resisitor in it was torched, so i replaced it. now i want to find out if it works...
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    just me, or was the site down from like, 8am to about 10:00?

    i tried to get on, and i couldnt get through from like, 8am to about 10:00, i tried it at about those times. didnt get on until about 10:25.
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    desktop dyno

    where can i get a copy of desktop dyno? demo or bootleg... either way. i want to mess with it. i couldnt even find a decent demo copy of any dyno sim software on the internet...
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    i need to reset my timing..

    i need to reset the timing on my car, and replace the timing chain on it. but im not exactly sure how to go about this. i mean, i know how to change the timing chain, and how to get the crank and cam together, but i want to make sure i get it all timed correctly otherwise it will be for...
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    coyote jack, hows about those 3.91s?

    would they fit a pre 97 dakota 3rd member? that is a cheap way for me to grab a LSD, but if they wont, im sure i can find an 8 1/4 with the proper carrier. if you are still willing to sell them to me for the aforementioned price, let me know, ill try to get them from you within the next two...
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    thought this might be interesting for some barracuda owners

    some production info 1969 1968 1967 the information seems to become less...
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    oil pressure

    where is the 'bung' to screw an oil pressure sender in located? i got a mechanical oil pressure gauge, but i cant locate the area where i need to put the adapter to hook the hose up to. i was told it would be around the oil filter, but i cant feel one under the exhaust manifold.
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    happy berfday mopower!

    according to the forum, mopower71 is mopower 40 soon. keep it up. eventually you will live up to your nick. only a FEW years left... lets see... the 10th is.. next thursday. my moms is the 7th.
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    mikelbeck, loving these in car movies..

    love the movies on your site. the june 15 video is crazy how the camera shakes, who won that ? looks like you were racing a malibu? looked pretty close to me. im progressively getting through them... sept 21, looks like this person used NOS.. you had him, then he shoots up from nowhere?
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    are all transmissions torqueflite?

    are all of the mopar automatics classified as 'torqueflite' ? i was going over the broadcast sheet for my car and deduced that it has a 'torqueflite' (not sure which one though, prolly 904). but, i also confirmed that it has a 2.45:1 rear end, thus, i cant change the gears without a new 3rd...
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    right now, do we have a few ppl for a chat?

    seems like im chasing people around the board... why not use this 'chat' feature... seems like a novel idea :)
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    carter AFB carb.

    GUESS WHAT I FOUND! i found a carter afb 'compeition series' carb in my girlfriend's brother's old blazer, it was in the floorboard. he said it was a 650. on the front of the base of it, it says '9605S 1154' i know this is more of a statement than a question... ok, how about this, anybody...
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    whats the cost for 6 pack carbs?

    i want to add up how much it will cost to put a six pack on a small block. summit has MP dual plane six pack manifold for small and big block apps. i was trying to find out how much the carbs cost. i guess im looking at doubling the cost of an engine build doing it that way, but i am curious.
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    vin decoder kind of prejudice...

    why does it only go to 74? they made swingers until 76 didnt they? valiants too? i was gonna run my vin through it, but the years dont go past 74...
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    F.A.B.O. garage!

    wouldnt it be great if we had a for a bodies only garage? then we could be like an online magazine and do stuff to a bodies and write articles about it and document it at the garage. i think it would be a lot easier if we had a more localized site population. i was bored today and thought of...
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    identifying rear-end gear

    i have an 8 1/4 rear end in my car, that, as far as i know, is completely stock. i was hanging my muffler the other day and looked at it, and spotted a tiny tag on the right side (if youre looking from the inspection plate side) that read "2.45" and that was it. it was bolted down with one of...
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    scamp clone.. sort of.

    if i end up getting this 76 swinger from the guy down the road. im going to swap a LOT of parts from my car into/onto it.. motor, trans, rear end if needed.. and the front end, i dont like the dart front end from 76.. id rather have the front end of a scamp/valiant... like the one i have now :)...
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    small block differences. someone want to fill me in please?

    ok, so, 318 is 3.91x3.31 340 is 4.04x3.31 360 is 4.00x3.58 could a 360 crank be run in a 318 if the main sizes were turned down? what about the connecting rods if this were possible, would they have to be 360 connecting rods? that would make it a 'stroked' 344 roughly? 3.91 x 3.58? that...
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    rebuilt my carb.. now i need some troubleshooting help.

    no, i did not screw it up. the carb works. its a 2 barrel carter, stock piece for my 318. the reason i rebuilt it is because the car would run just fine, then it would kind of die back a little, sputter, and die, then be almost impossible to restart. took a long time to get started usually...
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    great parts contact, who needs 4 speed setups?

    in my wanderings as a mopar motorist, i have met (in my area) a guy with a 70 Dart Swinger with a 440, a guy with a 69 440 charger a guy that collects mopars (CLEAN original green slant 6 duster, 69 318 charger, original, numerous others) he is a car show judge and an original mopar...
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    i saw a white and blue duster dragster, who does it belong 2

    i was coming home the other night, and i saw a white (front) and blue (back) druster setup exclusively for drag. it looked very familiar, but i cant put my finger on it... who does it belong to? it was coming back from the local track (it was on a trailer of course), and it turned at the light...
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    digital copy of '71 version of VP. DL'd from the net!

    i finally get to see it!!! YES!!