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    [FOR SALE] 73-76 A-body sway bar bushings and links

    For sale is a little used sway bar Poly end links and a pair of New inner Poly sway bar bushings. $35.00 Free shipping in the USA

    Pump it down TRW pump?

    Any one know how to reduce the pressure on a TRW power steering pump?

    [SOLD] 11” x 2 1/2” brake plates Loaded new parts

    For sale are a pair of 11” x 2 1/2” brake plates. They have been media blasted and painted semi gloss black. Includes E brake spreaders and levers. Includes all new quality brake parts. New Wagner 335R riveted brake shoes,New Raybestos wheel cylinders, New centric self adjuster kits, New spring...

    Brrrrrrrrrr it’s cold

    Woke up this morning and it’s 72!! Not sure if I should put on sun block or not?

    [FOR SALE] 8 1/4” 3.55 gears , carrier, yoke

    For sale is a nice set of 3.55 gears including the open carrier, yoke 7260 small joint with a perfect seal surface. Yoke has been media blasted and painted semi gloss black. Also includes straps and bolts. Bearing and pinion races included. Took this out of a 1989 D-150 I’m parting out. $185.00...

    [SOLD] 1989 D-150 Dodge 5.2 Automatic

    I've had this 1989 5.2 D-150 Automatic OD long bed truck. I bought it from friend of mine that owns a shop. He was working on the truck for a customer. After they shut the engine off and they went to restart it, they said the starter broke the transmission. Well I finally got it on the lift...

    Hate to sound like a broken record. But....

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my grease monkey buddies!

    [SOLD] 10" x 2-1/2" Brake backing plates. Loaded all new parts

    For sale are a pair of rear brake backing plates. 10” x 2 1/2”. Fits most any Mopar rear ends. 8 1/4, 8 3/4, 9 1/4, Dana 60. Have been media blasted and fit with all new brakes. Centric wheel cylinders,Premium Wagner 333R riveted brake shoes, self adjuster kits, return and hold down springs and...

    A center link design to fail?

    Well I was at my buddies shop and he showed me a center link he just removed from a 2016 2500 Chevy. Know is it me or is this insane? The center you see in the picture has a large hole in it where there was a rubber grommet that the pitman arm bolted to? Is this crazy. My buddy says oh yeah he...

    I need some I phone tech advice

    Is it possible to transfer a text conversation so I can print out a hard copy? Now I know about coping a screen shot and send it to my E-mail. But I need to save a very long text conversation to a hard copy so I can save it. Anybody know how or if it can be done. I am very tech stupid. Thanks

    [FOR SALE] 1966 904 Torqueflite (works great)

    I picked this up from another member along with a 273 Commando engine that I have SOLD. He was using this up until about a few month ago behind his new 5.9 along with the convertor adapter sleeve which I have also if you need it. Comes with the convertor. Prefer local pick up but I can ship...

    Car trailer tail lights

    I need to rebuild the car trailer one more time. New deck boards. While I’m at it, I want to get rid of the old style tail/turn signal lights. Anyone recommend some good LED lights?

    Brake wheel cylinder question

    I’m thinking there is a difference in the bore size. But, can anyone tell me the difference between the Raybestos WC 37053 and the WC 37235? Other than the year span in application.

    Todays What is it question

    Ok who can Identify what this came out of?

    70 Duster headed to new home and owner

    You may recall this 70 Duster I just sold. Well in the morning I’m headed to St Augustine to deliver it to the new owner who is also a member here. I’ll let him announce who he is if he wants to. This is the old thread. [SOLD] - 1970 318 automatic Duster

    [FOR SALE] A pair of late 72-76 hood hinges

    For sale is a pair of late 1972 to 1976 hood hinges. They changed the looks of the hood bolt holes. Have been media blasted and primed gray. $100.00 Free Shipping in the lower 48.

    [FOR SALE] 61-67 A body ignition switch

    Comes with lock cylinder and a key. Suppose to fit 61-67 A body. Maybe others. Mopar 2497158 $35.00 Free shipping in the USA

    [SOLD] 1967 A or B body 2speed wiper switch

    For A or B body 2 speed wiper switch with or without electric washers. Mopar number 2820525. $45.00 Free shipping in the USA.

    [FOR SALE] Remote drivers side mirror

    This one came off a 75 Plymouth Brougham. I’m sure it will fit others. Mirror is perfect, the remote action works great. Chrome has some pitting. $45.00 Free shipping in USA.

    [SOLD] Holley 20-7 mopar throttle adapter

    Also includes gas pedal/kick down stud and nut. A must for putting a Holley on a BB or SB. $25.00 Free shipping in the lower 48.

    [SOLD] NOS Mopar filler neck grommet

    Mopar 2880461 fits most all Mopar. $20.00 Free shipping in the lower 48.

    [FOR SALE] All 273-318-340-360 oil filter block plate and gaskets

    Been media blasted. Both type mounting gaskets available. $45.00 each Free shipping in the USA

    [FOR SALE] 63-76 A body clutch pedal over center spring.

    Title says it all. Fits all A bodies from 1963-1976. Has been media blasted. $45.00 Free shipping in the Usa

    [SOLD] A body washer bottle and good pump

    For sale is a good A body electric pump a washer bottle. Tested pump and she squirts. Bottle still soft and not brittle. $45.00 plus shipping.

    [SOLD] 10" x 2-1/2" Brake backing plates. Loaded all new parts

    For sale are a pair of rear brake backing plates. 10” x 2 1/2”. Fits most any Mopar rear ends. 8 1/4, 8 3/4, 9 1/4, Dana 60. Have been media blasted and fit with all new brakes. Raybestos wheel cylinders,Premium Wagner 333R riveted brake shoes, self adjuster kits, return and hold down springs...

    [SOLD] 1970 318 automatic Duster

    You may remember the thread I started this past August on a 70 Duster I bought and the resulting title nightmare I went thru. Fl. DMV won' transfer a clean open title to me. Well that has all been taken care of and I have it in my name. My goal was to make it road worthy and then put it up for...

    Yanmar 32HP track hoe. need repair help

    I have a little Yanmar Track hoe I bought for my grandson to play on. It had a #3 rod kicked out the side of the block. So I located a diesel 3 cyl used engine and installed it. little thing works great. And other than having to have seals replaced in a few cylinders, it works great. Well it...

    Roll Tide!!!!!

    They just stomped a mud hole in Ga.'s ***!

    [SOLD] 64-69 SB Power Steering pump and brackets.

    Fire sale is a refurbished Saginaw power steering pump and brackets for the early SB with the cast iron water pump. I installed a Edelmann 7910 seal kit with bushing. I media blasted and painted it semi gloss black. Pump was test also. I mocked it up on my test engine to make sure the pulleys...

    [SOLD] 70-76 SB Power Steering pump and brackets

    For sale is a Saginaw refurbished power steering pump with all new seals and was tested. I mocked it upon a engine with the P/S pump and brackets and the lower pulley 3614378 P/S only and with the 3614377 3 groove if you have A/C and P/S to make sure belts line up. Installed a Edelmann 7910 seal...