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  1. Mad Dart

    [FOR SALE] **Edelbrock Heads, RPM Performer & Rods.**

    $2000.00 for all. Fits SMALL BLOCK MOPAR Edelbrock Aluminum Heads done by Brian at IMM Engines, set up for Solid Roller Cam. 65.5CC Chambers. The intake is port matched. Intake valves are 2.02 Exhaust is 1.60. They flow around 300CFM. The rods are standard H Beams 6.123 big Journal. Buyer...
  2. Mad Dart

    **68 Valiant Post Race car Registered on the Street**

    I got a new project in the works. This is a 68 Valiant Signet Post Car. It is pretty much all there minus a couple pieces of trim. This car will be back halved New K Frame, I am keeping the torsion bars This will be a 3/4 chassis car on the same level as the Street Outlaw Cars. YES we want to...
  3. Mad Dart

    [FOR SALE] **68 Plymouth Valiant Post**

    I purchased this 68 Valiant to build as an Outlaw car. It will be registered on the street but it will mostly be used for racing. Everything is for sale. We are cutting the floor out in a few days. The seats "Front Buckets" Rear bench seat, steering column. Any part of the original floor pan...
  4. Mad Dart

    [FOR SALE] **73 Plymouth Scamp-True Street Cruiser**

    Well... I am out of the game. The car does not get used much so it's time for someone else to enjoy it. You can drive this car anywhere even with the 4.30 gears & spool. I have done it! It is super healthy and reliable. This is a true street cruiser and has the power to please no doubt. I have...
  5. Mad Dart

    ** New Ritter SBM Build using Victor Series SB Heads**

    I am going to start a new engine build. This will be about a 9 month or so project so bare with me.. haha The block is in stock and should arrive in California in the next few weeks where the fun will begin. Cubic inch I have not decided yet but 482 CI SBM sounds good to me! Go big or go...
  6. Mad Dart

    Transbrake-NOS wiring diagram with bang button

    I have searched everywhere... Does someone have a Transbrake-Nitrous-full throttle switch with a purge & bang button wiring diagram? Mine is already wired but I am adding the Full Throttle Switch and turning my NOS button on the steering wheel into a bang button to purge NOS through the...
  7. Mad Dart

    Transbrake-NOS wiring diagram

    I have searched everywhere... Does someone have a Transbrake-Nitrous-full throttle switch with a purge & bang button wiring diagram? Mine is already wired but I am adding the Full Throttle Switch and turning my NOS button on the steering wheel into a bang button to purge NOS through the...
  8. Mad Dart

    [SOLD] **Complete 8 3/4 Caltracs Etc**

    I have an 8 3/4 Rear end, 3.91 Gears, Spool, 742 Case, Drum Brakes, Caltrac Mono Leafs that sit 1.5" lower that stock, Front section is 1/2" Longer at 21.5" for bigger tires. Caltrac bars & Rancho 9000 Shocks. Driveshaft to go with it is 4" with 7260 Spicer U Joints New trans yoke installed as...
  9. Mad Dart

    **Live Link - Yellow Bullet Nationals**
  10. Mad Dart

    **Snell Approved Racing Helmet's - SA2010 vs M2010**

    So does anyone know the deal with the difference in how fast you can go with each helmet? I am trying to compare Full Face Helmets. I know that M is for Motorcycle and SA is for Auto's Lots of guys run with the M and from what I am reading it is good for anything 13.99 & Under if it is...
  11. Mad Dart

    [SOLD] **67 TT Dart Project For Sale**

    A lot of you here know the car and the project. I am off the TT Kick as of now. Everything I have for it will go with it, except what is listed below. It is minus a motor/trans and is at the paint stage. 9" Ford with Triangulated 4 link, Coil over conversion in the front. 14pt cage etc, all...
  12. Mad Dart

    **Hood Hinge Spring Help Needed**

    Ok, I went to shut my hood a few weeks ago and the hood hinge spring popped off on the passenger side. I have took the inspection cover off under the wheel well and I can see and touch the spring. Can someone tell me how the heck to get it back on? Last resort I will pull the fender but I would...
  13. Mad Dart

    **IHRA Pro Am Live Link
  14. Mad Dart

    **ihra pro am live event link**
  15. Mad Dart

    1 too many Ice Tea's in the Pit's??

    Guy thought he was on his Motorcycle! Pump Gas Style.....
  16. Mad Dart

    **Seat Paint?? What are you using?**

    I am going to be pulling the bench seat and installing some Racing/Sport Seats. I am trying to match my interior color I have now. It seems to have 2 Colors. The outside is green and the inserts have some flake. Where can I find this paint for either Vinyl or Simulated Leather? Next...
  17. Mad Dart

    **Irish Sausage**

    IRISH SAUSAGES Seamus and Murphy fancied a pint or two but didn't have a lot of money between them; they could only raise the staggering sum of one Euro. Murphy said “Hang on, I have an idea.” He went next door to the butcher's shop and came out with one large sausage. Seamus said...
  18. Mad Dart

    **1973 bastard 340 balance??**

    I have done some research and found out that the 340 I have is a 1973. I know that 72-73 had Cast Cranks in the 340's and they were supposed to be externally balanced but different than the 360 is balanced..... So if it is supposed to be externally balanced but balanced different than ALL...
  19. Mad Dart

    **Summit Universal X Pipe with TTI Headers**

    Does anyone have pictures they can post of their install using summits 3" universal x pipe with TTI headers? I will be dumping it in front of the axle. This is the kit here........
  20. Mad Dart

    **Wanted 3.58 or 4.0 Forged 360 Crankshaft**

    I am looking for a New or Used Stock Stroke 3.58" or Stroker 4.0 Forged Crank if anybody has one.
  21. Mad Dart

    **73 Scamp Mini Pro-Street Engine Swap**

    Well I got the itch to get back into the game sooner than my TT Build would be done so I ended up buying this Super Clean 73 Scamp off FABO. It currently has a Stockish 340, a worked over 904 trans and a 3000-3500 stall converter in it. It has 315/50/15's with a Spool and 391 gears in a back...
  22. Mad Dart

    **Summit Fast 5 vs Jegs Sport Star**

    I know these wheels are a knock off of the Weld Pro Stars but I have a few questions. Looks like the Jegs and Summit versions are exactly the same and may be built by the same manufacturer. Does anyone have these wheels on their cars? Will the drop down center allow for a Disc brake set up on...
  23. Mad Dart

    ***Column shift delete***

    How have you guys handled getting rid of all the column shift components when converting to floor shifters? What do you use to get rid of the shift indicator and column shifter to make it look like a factory floor shift column? Anybody done this mod?
  24. Mad Dart

    **68 NHRA Nationals**

    Pretty cool old video. 68 Barracuda for the win. Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins at the '68 NHRA Nationals - YouTube
  25. Mad Dart

    **LIVE FEED Vegas Street Car Super Nationals**

    If anyone is interested.
  26. Mad Dart

    **67 Dart Dash Complete**

    I have a 67 instrument cluster that is totally un molested. I have all the cluster trim all the way to the glove box. This is off my 67 Dart that serioiusly just turned over 100K miles before I bought it. Milage is 419mi right now. I am asking $250.00 for the Instrument Cluster and Trim to the...
  27. Mad Dart

    **Post your in Trunk Battery and Fuel Cell Pics**

    I am trying to come up with some ideas on placement of Dual Battery's, Meth Tank, Fuel Cell, Fuel Pumps and a Future NOS Bottle. Can you guys post up your install's. Thanks! This is what I got so far. Looking for more ideas.
  28. Mad Dart

    **Grenade Engine Autopsy on Boost and NOS**

    For you guys that believe you need top dollar parts for an engine to live on Boost and NOS. Check this out....... Yes it is a SBC but you get the point.!/
  29. Mad Dart

    **Gasket or just RTV is the Question**

    I am assembling the Ford 9" that I just built for my TT Dart. I have heard of guys just using RTV when installing the 3rd member into the housing. What color are you guys using when done like that? Black? Gray? Any Pro's or Cons of not using a gasket??
  30. Mad Dart

    Buying a Tig Welder & Taking a Class**

    Well I think it is about time I stepped up my game and purchase a TIg Welder. I am going to buy an Old School tried and tested Machine, an L-TEC (made in USA) 250HF Squarewave AC/DC TIG welder, 250 amp. It does Stick also AC or DC. The price is right at $700.00 and comes with everything...