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    Confusion with steering column lower bearing

    I noticed the factory lower bearing was toast on my 68 Barracuda floor shift column so I bought one of the bearings from 72blunblu's how to article. The column basically has the main...
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    Borgeson steering box - does the column need to be cut?

    I bought this kit from Jegs a while back and just did a test fit. This is a 68 Barracuda with a power steering floor shift column. The column installs into the coupler without the shaft needing to be cut but I always thought they needed to be...
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    Tamco paint - bad customer service

    Just want to give you guys a warning about Tamco. Let me start off by saying that their products are actually really good for the price. I've been nothing but satisfied with their primers, basecoats and clears. With that said, their customer service is awful. I ordered a dark gray Porsche...
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    [Found!] Disc brake proportioning valve

    Hey guys, I'm looking for this style valve for a disc brake setup. I know they're sold new but they tend to leak. Would rather just rebuild an original if anyone has one they're willing to part with.
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    Electrical panel question

    I'm stumped here so I'm hoping one of you guys have ran into this issue before and know what to do. I've got an old 125A Zinsco combo main panel w/meter that I need to replace. The panel is mounted to the outside of my house, just left of the garage door. The feed from the power company comes...
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    Slant won't drive over 25mph without cutting out

    This is a 225 with a Carter BBD, HEI ignition and NOS Mopar distributor. Drove it to work and everything was perfectly fine. Went to drive it home and it would stumble and die once I'd hit about 25mph. Seems to drive fine under that speed. It also idles the way it should in neutral. I can rev...
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    Where to mask to paint the engine bay?

    Where do you guys like to mask when you paint an engine bay to make it look as seamless as possible when you wind up doing the body at a later date?
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    Hi po manifold hardware question

    I bought a hardware kit that comes with a couple of these sleeve nuts. I'm guessing they go on the left and right side of the passenger manifold and screw into a stud but neither one physically fits in the holes. I'd have to drill the holes out a little bit to get them to fit, which has me...
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    Rallye dash bezel screws 68 Barracuda

    Are all 7 screws that hold the rallye dash bezel to the dash frame the same? It looks like the 3 that go along the bottom side of the bezel are definitely chrome 8x3/4 fillister head screws. FA 4074 C listed in mrg's catalog But are the 4 that screw...
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    [Found!] 1968 Barracuda heater control knob

    I'm just looking for one of the little rounded square chrome knobs for the heater control. The type with the little hex set screw on the bottom. Thanks.
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    Glue that you can peel back off?

    I sprung for a new 68 Barracuda rallye bezel and am dismantling the old one and at some point whoever worked on it used this white glue that stays slightly malleable to where I was able to peel it off with my fingers but it was strong enough to hold everything in place. Anyone know of a...
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    Custom paint ideas. What do you think?

    I don't know how to photoshop but you'll have to use your imagination. Been kicking around some ideas on how I should paint my cars in the future. Normally I don't like custom but it's been growing on me lately. The idea is for it to be custom but still look like it could be factory. Idea #1...
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    1968 Woodgrain rallye steering wheel questions

    Hey guys I just bought a woodgrain steering wheel with the horn cap and horn cap retainer. Is there a horn switch or something I need to purchase as well? The car I have has an old crappy aftermarket wheel so I don't have an original horn switch. Is there anything else I need to be able...
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    Fastback fold down seat not folding down

    Just recently put some seat covers on the rear seat and when I install it, I can only get the seat to fold down to about a 45* angle before the cams hit the brackets that the bolts go through to attach the seat to the car. I took pictures of the brackets so I could get them back on the same...
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    [Found!] 1967 Barracuda 273 motor mount brackets

    I have the rubber mounts but I seem to have misplaced the brackets. If anyone has a set of stock brackets, I'm interested. Thanks.
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    Can I put a 68 Barracuda fuel tank into a 67?

    I have the single strap for the 67 but I'm just wondering if the 68 tank can be installed with the single strap and if everything lines up correctly. Thanks.
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    [WANTED] Rear leaf spring shackle bracket

    Hey guys I stupidly bent my bracket when trying to press out the bushings when all I needed was to grip them with a pair of pliers and rip them out. Lesson learned. Anyone have one of these? I don't need anything fancy. A stock one covered in dirt and grime will do. This is for a 71 Duster. Thanks.
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    Has anyone used this aftermarket steering wheel?

    *MW99601G - 1964-69 Mopar - Custom Wood Steering Wheel Kit with Barracuda Fish Logo They make them with a couple different horn buttons but I was wondering if anyone had a picture of one of them installed or any idea of their quality? I really like the look of the rim blow wheel but I don't...
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    Need plumbing help

    I recently moved a bunch of furniture from a couple of rooms in my house and I noticed the baseboards were discolored. So I took them off and they had obviously soaked in a lot of moisture. Turns out all the baseboards along the back of the house and halfway up one of the sides are like that...
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    Rear defroster question

    I'm in the process of installing the rear defroster and I really don't want to get rid of one of my 6x9 speakers in the back to install it. Do you guys think it would be a bad idea to run longer studs through one of the speakers and just install the blower motor below the speaker? The draw back...
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    [WANTED] Disc brake proportioning valve

    Does anyone have an original proportioning valve for sale? Looking to rebuild an original. Thanks!
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    Any advice on what I need to know about country living/owning property?

    I currently own a home in the city but I'm going to be getting married next year and we're planning on buying ourselves a nicer home. I'm looking to possibly move to Auburn California which is like a small city but still very much country. In our price range there are some homes that come with...
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    Multiple problems with bleeding brakes

    Just did a drum to KH disc conversion. Went to bleed the brakes and had multiple problems. The proportioning valve I bought from Summit leaked from the top nut so I tightened it down and it improved things but still couldn't get it to stop leaking all the way. It also leaked where the line...
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    What cheaper Mopar options/details do you prefer?

    I love E body Barracudas and think they're one of the best looking cars ever designed but for some reason I'd still rather have a 67-68 Fastback Barracuda. Even though I know it's not even as good looking a car, it just fits my personality better. Whether the car is a Formula S or 1 of a low...
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    [WANTED] 73 Duster passenger side door glass bracket

    Does anyone have this bracket? I'm posting the ad for my brother who is up in Boise. He's looking for one so he can get his window up and park the car outside. Thanks.
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    Pet peeve when looking through sale ads

    You guys have any pet peeves that annoy you when you're looking at cars online? For me it's when people try to minimize the rust on the vehicle they're selling by saying "no rust other than just the typical Mopar rust". As if typical Mopar rust doesn't count as real rust. "This car is a real...
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    Inner quarter panel coating removal?

    Do you guys have any tricks for getting this crud off? I've used a torch and a scraper as well as a composite abrasive wheel with varying amounts of success. Just wondering if there is a quicker way to tackle this job? Seems to be taking about 100x longer than I expected it would.
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    Stuck strut rod

    I can't seem to get the nut off the front of the strut rod on the passenger side of my Duster. I've tried penetrating fluid, heat, hitting with a hammer etc and nothing seems to work. I put two nuts on the other side of the strut rod to hold it tight and tried getting the nut off the front and...
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    Instuctions on installing bearings/races/seals in KH hub?

    Hey guys I'm reading the Kelsey Hayes disc install tutorial and it just says to run a search on here for an explanation on installing the bearings and all that inside the hub. I've been searching on here but I can't seem to find the information I need on it. Does anyone have a link or set of...
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    Metal spraying to repair rust pin holes?

    Anyone ever heard of this? I was looking for a place to get media blasting done and ran across this page on their website. Maybe I've been living under a rock but I've never heard of anything like this before. Check out the link. It's a quick read. Rust Repair – American Stripping Company