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  1. burdar

    driveshaft shortening

    I've had driveshafts shortened before but it's been 20 years. IIRC it was around $100 back then. I just got a quote from a local powertrain shop and they want $200 plus joints.(non greasable Spicer) That's new driveshaft territory. If I go new, is the tapered end a requirement for...
  2. burdar

    rear end to gas tank clearance

    So, what is an exceptable rear end to gas tank clearance? I bought MP oval track leaf springs which have a 20.5" front segment.(stock front segment is 20") This pushed the rear back 1/2" I'm now extremely close to hitting the tank. I think I'm going to need to take a block of wood and...
  3. burdar

    installing splash shields

    I'm hoping to be able to spray undercoating on my 68 this weekend since it looks like it's going to be the last good weekend before winter. I need to get the splash shields in place before I start masking off the body. I took this car apart in 2013 so I'm a little fizzy on some things. I seem...
  4. burdar

    68 side marker gaskets

    My original side markers are completely burried and would take a long time to dig out so I'm asking here... The reproduction side markers come assembled with the lens inserted into the housing first, then the gasket and finally the back half of the housing is screwed on. Is this correct? In...
  5. burdar

    door handle/mirror reinforcement plates

    Who here has used the door handle and mirror reinforcement plates from Dynamic Renovations? The instructions for the mirror reinforcement plates don't call for any urethane between the plate and the body. You just put the plate up against the inner door and bolt the mirror down. A few days...
  6. burdar

    Loud hood hinges

    My hood hinges are very loud. There is a lot of popping and banging when you open and close the hood. They looked completely dry so I lubed everything I could see last night. First I sprayed everything down with spray white grease. That didn't seem to do much. Then I sprayed everything with...
  7. burdar

    [WANTED] chrome vent window pivots

    Looking for a pair of chrome vent window pivots for a 68 Dart. It's the pieces that the door glass vent window attach to. Must have VERY nice chrome and NO pitting. Not looking for something that needs to be rechromed. I sent my originals out to be rechromed and just got the estimate. I...
  8. burdar

    1/4 glass installation on 68 Dart

    I downloaded the 67 and 69 service manuals and read over the installation instructions. Both years show the same instructions. The manual mentions removing the spring clips from the regulator roller studs. It also says to "Remove regulator arm studs for rollers." I take that as meaning the...
  9. burdar

    undercoating inside the doors and sound deadener

    So, my 68 Dart has factory undercoating inside the doors.(on the inside of the outer skin) There are no impact beams or anything inside the doors...they are just a hollow shell. Did the factory add an impact beam inside the doors at some point? What year? If/when an impact beam was added...
  10. burdar

    Wing window removal/installation

    I looked at the 69 service manual but it didn't say anything about removing just the wing window glass/chrome pivot piece. Can the wing window glass and chrome pivot piece be removed and installed with the rest of the frame installed in the door? Or does it have to be installed into the door...
  11. burdar

    fuel/brake line clips

    Not sure where to put this question... Looking back at my disassembly pictures and I can't figure out these clips. Does anyone have a better picture of them? There is one on both for the fuel line and one for the brake line. The picture looks like it's built onto the seat...
  12. burdar

    washer bottle holes in inner fender

    Just got my 68 Dart back from the body shop. It looks like they welded up the washer bottle holes on the inner fender. There were some extra holes I wanted welded up but it looks like they welded them all. Can I get a measurement from some 68 Dart owners? A measurment from the firewall to...
  13. burdar

    1968 QQ1 blue paint formula

    Looking for advice on a paint formula for 1968 QQ1 blue. The Dart is ready for paint but the body shop hasn't been able to find the right color. Everything they've tried is too light and looks like B5.(I have not seen it in person...just going by what I'm told at this point) A sprayout was done...
  14. burdar

    Loctite sale

    If anyone needs Locktite, Advance Auto has a sale on it right now. Almost too good to be true. Normally $11.99 for the semi-solid stick. I just bought the red for $1.65 and the blue for $2.35.
  15. burdar

    8-3/4 parking brake cable clip location

    So, my 68 Dart came with a 7-1/4 rear. I have an 8-3/4 rear for the car now. I had a longer housing cut down to fit. I'm assembling the rear now and just discovered an issue. Looking back at pictures of my original 7-1/4, there is a clip on the front side of the right hand axle tube that the...
  16. burdar

    reproduction gas pedal?

    I bought a reproduction gas pedal. The hardware kit comes with a small black rubber piece. Where does this go? I don't see anything like it on my original one. Picture is from DMT website. Thanks
  17. burdar

    console carpet and mounting screws

    This might be the dumb question of the day but my car didn't have any carpet in it when I bought it. None on the floor and none on the console. The console is attached to the floor with 4 screws.(2 inside the storage compartment and 2 at the front on either side) Are the front screws supposed...
  18. burdar

    repro console top plates

    So, who has used the reproduction top plates? Both the one around the shifter and the door. They are made overseas so the threads in the door section are metric. I could take the door to the hardware store to find out what size/pitch the screws I need are but I thought I'd check here first...
  19. burdar

    67-69 reproduction top latches

    I bought the reproduction top latches from Year One years ago when they lowered the price to like $50 a piece. Now just getting around to installing them. Has anyone had any fitment issues with these? My original ones drop right in place. The new ones don't. I got the DS one fitting and...
  20. burdar

    Top Header Weatherstripping

    68 Dart Are the weatherstrips supposed to be glued in place or are they supposed to lock in and hold themselves? When cleaning up the retainer, it looked like there was some glue residue in a couple places. If I had to guess, I'd say the thin piece that attaches to the retainer (before the...
  21. burdar

    Top of wheel well pad

    I looked back through my pictures but it doesn't look like I have a picture of these. I seem to remember some sort of "pad" or piece of vinyl? that was affixed to the top of the wheel well. I assume for the top to sit on while retracted. Am I remembering correctly? If so, does anyone have a...
  22. burdar

    attaching door panel emblems

    Looking for ideas on how you install these emblems on new door panels. When I replaced the woodgrain on my Challenger door inserts, I used some clear 100% silicone on the "pins" of the Fratzog emblems. Those emblems were attaching to a pot metal piece however. The Dart emblems will be...
  23. burdar

    inner fender accessory holes

    68 Dart GT original 318 car. I think there are some extra holes on the DS inner fender. I've been looking at pictures online and I don't see A-bodies with holes in these locations. They look like factory holes but a lot can be changed in 52 years. Just looking for confirmation that these...
  24. burdar

    68 rear convertible panels

    I'm looking for detailed pictures of the Layson's rear convertible panels. The picture on their website is small. Looking for close-up pictures of the front top section where it meets the door. Somewhere I saw a picture of a panel(don't know whose it was) that was rounded on the front top...
  25. burdar


    Over the weekend I got done sanding/polishing the header stainless on my Dart. It was pretty scratched up and worn where the top seal rides. Now that it's polished, I'd like to keep it that way. This is my first convertible so I don't have any experience. Does the stainless header trim start...
  26. burdar


    Has anyone found an LED replacement bulb for the courtesy lights in the rear interior panels? I'm working on a 68 Dart convertible and I'm replacing all the interior lights with LED. The stock bulb # is 90 for the rear courtesy lights. I'm running into a problem finding a bulb that will work...
  27. burdar

    [FOR SALE] 68 Dart hood and fenders

    68 Dart GT flat hood(minus hood trim, stricker and DODGE letters) and both front fenders. $175 No shipping. Pick up in Urbana, Iowa or I can deliver to Mopar Max or Mopars on the Mississippi. Flat hood is in really good shape. No dents that I can see and no rust.(hood trim, stricker and...
  28. burdar


    I have some piston/connecting rod clocks for sale. Each has been made from used engine parts. All parts have been disassembled, cleaned, sanded and coated for protection. The upright piston/connecting rod clocks are $45 plus shipping. They will fit in a medium flat rate box which is $14.35...
  29. burdar


    Course spline pinion yoke for 8 3/4 rear end. 7260 U-joint size. Located in Urbana, IA $30 OBO plus shipping. Free shipping to the Mopar Nationals if you want to pick it up there.
  30. burdar

    [SOLD] Connecting rod clocks

    I built some clocks out of a used set of Carrillo H-beam rods. Each rod was cleaned, chemically darkened, heated and treated to protect from rust. The rods are not painted. The clocks stand up by themselves due to a roller lifter installed into the wrist pin end. Both Arabic and Roman numeral...