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  1. norshorblufish

    Cat Is The Pope

    Or do you mean cat-olic?
  2. norshorblufish

    Could use some prayers....

    Thanks for the update Keith! Our thoughts and prayers are still with you all. Especially for your son for a speedy recovery! Tom and Mary
  3. norshorblufish

    Could use some prayers....

    Prayers from both Mary and I ! We hope everything turns out fine. Tom and Mary
  4. norshorblufish

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all! thought I’d post these. They’re kind of bad but after seeing some of stuff I’ve seen on here these are tame. Turkey songs.
  5. norshorblufish

    Kid mows overgrown lawn for free ..

    Who cares if the kid gets paid or not. He’s doing something constructive for someone and not sitting on he *** playing video games or causing trouble somewhere.
  6. norshorblufish

    Add Your Own Caption Part 288

    Damn deer! They never seem to cross at the deer crossing areas were the signs are!
  7. norshorblufish

    Add Your Own Caption Part 286

    But dad! Bobby farted in the car so we decided to ride up here!
  8. norshorblufish

    Prayers needed for Steve. Oldmanmopar..

    Prayers for a speedy recovery!
  9. norshorblufish

    The church bells rang

    Today the big lake is showing it's fury winds are ENE at 24mph gusting to 45. It seems higher. Wife and I had to drive up along the shore to Two Harbor, MN this morning, the wave were rolling pretty good. I would have gotten some pics but it was pouring rain. As we were driving Gordon...
  10. norshorblufish

    Intake part question

    Sounds like same thing I had on another brand pickup when I was a young’un. The bolts on the base of the carb were loose and caused a vacuum leak. Put new gasket on and tightened the bolts problem solved.
  11. norshorblufish

    The church bells rang

    29 times for the men of the Edmund Fitzgerald. My wife and I went to Whitefish Point Michigan early October to the shipwreck museum it a humbling experience. The bell above is the ships bell they brought up from the wreck and replaced with one with the names of the 29 men who parishes. Hard...
  12. norshorblufish

    Prayer request

    Thank you all for your prayer and condolences.Sorry to take so long to get back. We are still waiting for more info on what happened. Mary’s brother said he would get back to us in a day or two. We understand they are probably very busy making arrangements. Again thank you! Tom
  13. norshorblufish

    Prayer request

    We just received a text from my wife’s brother that he and his wife’s oldest son died in a car accident last night. Please say a prayer for them.
  14. norshorblufish

    Random pictures thread

    Let’s take a break. Eh!
  15. norshorblufish

    The cost of building materials are still high so ...

    “Hey you guys!” I’ve been living in a building made of old lead core batteries for years with no ill effects.
  16. norshorblufish

    Add Your Own Caption Part 281

    Remember I told you that tattoo place looked shady. That butterfly tattoo looks more like a Rorschach test.
  17. norshorblufish

    Add Your Own Caption Part 281

    Bonnie you have a huge zit on your butt!
  18. norshorblufish

    Lesser Known Knights

    So I guess that would make him the royal moyal then.
  19. norshorblufish

    Add Your Own Caption Part 278

    Just because it says ethyl on the pump doesn’t mean it yours Ethel.
  20. norshorblufish

    Halloween Pumpkin Idea...

    Hey! You guys wouldn’t possibly be proctologists ? Just saying.
  21. norshorblufish

    Well Who Knew?

    I just don’t understand why there are so many accidents around me when I drive my truck when the sun is out.
  22. norshorblufish

    Hearing protection.

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of 3M first I have a pair of their regular earmuffs myself. They’re comfortable. I guess I typed in safety earmuffs with audio jack and Honeywell was the first to come up. Glad you found something.
  23. norshorblufish

    Hearing protection.

    The Honeywell store has ear muffs with audio jacks but you’ll have to get the cord to work with your phone or audio device. Amazon may have them too. At Honeywell store go to safety products -hearing protection- music. Here’s a link. Honeywell Store | Earmuffs | Earplugs | Hearing Protection
  24. norshorblufish

    Add Your Caption Part 269

    Guess it wasn’t the best place to make a u-turn!
  25. norshorblufish

    Add Your Own Caption Part 272

    Ok guys this is how you do it. put it to your lips,take a big drag, and hold it, then let it out. Ah! Should we tell him it's really oregano? Nah! Why soil his fun!
  26. norshorblufish

    One thing you could have again!

    Mom and her mom were both good cooks. there's a lot I miss. I'm not saying my wife is a bad cook she can hold her own. Mom used to make the best fudge brownies and fudge frosting from scratch. Grandma's caramel rolls or (sticky buns). She would make sweet dough to make the roll out of. I've...