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  1. pishta

    LONG covid? COVID Pneumonia?

    This morning I'm at 95% would have gone to work but I took this as a vacation day a month ago. Like I said, 24 hr flu is my weak point. I get it and it hits me hard but Im back in 24-36 hours. No cough with this. Coworkers tell me to use those past 2 days as Covid days as they are not charged...
  2. pishta

    Plastic for cooling sucks.

    Ive had 3 plastic radiators expire, thats all I can describe them as doing as when I pulled them, the plastic was so thin in spots that I coiuld break through with finger pressure and it gets very brittle. Cracks everywhere, one Minivan rad had clips molded into the tanks that the AC condenser...
  3. pishta

    Universal wrench design

    OK, so a fail. I thought so but the one I posted had much more aggressive teeth than the youtube vid. I think for an older Mopar, My old 1/2-9/16 combo box end wrench will cover 80% of the exterior fasteners.
  4. pishta

    Universal wrench design

    3 to 17 to 22mm depending in what you buy.
  5. pishta

    Universal wrench design

    These work? marketed as a universal wrench....I guess the teeth prevent it from riding off the flats.
  6. pishta

    [FOR SALE] 10" Dog Dish wheel covers

    Generic no brand call out, these are 10, not 9 and not 10 1/2 and I think they will fit pre 67 4.5 bolt Mopar rims? 3 are straight, the 4th has a little dent in the side but you cant really see it on the rim. All have very good shiny finish. $62 shipped in CONUS.
  7. pishta

    4in vs 4.5in bolt circle rear axle

    No, There is more mechanical advantage on a 4.5 BC so there is less shear force on each stud. The farther you are out from the axle centerline, the less force is required to apply the same torque 24" breaker bar or a 5" stubby?
  8. pishta

    Now This is a Flyover!!!

    Yo brainstorm, its "Gave proof through the night.." :wtf:. Great work by everyone else though! (yeah, I teared up...)
  9. pishta

    Cam checking v-blocks

    Could you make them out of hickory? Some hard wood....were not checking +- .0001.
  10. pishta

    LONG covid? COVID Pneumonia?

    I just came down with the flu yesterday AM. I drove to first job, about puked in the ladies living room and went home. My boss says its going around again..... This one was rough: stomach acid vomits, #3 coming out the back (sometimes at the same time) dry heaves and the worst part for me is the...
  11. pishta

    Anyone have good luck with the USPS finding their lost auto parts in the system?

    Ill elaborate on that: ANY worker that cannot get fired for not performing their job becomes useless.
  12. pishta

    Anyone have good luck with the USPS finding their lost auto parts in the system?

    Banks Turbo hot side. Made it all the way to St Louis regional facility then it went on by ground. It only had to go 2 stops from that large facility. Tracking said it left St Louis and thats all I got. They went as far as to call the depot 1 stop past St Louis and they didnt have it in their...
  13. pishta

    Plastic for cooling sucks.

    plastic broke catostrophically , cast iron/Aluminum didnt. I guess that's my case. I can handle a leak, but not a break. On the 3 slants Ive had, none had AL necks. I guess they went the same as the AL blocks, to the corrosion graveyard.
  14. pishta

    Plastic for cooling sucks.

    My 61 slant head has the original stat housing, cast iron. How many were made in 31 years that are still serviceable...all of them? I've just never had one explode on me like this one. Found the piece on top of the rad shroud 10 inches away.
  15. pishta

    Plastic for cooling sucks.

    92 with 203K I know what your gonna say, "it lasted 200K miles.." DID. multiple cracks noted in remains. After I replaced it (2 nuts) The $160 IAC motor seized up and the idle went 1100-2100,1100-2100 like the second hand on a watch. Not serviceable: HA! Took the thing apart, cleaned...
  16. pishta

    Rust dip success stories?

    All good. 5 gallons of feed grade molasses is $26 here at feed store, 3 day special order. Ever see the $35 water sand blast tips for the pressure washers? Suction feed out of a 5g bucket of play sand or black oxide.
  17. pishta

    1963 Barracuda convertible

    Id buy it for $1500, let me know where to send the Paypal....
  18. pishta

    Cam recommendation needed

    My 400/451 was cammed by my friend so I dont know what he ended up with, IIRC it was a "Monster Motors" grind from some cam company, ~.600 [email protected] on 1.6 rockers. My intake was on the small side, a flat 383 Street Dominator for my heads, had to fit under the hood.
  19. pishta

    Plastic for cooling sucks.

    Here's a new one. Not your ordinary plastic rad cracking and this was a complete blow out of a plastic stat housing on my SC400. WTH? Make these in metal! You can get these in cast AL for $99 AUS. Boy just idling waiting for Mom and he hears a pop and steam starts coming out of...
  20. pishta

    S.O.S (relax...)

    An Airbus 380 is on its way across the Atlantic. It flies consistently at 800 km/h at 30,000 feet, when suddenly a Eurofighter with a Tempo Mach 2 appears. The pilot of the fighter jet slows down, flies alongside the Airbus and greets the pilot of the passenger plane by radio: "Airbus, boring...
  21. pishta

    Post your diagrams and what not

    @halifaxhops broken link
  22. pishta

    Sharing a link , any one in Nevada .

    slant with a hole at #5 rod, who knew?
  23. pishta

    Well when you get hungry for it, make it.

    I whipped up a batch of peanut butter fudge:(1/2 order) 1 Stick of butter, 1.75 cups of sifted powdered sugar and 1/2 cup of smooth peanut butter with a 1/2 tsp of vanilla. Melt butter, peanut butter and vanilla in microwave 60 seconds until butter is melted, stir and then fold in sugar 1/2 cup...
  24. pishta

    [WANTED] 318 4bbl intake manifold

    81 360 will fit too as all 318-4 intakes were 360 spec, even the ports.
  25. pishta

    What is this tool thread? Take a guess. Stump the Toolman!

    Well, its a lead sheath cable knife. The thicker part is where you hammer on it to slice/break the lead sheath or case on an old telephone cable or splice.
  26. pishta

    Cam gone flat? Here's a interesting video.

    I check the crown on every lifter I install Just put them feet together and note the (non)fit. I've never seen a new one not crowned. If the wear pattern on a pulled lifter is not circular, they are not rotating. I got a set of slants that are concave! Paint a strip on the top edge and when you...
  27. pishta

    Speedmaster small block heads sale must have gone good

    Buy now when they list them low and get them when you can. Beats buying them in stock for 40% more. You can always go faster fast, how much you wanna spend and when will you be satisfied. Ask yourself that before your next purchase. Happy motoring!
  28. pishta

    1963 Barracuda convertible

    Was that the famous Formula S Valiant or this Targa type top Barracuda? Barris did a deusy on the Fireball 500 66 Barracuda. Anything is possible after it left the line. Concept car? (Not for public sale)
  29. pishta

    Power steering pump, or gear/box?

    Do they have ford like valves for left and right steering or is it an integrated box? Maybe a stuck valve issue