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  1. valiantpatrol

    [FOR SALE] Cragar Chrome Slots, pair, SBP, New Price $125 +Ship

    Are these all steel or aluminum ? Or a steel rim with aluminum center like cragar ss wheels ?
  2. valiantpatrol

    Anyone run the Weber knock off 38 progressive 2bl here on their 225?

    @ cruisingram - did not notice your a location. I imagine there are much fewer spares floating around. @ dave ellis - very difficult to find even in large markets like L.A.. It's why I started using the webers.
  3. valiantpatrol

    [SOLD] NOS Master Cylinder

    For a manual disk/drum car the actuation rod going to the pedal is usually there and sticking out. I'd say for a power assisted disk/drum car. Measuring the center bore is also a telltale sign. Manual brake masters have a slightly larger center bore.
  4. valiantpatrol

    Anyone run the Weber knock off 38 progressive 2bl here on their 225?

    The 38/38mm DGES? (DGAS) is NOT a progressive in the same sense as the 32/36 style. The 32/36 allows you to actually run on the primary only, before the secondary opens, based on pedal input. The 38's open both venturi's the same amount at the same time, from idle to wide open. In that sense it...
  5. valiantpatrol

    Dakota mini starter

    I use these on my cars almost exclusively. Agree with George Jets about them having both bolt on terminals. At some point the smaller terminal becomes a spade connector instead of the threaded stud. Exactly what year I'm not sure. If I had to venture a guess it would be '92 or '93 but don't...
  6. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] Front bumper brackets 71Dart

    There are two sizes for both the medium and large flat rate boxes. Kinda square and a more rectangular one. I can get a slant 6 intake, with carb studs removed, into the large rectangular one. Appreciate brackets are odd shaped even when broken down and may not fit.
  7. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] Front bumper brackets 71Dart

    @Mr. Sinister - Thank you for the clarification. I'm sure it will help any seller save the buyer on shipping.
  8. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] Looking for 5 on 4 wheels

    The factory 14" SBP wheels that will clear the K/H calipers have a raised area around the outer perimeter of the wheel center regardless of the wheels width. This is not the raised area around the hub for the hubcap but is between it and the edge of the wheel center where it joins the rim or...
  9. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] Front bumper brackets 71Dart

    If they can be disassembled They could/should fit into a large USPS flat rate box for approximately $21. Medium flat rate box would only be around $17. Bless the USPS, if it fits it ships! Hard to tell from pic on Ebay ad if they are bolted together or riveted. Looked like a bolt which prompted...
  10. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] Molding clips

    At 1 3/4" height it's very similar to some I was looking for, and found, for an early D100 Custom pickup side trim. They were listed as vinyl top trim clips for 73?-74? Charger, but was the exact same clip. Sorry i used them all up or I'd send you one for comparison.
  11. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] '69 Wire wheel style hub cap center

    Wish I wasn't digitally picture challenged, but yes, that is exactly what I'm looking for. Hoping someone will separate one from a damaged wheel cover to save shipping costs. The fewer pits in the diecast body the better. The other three are quite nice.
  12. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] '69 Wire wheel style hub cap center

    Looking for one (1) '69? style bolt on center cap from a '69? style 14" wire wheel cover. Hoping someone has a damaged wheel cover and willing to sell/ship just the center cap. It is a chrome center cap with a black plastic center emblem that says "plymouth division". Just need one. Might buy...
  13. valiantpatrol

    [Found!] 88-93 2WD Ram v8 engine mount Brkt

    Are you sure the large bracket in the lower part of your photo is the one you need ? My 360 L side (dvr) bracket looks more like the bracket in the upper left of your photo but it's from an '85 P/U.
  14. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] "F" body white sunvisors

    Checking in, been a few days.
  15. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] 87 v8 hydraulic clutch bellhousing

    Curious if you've been able to locate this bellhousing.
  16. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] 1963-1966 Dart Valiant Station Wagon Bumper Brackets

    @newmexguy - thanks for correcting my faulty memory for this poster. "RG" (really good) pick a part, a name I won't forget.
  17. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] "F" body white sunvisors

    Wondering if anyone has a set of Volare/Aspen white sunvisors. They are a different shape than the originals in my '62 Valiant driver that I prefer. Visors only, do not need/want pivot assemblies.
  18. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] 63-66 A-Body torsion bar cross member

    Do other members a kindness by marking your wanted ad "found".
  19. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] 63-66 A-Body torsion bar cross member

    Are you still looking for this part ?
  20. valiantpatrol

    1960 Valiant Universal Turn Signal Install

    I have a good used one for $75 shipped. Drove car, worked fine but is not new. Rare that these go bad. More common is the pot metal holder that the signal switch screws to breaks and the signal lever seeming flops around. I'd pull the steering wheel to confirm you actually need the switch or the...
  21. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] Wanted 75 or 76 under dash wiring harness

    Tried to start a private conversation with you regarding the '76 harness you need but site says you don't allow them due to privacy settings. I have one that is good but is in a low line, non A/C 4 dr. Never drove car but tested most functions after retriving it and starting it. While a...
  22. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] 1963-1966 Dart Valiant Station Wagon Bumper Brackets

    Just saw in another parts wanted thread that member bb66cuda in San Jose has several wagons he's parting out. Worth contacting if you have not found these yet.
  23. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] Right Side Roof Support Structure

    I have a '75 shell with those parts. Wished I'd seen your ad sooner.
  24. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] 63-66 A Body Wagon

    Are you needing only wagon specific parts? Lots of 4 dr trim is the same. Likely have some wagon specific trim in a box but need a more specific list. I know I don't have any roof rack pieces for example.
  25. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] WANTED : 1955 Plymouth 2 door hard top

    Wish it were closer, but there is a '55 2 door wagon in Portal, AZ I've been trying to get someone to save. Just a shell really, but has suspension and could be made to roll with wheels/tires. Some rust in rockers on both sides but rest of car is very solid.
  26. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] 87 v8 hydraulic clutch bellhousing

    If you want it to have the A-833 mounting pattern that is one rare item. My '87 V8 4 spd. OD Pickup is still mechanical linkage. I've always been under the impression that '88 was the first year for the hydraulic clutch bell housing. If your going to modify it, perhaps by milling off 3/8" from...
  27. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] 1963-1966 Dart Valiant Station Wagon Bumper Brackets

    This is interesting to learn. I would have guessed that they would be the same as a sedan. I just passed thru Anthony, TX on my way back to Tucson yesterday and there is a wagon in there with those brackets. I won't be going by there again for a couple of months but perhaps there is a member who...
  28. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] WTB NOS Mopar interior door handles 2935214 & 2395215

    I have a number of these is very nice pit free condition for various years. Can you post a pic to help me (and others without parts books) identify exactly what you need?
  29. valiantpatrol

    [WANTED] 65 Barracuda front clip

    I have a pair of inner fenders from a '63 Valiant. Super nice rust free condition. Believe them to be the same but unsure. Probably useable but may not be identical. Perhaps someone with more year specific knowledge could help clarify. Offering because once removed they are light enough to ship...
  30. valiantpatrol

    Early A-Bodies

    I agree that the early "A"s don't get a lot of respect. And agree with others that it just doesen't matter. Last show I drove my '62 Valiant Signet driver to I was parked between a Pro Mod trailered '62 Corvette and a trailered Resto Mod '71 Chevelle. Corvette guy said he spent more than 250K...