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  1. BoogieMan67

    Let's do it !! Front end Friday is here

    the 72 4-door dart has a 340 /4- speed / 3:91 sure grip. it went on power tour this year. long haul gang
  2. BoogieMan67

    Let's do it !! Front end Friday is here

    i do help him while he learns.
  3. BoogieMan67

    Let's do it !! Front end Friday is here

    no the daytona is also a freind of mine. he has owned it for 20 yrs.
  4. BoogieMan67

    Let's do it !! Front end Friday is here

    he owns the car. he's 14 and wanted that as his first car. he is a freind of mine.
  5. BoogieMan67

    I'm Super Good At

    drinking beer. :thumbsup:
  6. BoogieMan67

    For Retired Hippies Only. What are you listening to?

    down by the river. neil young.
  7. BoogieMan67

    Known overheat issues 4.7 RAM V8? EDIT FIXED

    i've got a bud who has one 329'000 th miles on it. same head bolts 3 set's of head gaskets .
  8. BoogieMan67

    Am I the ONLY 4 door owner on this board?

    have alot of um.
  9. BoogieMan67

    Stop in for a drink.

    i've had many bud lights ........ merry christmas everyone.
  10. BoogieMan67

    [Found!] slant six air cleaner.

    still wanting to buy air cleaner for slant six. it's for 67 dart.
  11. BoogieMan67

    [FOR SALE] Parting out a 67 Dodge Dart 4 Door

    i need both front fenders.i'm in murfreesboro tn. will you ship?
  12. BoogieMan67

    heart attack

    ive had 4 of them my first one was at 27 my last 3 were at 37. and they brought me back. just keep your head up and wanting to do stuff will come back to you. every time you get a different fealing in your chest it will scare you so bad. but that will ease up. my prayers are with you.
  13. BoogieMan67

    Join Me for a Bowl of Menudo Anyone?

    fred sanford. loved it.
  14. BoogieMan67

    [SOLD] 67 dart gt

    murfreesboro tennessee
  15. BoogieMan67

    [SOLD] 67 dart gt

    and no the cragers are not on it.
  16. BoogieMan67

    [SOLD] 67 dart gt

    putting dart back up for sale. this is the very bottom dollar price. asking 3000.00 was an org. a 6 cyl car now a 273. have more than asking price in purchase of motor and labor to have it put in. have new summit 6901 cam and lifter kit that comes with it. have new 500 cfm carb alum intake. see...
  17. BoogieMan67

    Our best friends (four legged) 2018 shots

    ive got a guard cat also. his name is theo.
  18. BoogieMan67

    [SOLD] fab. valve covers

    i have a brand new set of sbm la fab valve covers . never been installed. comes with hardware. asking 115.00 shipped. im in murfreesboro tenn. 37129.
  19. BoogieMan67

    [FOR SALE] factory shifter

    taking the factory floor shifter out of my 67 dart gt. asking 300.00 for all. plus shipping this includes all brackets. not cracked or broken chrome is in ex. shape . im in murfreesboro tn.
  20. BoogieMan67

    Mythical 440-headed smallblock

  21. BoogieMan67

    [SOLD] hughes 318 whiplash cam

    back up for sale brand new whiplash cam. never been out of plastic. gave 184.00 for it will take 160.00 in murfreeboro tn 37129.
  22. BoogieMan67

    Post pics of your dart!

    my 67 gt dart. 273 nothing fancy