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  1. jimmer

    Electric guitar...

    ^^ That's cool I haven't played cover songs since the late 80's early 90's. I learned others stuff then took the tricks I learned and started writing my own music. We never had YouTube or any thing other than cassettes or albums.
  2. jimmer

    Electric guitar...

    Well they are making vinyl again. Get an old record player and slow the speed down.
  3. jimmer

    Electric guitar...

    No kits but built many with different necks, wiring ect.
  4. jimmer

    judy lily has passed away

    R.i.p. Miss Judy
  5. jimmer

    which intake should i use?

    Well it would appear you want to spend more money to not make as much power. That's cool keep it old school .
  6. jimmer

    which intake should i use?

    I'm not sure what went wrong with the bullet cam ? They make great cams that make great power.
  7. jimmer

    Power advantage between Ford 351, Mopar 340 and Chevy 350??

    The crate motor shootout was Dick Landy on the duster if i remember right ? I believe it was the original 360/380 Flat tappet crate motor.
  8. jimmer

    Electric guitar...

    Of coarse wood matters as well as string gage. Then of coarse on electrics you have pickups , passive and active, single coil , humbucker , mini humbucker, stacked humbucker, lipstick pickups and a few others. Pickup height matters as well as pots. It truly becomes scientific.
  9. jimmer

    I'm New!

    Welcome to the mopar madness. That car looks pretty sweet !
  10. jimmer

    Electric guitar...

    Well of coarse you always want more guitars. However they are not all the same. The first thing I do is change pickups in my guitars. Each one is different and for a specific purpose. Like speakers and amps or effects. It becomes a quest for tone.
  11. jimmer

    Electric guitar...

    It is a Jackson indeed. It is a 1990 USA Jackson Soloist 24 fret neckthru body guitar.
  12. jimmer

    Electric guitar...

    Those are a few I have many more.
  13. jimmer

    Electric guitar...

  14. jimmer

    Electric guitar...

    If you want to get right to left coordination, practice alternate picking. It will help you become more fluent. Start real slow with scales especially majors. You will get faster and you become better.
  15. jimmer

    How short this life is !

    I wanted to take a moment and just say thanks to all my mopar brothers and sisters . There have been many whom have past in the last few years and it grieves me. I never got to meet most personally but it feels like I knew them from here and the discussions over the years. I miss Tim, Tony, Srg...
  16. jimmer

    Hoosier Garage and 318willrun - should be fun!

    Both vans are sweet !
  17. jimmer

    We Lost Another Racer

    Bummer going 200 mph wow fast vette. God speed
  18. jimmer

    Prayers Requested!

    Lord I ask you in Jesus name for healing for all who are sick and suffered with covid and other illnesses on here. Thank you for the fellowship on here. In Jesus name I pray. Amen
  19. jimmer

    Lost my little doggy.

    Sorry for your loss. Yes we all know the day will come, but that never makes it any easier. Animals are such a blessing and comfort. They have such unique personalities.
  20. jimmer

    Big Block seems to slow

    Well atleast you have a baseline now. 13's are not far off. Lower gears and the intake should yield good results.
  21. jimmer


    What a bummer. Tony was always a cool dude and eager to help . He will be greatly missed. R.I.P. Tony May God comfort those that grieve his loss.
  22. jimmer

    Not an A body but my son bought a new car

    Thanks for sharing! This is a cool story on many levels. Sounds like he learned the importance of hard work and it is paying off . Plus e bodies are almost out of reach for most people these days.
  23. jimmer

    340 on the dyno

    Sounds like you will be having lots of fun with the 340. Enjoy
  24. jimmer

    Big Block seems to slow

    A 361 in 58 had the land speed record for a second. So they like any motor can run.
  25. jimmer

    Burnout contests

    I think doing burnouts are fun. But burnout contests seem like a waste of money ? I like getting sideways laying some stripes !
  26. jimmer

    My 1970 Duster 340 FM3 project

    I'm sorry for your loss. I pray for peace comfort and healing. Enjoy life it's the only one you get. God Bless
  27. jimmer

    Great day for porting

    Those were 3 heads Stock j Ported j And small block edelbrocks The big block flow numbers I believe Rocodart posted
  28. jimmer


    I'm no expert but I believe cbd does not make you fail drug test ? It is thc that fails tests. If you eat high amounts of thc you will get extremely high .
  29. jimmer

    Great day for porting

    Here are some flow numbers from said bench.
  30. jimmer

    Great day for porting

    I believe his are big block heads ?