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  1. plymouth67

    Here we go again...Demon style.

    For those of you who know a little about and, for those of you who don't, I have been known to do some body and paint work on the side. A friend and I came to an agreement on me doing his Demon. The timing got pushed back a bit so, I'm trying to get it done before it gets too cold out. The car...
  2. plymouth67

    [WANTED] 4 spd Duster

    A friend of mine is looking for a solid 4spd Duster. He prefers a 72 but, will look at all years. Car needs to be complete and solid but, drivetrian is unimportant. Since I will be the guy going to get it I'm sure, it would be great if it was within 5 to 6 hours from Peoria Illinois area but...
  3. plymouth67

    Daily Driver?

    So, I am finally getting the Duster closer to where I want it and, much more dialed in and, super road worthy. I have been driving it a lot this week. The weather has been super nice here so, I have driven it to work 2 days in a row now and, we went out to dinner and just tooled around last...
  4. plymouth67

    Monmouth Il.

    Well, it's that time of the year again!!! The 1st Friday night in August time for the cruise in at Monmouth IL. This is a blast that draws 2,000 cars or more. I will be going!!! It's about an 160 mile round trip for me. Both my cars are going as a friend of mine will be driving the Duster and, I...
  5. plymouth67

    3 guys, 3 cars, 3 cruise ins.

    Let me start by saying there is local charity thing called Mom Prom where a bunch of middle aged females get all done up and go out to a local place and have dinner, dance, drink and have raffles and such to raise money for charity. My wife and some of her family and friends go every year and...
  6. plymouth67

    [SOLD] Gen 3 Hooker Headers

    I have a brand new set of Hooker part number BH2358 Gen 3 Hemi swap headers. These have never been used or bolted up to anything. These are $844.95 from Jegs and, Summit. From what I have seen they are sold out almost everywhere. These will fit E and B body's. $675 plus shipping
  7. plymouth67

    Good Guy Alert...CRABKILLER

    @CRABKILLER!! Shout out for being an absolute pleasure to deal with!! Great part, great price!! Part was even nicer than expected!!! Thanks again!!
  8. plymouth67

    Lifter question...

    I'm putting together a 360 LA with Magnum heads. I keep seeing people saying to run AMC lifters because they oil through the push rods. Does anybody have a part number for these or, the information on what years and size engine thrse lifters were originally intended for? Your help is appreciated.
  9. plymouth67

    Up and down weekend!!

    My weekend started on Thursday mid morning on a sad note as, we had to put down our family dog. He was 13 so, he had a good run. My daughter moved out a couple years back and she lives alone so, she took him with her as she loved the shit out of that dog and, I can say the feeling was mutual. I...
  10. plymouth67

    Fuel pressure problem..I'm at a loss.

    The 512 in my Challenger has a issue with losing all fuel pressure. Let me start by stating that everything in the car is new...pump,lines all of it. This happens about an 1/8 mile after I stand on the gas, runs fine while throttle is down and then, about 1/8 mile down the road after I let off...
  11. plymouth67

    Summer is back!!!

    Been pretty hot around here lately...anybody for ice cream?
  12. plymouth67

    Happy Memorial Day!!

    Thought this was fitting.
  13. plymouth67

    Incredible find.

    The other day a couple 70 340 Dusters came up for sale near me. A friend and I were lucky enough to get in and take a look. I was prepared to make a fair offer on one of the 2 cars but, by the time we got there the word was out and, the prices were going up by the second to the extent of being...
  14. plymouth67

    New Rockauto magnet.

  15. plymouth67

    A little side project. (70 Dart)

    Took on a little side job for a friend of a friend. Car doesn't need much metal work. Somebody has put quarter skins on it and it looks like i will have to address some of thier sins but, overall pretty clean car. Right now the plan for my part of this car is just body and paint. I will try to...
  16. plymouth67

    Car show today...with a couple pictures..

    Went to a local car show today. Took the Challenger and there were a couple other Mopars there. The 70 Road Runner is a V code car with 4spd, Dana 60 and Indy heads. The 69 Bee is a 383 car but sounded pretty wicked. I'm pretty sure the guy in the T-Bucket is Doc Brown!!! I swear I heard calling...
  17. plymouth67

    Who's is this??

    Watching the Today show and they did some graduation thing somewhere and, this was part of it....anybody's here??
  18. plymouth67

    Fender tag

    Can somebody completely decode this tag...the one tried to use had some of the codes as unknown...
  19. plymouth67


    So I'm chasing a surging type drive line vibration. 75 Duster 360/727/ 8.75 3.23 open 489 case. Let me start by saying...trans is rebuilt, new converter, had driveshaft made and balanced, new tires...yrs they are balanced...I even pulled the extension housing off the trans last week and put a...
  20. plymouth67

    8.75 question

    So the 742 case in my Challenger has been a mystery for some time now. Originally it had 3.55 gears in it, they were pretty loud going highway speeds on the both drive and coast sides. I pulled it apart adjusted shims and, that made a difference on the coast side but not really on the drive...
  21. plymouth67

    Thought this was cool...

    Make sure to watch the video...they call it a convertible but looks like a vinyl top...neat story. Time for a KCQ mystery: Where’s the Chiefs-autographed Barracuda convertible from 1969?
  22. plymouth67

    Hot Rod Power Tour 2020

    To anyone interested...The wife and I will be doing part of the Hot Rod power tour this year as it is swinging by my neck of the woods. I figured i would put up a place for people to say if they are going and what leg you will be doing, this way if some of us want to meet up, have a drink, or...
  23. plymouth67

    [SOLD] Left over Duster parts. Cash and carry

    I have a bunch of things left over from putting my car together. This is a package deal and no shipping. Cash and carry only. If you live close enough to me I can meet you somewhere to assist in you getting the parts. 1 set of a body buckets 1 seat is missing tracks. 1 set of 2.50" stainless...
  24. plymouth67

    Throttle cable question

    So i have had an issue with a accelerator cables on my Duster. Does anybody know with 100% certainty what cable a 75 360 4bbl Duster should have on it?
  25. plymouth67

    727 wierdness

    So the 727 in the Duster is being flaky... fire it up..take off down the street 1,2,3...all gears. Drive it for 5 minutes and it doesnt want to go in to 3rd. I have set and reset the kickdown 20 times...this trans was rebuilt by me about 15 years ago but has really not seen any action until...
  26. plymouth67

    [FOR SALE] 2018 SRT 392 Charger

    Trying to help a friend of mine as he has run into some significant unforeseen health problems. Car has 22,860 miles and is perfect condition. Clean title, no accidents or mechanical issues. Very well maintained. Books for $46,900 asking $42,000. P.m. me and I can get you in contact with him.
  27. plymouth67

    [WANTED] Console and shifter brackets

    Looking for the shifter and console brackets for my 75 Duste . I have the factory console and shifter just need all the brackets to mount it all. Thanks!!
  28. plymouth67

    Pictures needed, Help!!

    So my Duster was originally on the colum but, somebody prior to me converted to floor shifter. They put a slap stick out of an e body in it and didnt really have any sort of console. I have located an a body console and I think I have the correct shifter coming from a friend of mine. So what I...
  29. plymouth67


    So tonight I thought I would put my grille and headlights I hook up bulbs to make sure they still worked and they did. I moved on and put in the grille, bolted everything all up and pulled the headlight switch and....nothing!!! Tail lights came on and, rear marker lights are working but...
  30. plymouth67

    Awesome rust removal product!!

    I want to share an awesome product I have been fooling around with. I work in a tube assembly manufacturing company, we build handrails and, hydraulic tube carriers for Cat, Komatsu, John Deere and, others. In the summer months we can sometimes have issues with rust forming on assemblies or...