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    New rims and tires on a 64 Barracuda.

    Can I get the rim size and offset of them?
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    I do dumb things when left unsupervised .

    Oh that’s great a Aspen
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    Some A-Body Cars from the Iola Wisconsin Car Show

    66340SEDAN do you recall what the price was for the 66 Valiant conv was? Thanks Dan
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    My Luck

    Here’s my ribs on a Weber 26”
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    Random pictures thread

    Well here’s the start of part two of BBQ
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    Random pictures thread

    The cast-iron puts great grill marks in Sears my hamburgers and steaks or pork chops I think the cast-iron searing does help with the taste of the meats
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    Random pictures thread

    The start of BBQ for my 60th birthday weekend
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    Random pictures thread

    Here’s burgers on the Weber tonight. The second grill is cast iron for grill marks!
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    Mopar swap meet April 30th wooster ohio Fairgrounds

    Good luck I hope you sale everything you want
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    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    Yes brand new cover
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    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    Well I got the bottom seat done with the added bolster that legendary sold me for my 66 Barracuda I just added the first try with out the bolster
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    [FOR SALE] 1965 Dart GT Convertible

    Can you tell us what the mags are?
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    [FOR SALE] 1965 Dart GT Convertible

    Can you tell us what the mags are it is it a three speed or four speed
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    [WANTED] Looking for 904 transmission deep pan must be out of bay

    CLOSED; ordered RT Off-Road RT24001 Thx Dan Mopar Performance P4007886AB - Mopar Performance Automatic Transmission Pan from the sf Bay Area please
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    66 Trim question?

    I think that’s for Vinyl Roof for a dodge dart
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    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    Starting to rebuild the second seat for my 1966 Barracuda bought my interior from legendary but they don’t give you a video instruction to add the bolster foam to the bottom foam and top foam so I’m going to document it. I hope it works out!
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    1968 Dodge Dart GT Sleeping Beauty?

    Red outside red interior black Vinyl Roof awesome
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    68 Plymouth Valiant

    Very nice job
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    Garage/Shop Cleaning Timelapse Video

    Hey SlimJim, Nice job looks really good!
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    Post the car you learned to drive in...

    My mom’s first new car is 66 Plymouth Barracuda with black Vinyl Roof. The first car I drove when I got my permit
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    [SOLD] Original, Unrestored 273 Commando Air Cleaner

    Just checking I don't see a breather hole on the side?
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    [FOR SALE] 1965 Barracuda rear glass lower trim (3 pieces)

    Pobrien I,m out Livermore it seems my email is not working on the site Wait it seems to be a Dan issue it’s full I will take care of it Dan
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    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    Here is photos of what was left of lower bucket seat. Here was a picture of the tags on the springs
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    'Time to Show Em' Tuesday

    390 in my 66 Cuda
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    [FOR SALE] 1965 barracuda strombecker slot car set

    Very cool slot car set but I think those are 66 barracuda's.
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    [FOR SALE] 1966 V-8 Barracuda

    What about a motor shot
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    [FOR SALE] 1966 V-8 Barracuda

    Looks like a vinyl roof car