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  1. dart4forte

    Duct TapeDrags

    Ok, who went? post some pics
  2. dart4forte

    Heading Up Pikes Peak

    There was a big Buffalo roundup on Saturday. Was told getting there is a big cluster…..k so we passed. Probably check out some Buffalo tomorrow. We head south through western Wyoming, Utah then into Arizona via Zion National Park.
  3. dart4forte

    Heading Up Pikes Peak

    Made it up to Wyoming and SouthDakota. Did the tourist thing
  4. dart4forte

    Heading Up Pikes Peak

    No, I ran it down in 2nd gear. We stopped several times so brake cooling wasn’t an issue
  5. dart4forte

    Heading Up Pikes Peak

    My wife didn’t like looking over the edge so I hugged the inside lane as much as traffic allowed. Anyone planning a trip up the mountain make sure your vehicle is tip top in terms of maintenance.
  6. dart4forte

    Heading Up Pikes Peak

    Heres a couple of pics of Ft Carson and south Colorado Springs
  7. dart4forte

    Heading Up Pikes Peak

    Also drove Garden of the Gods. Pretty cool rock formations. I didn’t think much about it. It’s kinda a city park. We head for Gillette Wyoming tomorrow
  8. dart4forte

    Heading Up Pikes Peak

    Well, made it up and back. The truck ran good. I was a little worried about the tranny. The temps hit around 235 however I made several stops on the way up to let it cool. As far as our physical well being the altitude did have some effects. Shortness of breath, fatigue and muscle soreness...
  9. dart4forte

    Heading Up Pikes Peak

    Have a time slot starting at noon. Should be interesting given we live at almost sea level. I was at Ft Carson on TDY back in 86. When we checked in to our motel we decided to take a little run. I didn’t make it 1/8 mile before I ran out of air. Kicked My arse. We were told later it take one to...
  10. dart4forte

    [FOR SALE] Fuel Flip Top

    pending payment
  11. dart4forte

    [WANTED] seeking core 46RE

    I have a fresh 46RE if interested
  12. dart4forte

    [FOR SALE] Fuel Flip Top

    Flip top, Chrome in good shape, just normal wear, no pits. Rubber seal has some cracks. Good for a driver $25.00 plus $9.50 shipping USPS. MESA, AZ.
  13. dart4forte

    Drag Week 2022 streaming now...

    Good way to end the event. Someone does that, automaticly get booted
  14. dart4forte

    Tire size / gear ratio

    225/60/15 here. Front and rear
  15. dart4forte

    People Still Like Old Cars

    Went to a Cars N Coffe yesterday morning, pretty good turnout. Anyway, after the event ended I decided to tak a little ride before it got too hot. I was just amazed at the number of thumbs up I got driving down the road. Pulled in to get fuel and it took me 45 minutes to get out of there. People...
  16. dart4forte

    Need Boot strip

    It’s on its way via express
  17. dart4forte

    New scat pack swinger

    Monkey vomit green
  18. dart4forte

    [FOR SALE] Barracuda Bumper

    67-69 Barracuda bumper with brackets, good shape. Good for a driver or rechrome. $100.00. Shipping is ,on the buyer
  19. dart4forte

    Opinions on rake, 66 Signet

    I’ve followed your car for years. Really like it. Looking good.
  20. dart4forte

    Opinions on rake, 66 Signet

    Im confused, you posted a pic of a Dart.
  21. dart4forte

    Good Guys, Loveland CO 9/9 thru 9/11/2022

    We have two a year here in the Phoenix area. Pretty much the same ole plan. $75.00 and a bag of vendor advertisements. They use to give you show mug but that stopped. I’m pretty much done with it. I can go to the local events and pretty much see the same cars.
  22. dart4forte

    New scat pack swinger

    I see a Camero in my future
  23. dart4forte

    So, who has heard of "Mrs. Orcutt's driveway?" (It's a 200 MPH driveway!!)

    My wife’s maiden name is Orcutt. I guess the Orcutt clan is quite large. She does have distant relatives that live in California.
  24. dart4forte

    the new Dodge Charger Daytona Banshee electric vehicle.

    I see a Camero in my future
  25. dart4forte

    cragar wheel experts

    Direct drilled is hard to find nowadays. Looked for awhile and ended up with gray spoked
  26. dart4forte

    Something for the NorCal Members

    Cool, front engine dragsters, cacklefest, old gassers?
  27. dart4forte

    Something for the NorCal Members

    Looks like an interesting event
  28. dart4forte

    Western auto memories

    I’ve had several in cars over the years