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  1. zhandfull

    Slant six 4 speed bellhousing

    Excellent, thanks for the info.
  2. zhandfull

    Slant six 4 speed bellhousing

    Found and bought a 1964 slant six 4 speed bellhousing at Spring Fling. Installing in 1968 Valiant with 1966 833 trans. I know there is a differened in the 64 year bellhousing. Is it the location of z bar ball mount? Thinking I might have to fab up a bracket.
  3. zhandfull

    not mine 65 GT craigslist

    Way to much $$$ in my opinion. It amazes me the prices people ask especially for the four door cars. Craigslist for most part has the same cars always posted that never sell. The good deals are gone fast but still pop up from time to time.
  4. zhandfull

    Fall Fling

    Cool little Valiant! Mustang wheels?
  5. zhandfull

    [WANTED] Truck slant 6 np435 bellshousing

    Small block bellhousing definitely will not work on a slant six.
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    Not mine. CL Dart. Not mine

    Don't see a lot of tunnel ram cars with functional window washer reservoirs!
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    Fall Fling

    Went out for a few hours this morning, good turn out and nice weather.
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    Now the B.S. begins

    Didn't read all the responses but as has been said let it go. Look forward and don't dwell on the past. The car and wife memories will always be yours and cannot be taken away from you. You're in California? When you have the funds there are and will be good deals to be had still out there...
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    Schumacher motor mounts

    I was also wondering how the Slant 6 to V8 conversion motor mounts worked on 67+ A bodies. Do TTI and Doug's headed work with them?
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    Builder of 1969 Valiant

    Don't know anything about the build but nice ride. I like the cowl hood too! Post up some more pictures.
  11. zhandfull

    68 twin turbo dart project.

    Still have the Dart but it's been sidelined due to work and other commitments. Wife told me to sell it and I said never! Lol...
  12. zhandfull

    68 twin turbo dart project.

    The Dart is awesome! Not many of us have the time resources, skills or patience to complete a project of this size. My hats off to you, can't wait to see it at Fall Fling.
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    Carb Rebuilder Corona,CA

    There was/or is a guy in Corona off the 91 that rebuilds mopar carbs from his home, I lost his name and number. If anyone here has it can you please message it to me. He's usually at spring and fall fling too with a spot.
  14. zhandfull

    [WANTED] Early slant 6 Four speed bellhousing

    Currently running with three speed now. Would never go back to 3 speed but if I did I would already have the bellhousing that was removed with the trans. I just happen to have the 4 speed and shifter laying around. Cheapest way to install I think is to buy early 4 speed bellhousing and reuse my...
  15. zhandfull

    [WANTED] Early slant 6 Four speed bellhousing

    Could be wrong but according to my research I need the early cast iron 64-66 bell housing to mate up with existing 3 speed equipment currently on my 68 valiant and the 1966 four speed trans I intend to use. Thanks,
  16. zhandfull

    [WANTED] Early slant 6 Four speed bellhousing

    Looking for an early slant 6 Four speed bellhousing for a 3 to 4 speed conversion. Small input bearing 4.35" cast iron unit is what I think I'm looking for at a reasonable cost. Southern California location would maybe save on shipping. Let me know!
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    Roadkill Zip Tie Drags Tucson

    Looks like fun, my junk would have been right at home there. :lol:
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    Hot Rod Drag Weekend out West!

    I know there is some stupid fast cars that are running the normal Hot Rod drag week. It also sold out in like 16 minutes for 350 participant spots. Be interesting to see how the west coast verison does. They have a comp eliminator type class for the more average type street strip cars I believe.
  19. zhandfull

    Hot Rod Drag Weekend out West!

    Haven't been around here much, or working on, or even driving the car either. Was on Facebook the other night and saw a post from Hot Rod editor David Freiburger. "Breaking news: HOT ROD Drag Weekend is coming! A simplified version of Drag Week. October 29-31, Tucson to Phoenix to...
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    67-69 Dart...275/60/15 drag low is your stance?

    After triming the fender lip and a small 3/16 wheel spacer on one side I have all but eliminated any rubbing in normal streel driving. Tight fit but is possible and my car sits pretty low. The top of rim is about at fender lip . Ive had it lower than pictures but just wasnt happy overall with...
  21. zhandfull

    72 swinger instrument swap????

    Use a bolt and nut to connect them together then lots if tape to insulate connection. Battery should also be disconnected while doing this work.
  22. zhandfull

    1 of 53 Barracuda RARE!

    Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing the story.
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    72 swinger instrument swap????

    Have to put the red and black wires together from the amp gauge to restore power without the factory dash in place. Make sure you insulate connection with electrical tape. You could have a short if not insulated and it touchs metal under the dash.
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    [SOLD] 8.75 -- Used Wilwood Disc Brake Set Up

    Nothing rigged about it. A nice high quality spacer between the axel and the rotor to get correct spacing. Not anymore hocky than using the kits supplied washers for centering the calipers. Wilwood will probably tell you that you need new axles with correct offset. Got to love aftermarket parts...
  25. zhandfull

    [SOLD] 8.75 -- Used Wilwood Disc Brake Set Up

    I had a similar issue, had a .14 thick spacer made to go between the rotor hat and axle that worked nicely.
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    65 valiant 360 turbo 5 speed

    Nice ride!
  27. zhandfull

    anyone running skinnies up front?

    Shouldn't be a problem, I have ran 3.5" wheels with different brakes including wilwood, never any caliper wheel clearance issues.