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  1. '64 Cuda

    65, 66 Formula S

    Sorry, I should've re-read my earlier post. I was in a hurry because the family was waiting to drag me out the door...#-o
  2. '64 Cuda

    65, 66 Formula S

    When I said no Formula S in '64, I meant for the '64 model year. The Formula S package wasn't available until the 1965 model year. The car in the ad is a '65 model. Look at the dash. O:)
  3. '64 Cuda

    65, 66 Formula S

    That's a '65 Barracuda. The dash is different. Also, no Formula S models in '64. Not sure about the introduction date on the '65. Pretty sure the '64 Barracuda was introduced April 1st, 1964. Maybe somebody swapped radiator supports?
  4. '64 Cuda

    Electric fan?

    Did you check to see if the Jaguar fan clutch would fit? It's shorter than the Mopar spec clutch. I believe it's Hayden P/N 2765.
  5. '64 Cuda

    The Other 68 Dart Resto Project

    Lookin' Good! :headbang:
  6. '64 Cuda

    [SOLD] Dougs D450 mopar headers for 64 66 A body - $500

    DAYUM! I would've jumped on that one too!
  7. '64 Cuda

    66 Barracuda Headers - Help!

    Those don't look like Cyclones at all. The rear tube is shaped wrong and all 4 tubes should turn toward the rear of the car before they form into the collector.
  8. '64 Cuda

    74 Dart w/ 340 6 pack

    But what do you think caused it? Loose bolt? Crappy key? :wack:
  9. '64 Cuda


    :-k :scratch: :idea1: NINJAS could get past cameras! They can get past ANYTHING! :supz:
  10. '64 Cuda


    What's the "street address?" I want to see it on Google Earth.
  11. '64 Cuda


    He could still have DSL service out there. Don't know if he's that smart or not. But he's probably reading these posts right now. Wouldn't want to antagonize him now, would we? HI, MARK! :finga: :burnout:
  12. '64 Cuda


    It would be TERRIBLE if something was to happen to all of his stuff while he wasn't there to watch it. :evil5: JK If he's smart he's probably got IP webcams watching the property. I'm sure he knows that he has enemies. :angry2:
  13. '64 Cuda


    I bought a short block from Mark on ebay in 2007. As I recall I listened to his excuses for about 15 months while I tried to get him to ship it, :banghead: but I finally got my money back. I think I'm one of the lucky ones. I think he also sold the same engine to Streetwize on Moparts and...
  14. '64 Cuda

    mopars are still out in the weeds!

    ARRRRRGH! My Heart!!! I think this is the big one!
  15. '64 Cuda

    small block stroker

    Somebody's gonna' get a deal!
  16. '64 Cuda

    Early speedometer cable

    How long is it?
  17. '64 Cuda

    64-66 barracuda parts hood door jam quarter trunk

    I'd take the hood just to save it but New Jersey is a bit too far for me to go. :crybaby:
  18. '64 Cuda

    1966 plymouth cuda parts

    Ah think them thar winder things fer the windows ar called regulators. :D
  19. '64 Cuda

    74 Dart w/ 340 6 pack

    Gotta' love a six pack!
  20. '64 Cuda

    [SOLD] A833od 4 Speed

    Interested in selling just the transmission?
  21. '64 Cuda

    The Good, The Bad, The OMG of Lady Gaga

    I have a couple of 15 year old daughters who ard big fans of her. They say she was supposedly born with both male & female genitalia. Might just be a rumor but it could explain the Born This Way title.
  22. '64 Cuda

    Abybody interested in a GREAT DEAL???

    Found this email in my spam box yesterday. Thought someody on the forum might be interested in a great deal!!! :D To bad it's not for US citizens. :scratch: Maybe you Canadian members? :lol: Sale! 1. Heroin, in liquid and crystal form. 2. Rocket fuel and Tomohawk rockets (serious...
  23. '64 Cuda

    WANTED: 273 4 bbl. intake & carb.

    Bad luck. I have one of the Offy intakes & drove right down your way a couple of weeks ago on my way through Springfield & down into Harrison Arkansas.
  24. '64 Cuda

    towing opinions on car dolly

    What were you guys towing when you did this? Since the OP was asking about towing.......
  25. '64 Cuda

    NOW what???????

    I was watching one of the Car Warriors episodes a while back and they were showing the final thrash during the last 10 minutes or so of the 72 hour build. Quick shots of people rushing around doing things trying to finish up the cars before time ran out. One shot was of a person pouring ATF...
  26. '64 Cuda

    car name help

    \\:D/ I like this one, but it would probably leave most people out there scratching their heads. :scratch: :dontknow:
  27. '64 Cuda

    making more room in the garage

    Alright, I gotta' ask. What the heck is the thing in the 2nd pic? My brain is kinda' foggy & I'm drawin' a blank!
  28. '64 Cuda


    Back in the 70's it was the only oil I used in my Mopar. Good or bad? Never had a problem. Used Castrol in my air cooled motorcycles back then.
  29. '64 Cuda

    Fenderwell headers too Close to Master Cylinder Line

    That looks like a really good solution there. Especially since the bore is the same as what Mopar used on a lot of their master cylinders.
  30. '64 Cuda

    Direct Injection gas

    Not sure it's the same setup but my wife's 2009 Buick Enclave has a direct injection V6 in it.