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    Idiots at Stellantis....................."vroom-vroom sounds"

    Electric cars have been around a very long time.......,xcitefun-electric-car-2.jpg
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    MC Pushrod Removal

    I just replace one on my car. I forgot about it being held in there. I am so old and it is a pita to climb in and lay on the floor to remove the nut and bolt holding the rod. I took the nuts off and used a crowbar to release it. Really wasn't that tough a job. Bleeding the wheel cylinders by...
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    My 70 Dart

    I've had this darn car over 12 years and just want to get it running and on the road at least for now. Going to replace master brake cylinder as I always have to pump it to get any pedal, and no fluid stains on each tire. Went over this earlier in the thread so I won't go into any explanations...
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    Captainkirk's Duster project

    Were they at Don's in K-town?
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    LOL, and you had your choice of 6 bases to choose from...... What the hell was a 'dream sheet' good for then.
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    I like Ruger. I had a Mk II .22 years ago and shot the daylights out of it. Currently have a SR 1911 that I like. Was wanting a AR style and found a basic model for under $700. Opinions on Ruger?
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    Took it in the butt today

    I had colonoscopy done little over a year ago. Four polyps, one was big. All clean as far as the C is concerned. Stool sample test in three years.
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    Prayers needed for another fabo member

    Saw this too late. RIP mopar brother.
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    Toyota moving to "subscription" key fobs

    Any bets those get hacked right away?
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    Why people don't buy craftsman anymore

    I bought the 20v reciprocating saw. I used it a little to hard as I ended up smoking the motor. Had for a couple years. But I think I'm partly to blame as I didnt keep a sharp blade in it.
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    Header shipping paint removal??

    The better paint removers will have methylene chloride in them. Nasty stuff but it works.
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    Super bummed. New motor. Bad bearings?

    WTH? Fat fingers struck again..... Thanks for saying something, I removed it. LOL Happens to often when I'm on phone reading it.
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    Veterans On the Board

    LOL, everyone covered except the Army...... By the way, USAF here, AFSC 44350G
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    So what is the earliest concert you can remember going to

    Wish I had it........I want to say that was about 58 years ago. LOL
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    So what is the earliest concert you can remember going to

    The Buckinhams. Early 60's, think I was 5 y/o more or less; so long ago I can't remember exact age. LOL. At the Kenosha County fair. I did have an Wonder if it would be worth something?
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    My 70 Dart

    Holy cow, thought I had posts since July 2018........ Any way, moved to southern Illinois, been here since August 7, 2021. On this day, 9-14-21, I was in Eldorado, Il on my way to Harrisburg, Il when I spotted what looked like a Road Runner or GTX. Ended up going back to get a better look, and...
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    I currently live just over state line in WI on the BIG lake. But moving down east of Marion very soon. Was wondering about machine shops in that area. Anyone know?
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    American Airlines reports UFO, missile-like object flew over plane

    No, lifting body is kinda like our old shuttle. It has no propulsion of its own.
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    I plan on leaving south east WI in the next couple months. My car is going with me. It will be about 45 minutes east of Marion IL. My question is, are there any machine shops around that can do engine work? It's more rural than where I am now, so some travel is expected. Any info/comments...
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    Need respirator recommendations

    8 hours max, but if you can smell the paint, or it takes more effort to breath, meaning the filters are getting plugged. The cartridges we used had the HEPA and organic solvent together. The fresh air system is a whole different animal. They use air from the compressors for breathing. It has...
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    Need respirator recommendations

    From my understanding, no. VOC means volatile organic compounds, basically solvents. Urethanes talks about the resin system used. They use isocyanates to cause the paint to harden. Remember Bhopal India? Water was somehow put in a tank containing cyanates. CO2 was released and suffocated a bunch...
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    Need respirator recommendations

    Sorry I didn't put more details in, but you are correct about the colors. Black is for organic solvents, purple is for filtering out fine particles. Also cartridges can last up to 8 hours in a single use. Notice I said CAN. Heavy concentrations of fumes will shorten that time.
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    Need respirator recommendations

    Filters aren't cheap, and you need to keep them off the mask and in a bag when not in use. Use a good black/solvent with purple/HEPA filter. All fumes are bad, but the isocyanates are worst of all. The fresh air us the best, but not cheap. I've used both, and I've noticed with the fresh air that...
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    Garage heat

    Yeah, gotta love lake effect snowstorms. A crap shoot as to how much we really get.
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    What color primer under Plum Crazy

    Or put a similsr shade coat over the primer b4 the base. Just make sure you have enough to do the entire car.
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    The best things about 2020 are?

    Covid and especially the masks and social distancing stuff put a damper on things. But I started a new job with 10k increase and close to home. Round trip for week nrw job don't quite make it one day round trip at old job. Plus I just got a real decent raise. I don't usually go out much as it...
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    Garage heat

    Yeah, the vapors from gas are more explosive than dynamite, or so I've been told.
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    Here's the Georgetown reservoir just off I70 looking east. Beautiful!
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    Garage heat

    I live just a few miles north of him, and wood is not a problem. My first winter in new house with a similar garage I had stapled 3 mil plastic on walls and ceiling. I used a thermostat controlled torpedo heater and used K-1 kerosene. Supposed to burn cleaner, but a little more expensive than...
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    Coin Collectors

    Yeah, one of the steel pennies from the 40's are worth big bucks now.