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    Are 1964, 1965, and 1966 barracuda and 2 door valiant doors the same and interchangeable?

    The main thing to keep in mind is that the striker assembly is different on a 63. To make a 63 door work on 64-66 you will need the cut the striker opening larger in one area and move one of the mounting holes. It ends up being a rather ragged looking modification if you don't weld in a little...
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    Are 1964, 1965, and 1966 barracuda and 2 door valiant doors the same and interchangeable?

    64 to 66 Barracuda , Valiant and Dart doors are the same. They may have different holes for mounting trim clips. 63 Valiant and Dart are even the same but they have a different striker mechanism and a different opening for that. The opening can be modified to fit but requires a bit of body...
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    Just joined

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    Front end rebuild - what's it worth?

    It hasn't been finalized but I'm asking the shop to pay me. I'm pretty sure my friend will try to keep my price fair for both me and the customer too, but thought I'd get some idea where to begin from you guys.
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    Front end rebuild - what's it worth?

    I have all of the tools and have done several front end rebuilds so I'm aware of what I'm up against. Just didn't have any idea what to charge for the job. I'll also try to get him to powder coat the components which I do know what to charge to come out on on those. I'll also try to get him...
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    Front end rebuild - what's it worth?

    Ya, Murphy definitly hangs out right next to me! Espceially if I tell my wife how long something will take.
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    Front end rebuild - what's it worth?

    Thanks for the input guys. I haven't charged anyone for car labor since the 70s, when I had my body shop, or paid anybody for car labor either so I'm really out of touch with that. I'm not going to be doing it to make money but I'm not doing it because I want to do it either. so I want us to...
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    Front end rebuild - what's it worth?

    A friend of mine has a small vehicle repair shop. A customer who regularly has him work on his modern vehicles from out of town bought a 66 Dart and has been bugging my friend to do some work on it. My friend told him he doesn't usually work on classics as thy are usually not financially...
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    Total Brake Job on '70 Dart

    I recently did a brake job on a friends Impala. We spent a whole morning looking for American made components. Went to all of the parts houses in town and looked at the rotors made by Raybestos,Wagner, Bendix & even Delco. We found that they were all made in China or Taiwan.
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    Dan McCafferty
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    Early A-Bodies

    When I take my cars out I get quite a few positive comments from younger girls. (The younger guys never even notice a car.....) And, I hear from the older folks what it is I need to do to make my car right.
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    what in the sam hill do these do? Power stacks?

    Looks to be one of those devices that is most effective at lightening a wallet.
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    Everyone, meet Theresa

    She is beautiful!
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    pictures of custom made V8 headers?

    Built these 1-3/4" full fenderwell headers for my 64 Barracuda with W2 heads. Seems like the same process could be modified to put two tubes below and two out the fenderwell. These do not rub on 205-60R15s lock to lock even over bumps.
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    ZFR5N plugs too long?

    They do not hit in my 170 and it seems to idle smoother with them.
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    Balancer install?

    Yup, make one like the post above or grab a used front wheel bearing too and improve on that.....
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    Small Block Billet Main Caps

    Did you try calling them? Even when Ken still owned the business he often didn't have them on the shelf but would make them when he got an order.
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    Add Your Own Caption Part 257

    I've always hated those space-saver spares.
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    Dash pads

    Try ABC Moparts. They may be able to help.
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    How much did a gallon of gas cost when you first started driving?

    24.9 but I actually bought gas for 15.7 during a gas war in Watertown S.D. in 1969! And a guy in a uniform pumped it!!
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    65 barracuda 360 la

    A slant six weighs roughly 475 lbs, a 273, 318, 340 or 360 weights in the neighborhood of 525 to 550 lbs. depending on how it's set up.
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    Radiator Core Support Blackout

    Every car got different quality and amounts of black out paint. I know a guy who did the job back in the day. It was an entry level job. As you can imagine, spraying paint upward from a pit with a wand like a weed sprayer was a pretty nasty job. So he said that if someone called in sick one of...
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    Day two of the 64 Valiant

    Worth a look at these.... Fuel Line Mod Improves Starting & Driveability - Slant Six Forum Fuel Line Mod?
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    Valiant-flavoured soda pop

    It must be like the bottle that drifts ashore. Rub it just right and a Valiant pops out granting you three wishes....!
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    Day two of the 64 Valiant

    Nice car! On any car that's been sitting a while and then has problems running my first thoughts would be fuel related.
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    A Good Article About The Drawbacks Of Electric Vehicles

    Electric cars most likely have a net-negative impact on the environment too. The story about them being clean & green needs to be openly discussed. Since they use lithium batteries the production and disposal of those is problematic. Mining lithium requires heavy machinery that emits carbon...