1965 Plymouth Barracuda Commando V8 (special order car)

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  • This is my special order 1965 Plymouth Barracuda Commando V8 with the 273c.i. 4bbl - 904TF. It was the first year for the High-Performance 273c.i. Small Block with a 4bbl. carburator, special camshaft, non-silenced air cleaner, special pistons and a 10.5 to 1 compression ratio in a Barracuda. The car still has the original engine and drivetrain and is well documented. The Barracuda was ordered by F.M. Tarbuk - Chrysler dealer in Austria, Europe. Therefor they mounted H4 Headlights, it has a kp/h Speedometer and a headlight flasher (see pictures). This fish came with original special order 14" tires - now 14" Mag Wheels are mounted (on most of the pics you can see the Cragar S/S) -, power breaks, power steering, remote control mirror (outside left), bumper guards (front and back), HD shocks, 6 leaf rear springs, and many options more...
    This Barracuda was very expensive in Austria and so the first owner of the car was a factory owner (Tools and Metals Processing) in Vienna, who bought this car back on 5th May 1965 - sadly he passed away, but I'm in contact with his son, who remembered the car and now runs the factory. The color - as you can see at the tag or the Broadcast Sheet is SS1 "Ivory".

    Check out my YouTube channel to see more of my Barracuda and european Mopar-action:
  • Vehicle:
    Plymouth Barracuda
    273 4bbl
    Street Radials

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  1. Big Ben 16
    Sweet car I'd love to have something like yours

    My 66 is gonna be pretty much new metal when I'm done
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  2. 64physhy
    Beautiful! Looks a lot like mine. Mine was originally Ivory color, but I had it painted with bright white with blue pearl.
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  3. Gregor
    That's sweet. Nice and original.
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