1968 Barracuda Fastback Formula S 340 Restoration/Rebuild

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  • Purchased this Barracuda with numbers matching 340 motor, non matching 904 transmission from a guy in Georgia in the fall of 2012. I have since, rebuilt the original 340. It has an early LD340 E 20180319_123320.jpg 20180411_130357_resized.jpg 20180411_130401_resized.jpg 20180411_130418_resized.jpg 20180411_130425_resized.jpg 20180411_130442_resized.jpg 20180411_130513_resized.jpg 20180411_130603_resized.jpg 20180411_130637_resized.jpg 20180411_130929_resized.jpg 20180411_131033_resized.jpg 20171223_140128.jpg 20171223_140136.jpg 20171223_140209.jpg 20171223_142845.jpg 20171223_142851.jpg 20171223_142915.jpg 26026.jpeg 26037.jpeg 26038.jpeg 26040.jpeg 26144.jpeg 26146.jpeg 26148.jpeg 26154.jpeg 26201.jpeg 26203.jpeg 26286.jpeg 26288.jpeg 26290.jpeg 26467.jpeg 26469.jpeg 26479.jpeg 26663.jpeg 26665.jpeg 26667.jpeg 26670.jpeg 26672.jpeg 26674.jpeg 26822.jpeg 26824.jpeg 26860.jpeg 26862.jpeg 27238 - Copy.jpeg 27239 - Copy.jpeg 27240 - Copy.jpeg 27241 - Copy.jpeg 27242 - Copy.jpeg 27243.jpeg 27270.jpeg 27271.jpeg 20181203_103815.jpg 20181203_103833.jpg 20181203_103857.jpg delbrock intake, holly 600 carbureter, unknown brand headers, 15" small bolt pattern rear wheels and 14" small bolt pattern front wheels, drum brakes, and runs quite well. I pulled the engine bay December of 2017 and started stripping it down for new paint. It is now in paint and will hopefully be coming home before Christmas!
  • Vehicle:
    1968 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback Formula S 340
    Bored 40 over

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  1. Derrick Kidwell
    nice i had 68 form s 340 when i was 17 sold it trying to find it i painted it red also cool!
  2. bruno
    Now the enjoyment of putting it back together.:thumbsup:
  3. Joe (dad help)
    nice job should look fantastic when all back together keep up the good work
  4. bryan Schaupp
    Nice Job! great car!
  5. joseph schrom
    doing a nice job
  6. cuda27365
    Very nice,
  7. Closnuff
    On it's way to being a show stopper! Love the detailed progress. Good luck with the finishing
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