1968 Barracuda Front Fender Modification for 26" Tires

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  • Front fender, in front of the tire, driver's side. Before modifications:
    This tire is a 255/40-18 which is 26" tall. When turning in it would barely miss or barely catch the edge of the fender. Any slop in the suspension at all and backing up would make it worse.
    Here is the first cut and the silver sharpie line is where the second cut was made:
    Here is after the second cut to remove the pie shaped piece and the fender pushed forward, notice the increase in clearance:
    Here is a picture after a few tack welds:
    And the results after more welding, and some "rough" body work. Notice that instead of straight down the fender now has a bit of a compound curve: 8094673-DSC03054s.jpg
    And the resulting minimum clearance on the front:
    After body work, primer, guide coat and block sanding (it is sitting about an inch higher than I want):
    After paint nobody would know if you did not tell them:
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  1. tinman2
    Beautiful car.
      mosleyme likes this.
  2. moparmat2000
    That is a definitely must do.
  3. AAndrews
    Nice work!
      mosleyme likes this.
  4. TCML-71
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